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Y2k? Money Piece? What Makes Skunk Stripe So Hot?

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Why skunk stripe hair is so hot? Do you know the reasons? And What is the relationship among skunk stripe hair, Y2k and money piece? You know, red, pink, blonde skunk stripe hair are so hot. Skunk stripe hair is trending this year, with nearly 200 million views on TikTok and a 793% increase in monthly queries for "skunk stripe hair" in the past year alone. It's a retro craze. So what exactly makes skunk stripe hair so hot?I would like to leave the following points.

skunk stripe hair

Ⅰ. Trends in the post-pandemic environment

I think the biggest change that the post-epidemic brought people to people is that they can’t go to the barbershop all the time to pursue their new hairstyle. In isolation at home, people are looking back on things that are fresh to bring joy to life that has remained the same. The skunk stripe hair is a hairstyle that will attract people at first sight because it is exaggerated enough. And, it can be done by yourself at home. The following video will show you how to style your own skunk stripe hair at home.


Ⅱ. Double comeback of Y2k style and money piece highlights

1. New trend at Y2k style: color contrast of skunk stripe hair

a. Y2k style is back again

The y2k hairstyle has become very popular in recent years, and you can see one or two from the clothes and hairstyles of girls on the street with bows, high-waisted trousers, fan vests, denim skirts, etc. have been on fire since 2000. Now people are pursuing Y2k style again, expressing their attitude with color, bright and punk. Under the electronic crisis in 2000, people were optimistic about the future life. In 2022, the epidemic will hinder the rapid development of science and technology, but it will not stop people from being optimistic about a better life in the future.

Y2k styles

b. What is the relationship between Y2k hairstyle and skunk stripe hair?

Skunk stripe hair will be a double return of Y2k style and money piece in a sense. Skunk stripe hair uses two colors of color escape as a contrast, which is the ultimate experience of Y2k style aesthetics. So many people call skunk stripe a new trend in Y2k style. We say that the core idea of ​​Y2k style is to reflect people's positive attitude towards future life, using elements such as color, punk, cyber, butterfly and other elements to reflect that the future life should be beautiful, although the current life is a bit difficult. The skunk stripe hair is a very colorful style, and it is also a typical Y2k style. I have to say that the popularity of skunk stripe has a strong relationship with the popularity of Y2k style aesthetics.

skunk stripe hair piece highlight upgrade: stunk stripe hair face modification

a. What is money piece highlight? 

Money piece hair is not a hairstyle that is produced today, it is a hairstyle that modifies the shape of the face. The most money piece highlight we've seen. It is essentially a balayage technique, by highlighting the hair on the sides of the face, making the stripes on the two sides brighter than the rest of the hair, so as to use the visual deviation to obtain the modification effect of the face shape.

money piece

b. The similarities and differences between money piece highlight and skunk stripe hair

From the same point of view, money piece highlight and skunk stripe hair are concentrated on the sides of the cheeks. By highlighting this part of the hair and color contrast, it creates a sense of style.

From different points of view, the area and color boldness of the highlighted areas are different.

The money piece highlight area will be less highlighted, but the layering will be noticeable, even all over the hair. There will be noticeably more hair on the sides of the cheeks than the other areas, but this amount is much less than the skunk stripe hair. Because money piece was originally named because it can save time and money, save time and effort. The skunk stripe hair highlights more areas and is as thick as a skunk's tail, hence the name.

money piece

The color of the skunk stripe hair highlight area is bolder and brighter than the money piece highlight, and even more exaggerated. Because skunk stripe hair is the embodiment of Y2k style's aesthetics, the more exaggerated the color contrast, the more utopian optimism about the future can be reflected.

skunk stripe hair

Ⅲ. Leading by major trendsetters

Driven by major trendsetters on Tiktok, Ins, and Youtube, people have followed suit with skunk stripe hair. This is the key factor. As key opinion leaders, celebrities, and bloggers' post pictures can make fans intuitively feel the exaggerated but connotative beauty of skunk stripe. Here are some star-studded skunk stripe hair styles.

1. Dua Lipa and red skunk stripe hair

red skunk stripe

Singer  Dua Lipa wearing a certain red skunk stripe hair quickly drew attention. The contrast between red and black draws the first glance to the hairstyle and its skunk color. red skunk stripe hair must be a must-have for fashion girls, it is more exaggerated and more difficult to control than ordinary skunk stripe hair. But once you manage red skunk stripe hair well and match it well, it will definitely reflect your personality more than the average hairstyle. I think it's a must for cool girls. Red skunk stripe hair has more personality than other skunk colors.

2. Dua Lipa and blonde skunk stripe hair

blonde skunk stripe hair

It can be seen that Dua Lipa is a typical Y2k style outfit and Y2k style hairstyle. Fans show their navels, big metal accessories, and white gloves are important elements of Y2k style's style, reflecting the attitude of electronic girls in 2000 to future life. And Dua Lipa chose blonde skunk stripe hair. In addition to the golden highlights that can be exposed on both sides of the face, golden highlights are also made on the top of the hair. In addition to the hairstyle, bright earrings and three-dimensional buns are used to shape the punk era. I have to say that the blonde skunk stripe hair with metal, pink and other elements can evoke the memory of every Y2k style girl. This large-area blonde skunk stripe hair is also more visually striking, and the blonde skunk stripe highlights Dua Lipa's face very well. The overall shape is just the right exaggeration. Blonde skunk stripe hair is more natural than other skunk colors.

3.Jennie's pink skunk stripe hair

pink skunk stripe hair

Jennie actually has two skunk stripe hair looks. Pink has always been a very frequent element in Y2k style, because in 2000, girls really liked to use pink to express their yearning for a better life. Pink is for girls, a sign of the year 2000. When pink and black appear in the shape, you can feel the retro taste of pink skunk. This is what fashion wants to express, fashion is a reincarnation attitude. If you want a more girly, youthful, but retro hairstyle, pink skunk stripe hair is recommended. Pink skunk stripe hair is brighter than other skunk colors, and the meaning of pink also makes pink skunk stripe hair more beautiful.

What is skunk hair called?

two-colour hair Introducing: 'skunk hair', otherwise known as two-colour hair. Not to be confused with 'two-tone' hair, which typically blends two harmonising hues together, two-colour or 'skunk hair' is all about stark contrast and standout style.

Who started the skunk stripe trend?

"This hair trend is definitely inspired by Cindy Crawford's high contrast, face-framing balayage she had in the 90s," says Heller of this color trend, "as well as the legitimate stripes and chunks of color that a lot of the pop stars had in the early 2000s.

What color is skunk stripe?

Here's the basic skunk stripe style that has social media talking. It's characterized by a dark foundational color, usually black or dark brown, and a contrasting white or grey stripe that frames the face. It's similar to a curtain hairstyle, but the curtains are dyed to achieve the skunk stripe effect.

  •  Elizabeth Davies
    Elizabeth Davies
    Blonde ,red, pink skunk stripe hair I like all of them, I will go to get the star with the same style immediately!
  • Tiffany Zhang
    Tiffany Zhang
    I understand the relationship between skunk stripe hair and Y2K, money piece, thank you for sharing
  • Munira Kudrati
    Munira Kudrati
    There is a reason why skunk stripe hair is very popular, and I also want to try the popular Y2K style hairstyle. I can make pink skunk stripe hair like jennie.
  • Jo Welch
    Jo Welch
    Skunk sripe hair is fashionable and beautiful, I want to get it!
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