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Differences Between Curtain Bangs And Bottleneck Bangs

Aug 02,2023 | Bella

Everyone is trying bangs in 2023, curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs are the most popular, but do you know the difference between them? People often say that these two kinds of bangs look very similar many people even confuse these two kinds of bangs. The difference between curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs is that many people even confuse these two types of bangs.

Ⅰ. What are curtain bangs?

To describe curtain bangs with a vivid analogy, it is like its name, if your forehead is compared to your living room, then curtain bangs are your living room window added with two delicate curtains. Your living room will become very ambient because of these two curtains, they block the harsh light and soften the sunlight refracted into the living room and curtain bangs also soften the contours of your face.

curtain bangs

curtain bangs are in the center of your face The curtain bangs are made by parting the hair on the left and right sides of your face at the very center of your face to make curved bangs, and cutting the hair at the brow bone in a symmetrical way to make a diagonal shape, so that your face is well wrapped and the bangs can blend in with the rest of your hair.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are perfect for girls who are not satisfied with their facial contours, have high cheekbones, or have a round face, they can quickly give you a V-shaped face or a perfect oval face!

Ⅱ. What are bottleneck bangs?

Bottleneck bangs are better understood as it is like a glass bottle of Coca-Cola with a very narrow mouth and a gradually widening body. The bangs are very narrow at the top of the head and gradually widen at the neck and shoulders, and at the end, the bangs shrink back again. The bangs will shrink back perfectly at the end.

bottleneck bangs

In the middle of bottleneck bangs is a small part of short and thin bangs, with short bangs and side bangs, your eyes become the brightest part of your face. The side and forehead bangs wrap up your bangs even better and you have a perfect face shape, so the first thing people will look at when they see you will be your eyes, then if you add deep and nice eye makeup, there is no doubt that you will be the most attractive one.

Ⅲ. What are the differences between curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs?

1. Different shapes

differences between curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs

First of all, the most important thing that can distinguish these two types of bangs is their shape, which is also the origin of their names. curtain bangs are more like a curtain that is slightly closed, with a curvature like a curtain, which is slightly open. And bottleneck bangs The shape is like a Coke bottle, not open to the outside, but from top to bottom, from narrow to wide, and finally slightly retracted.

2. Different pruning methods

Different pruning methods

The bottleneck bangs are trimmed inwards with the bottom hair towards the face, while the curtain bangs are trimmed outwards, so we can also see from the picture that the latter hair is gently floating outwards after being permed, while the former is gathered inwards. And the former is gathered inward.

3. Different hair layers

Different hair layers

bottleneck bangs have some small, short hair at the brow bone, the hair under the bangs can gradually wrap around your jawbone and cheekbones, and the texture of the bangs is also more gentle. Curtain bangs, on the other hand, are more on both sides of the bangs The bangs are thicker and heavier.

Ⅳ. Conclusion

No matter which bangs are the most popular bangs trend in 2022-2023, bottleneck bangs are more likely to be the popular trend in 2023. If you also want to cut curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs, you can If you also want to cut curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs, you can click on the two articles above, here are the most detailed explanations.



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