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One of the best things about the Jerry curl weave is that it looks amazing. For women seeking defined curls, the jerry curly weave is the best choice. It looks great and doesn't require too much styling, making it the ideal solution for the woman on the go. Here are a few answers to the questions we get about the jerry curl to help you decide if this is the style for you.

What is The Jerry Curly Weave

Often spelled Jheri Curl in honor of Jheri Redding, the hairdresser who invented the style, the jerry curl weave draws its inspiration from the permed hairstyle that was popular among African American women in the 80s. The jerry curl is appealing to most women thanks to its glossy curls that look and feel like a wash-and-routine without chemical treatments.

How to Put on a Jerry Curl Hair Weave

Most jerry curl weaves are sewn on, which means that you will have to put your own hair in cornrows before sowing the weave on. This process is often complex and you may need a professional hairdresser to help you sow the weave on.

How to Maintain Jerry Curl Weave Hair

Curly hair is often drier than straight hair and therefore prone to tangling and sometimes even breakage. You, therefore, have to be more careful with the jerry curl when washing, conditioning and styling the weave. The following are some of the things you can do to maintain the weave's curls and shine;

1. Use a Nourishing Oil Care shampoo to wash the weave. This is the easiest way to overcome the problem of frizzing and tangles that are common with curly hair since the oil produced by the skull is often not sufficient to reach the ends.

2. Control frizz by using Nourishing hair oil before washing. Look for a hair oil that is infused with natural oils like Argan oil or tea tree oil.

3. Avoid using heat to dry your hair. When you can, towel-dry the weave and let it dry naturally. But if you are pressed for time, consider using a diffuser rather than a blow dryer.

4. You should also minimize brushing the weave. Aggressive brushing can cause breakage, which can cause the weave to lose its natural volume and luster.

5. If you use any products, apply them to the hair while it is still wet. Thus includes the hair oils and conditioners you want to use.

Does Jerry Curl Damage Hair?

The jerry curl weave doesn’t damage your natural hair in any way. In fact, because it is sown in, it is a protective style that is often used to ensure your natural hair remains healthy. As long as you care for your jerry curl weave, it will serve you for a long time. You can even take it off and wear it again at a later date.