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For centuries, hair weaves have been bringing thick, gorgeous locks to females all over the world. A good hair weave for women adds an ultra-feminine, lustrous glamour. Having a weave right from the beginning is essential in creating that natural look users desire. Here are some more facts about hair weave extensions.

What is Human Hair Weave

A weave is a natural or artificial hair extension that is fixed into human hair by gluing, sewing, or clipping. Weaves originated around 3400 BC in Egypt where users dyed sheep wool or human hair and attached it to their heads with beeswax or resin.

Now, weaves are one of the fundamental hair extension kinds well-liked amongst dark women. Unlike other hair extensions, which can be removed daily, weaves are intended to last for a long time. A weave is not a wig. Instead of covering hair similar to how a wig does, a weave is sewn into natural hair directly, beautifying and accentuating it.

Popular Types of Hair Weave

There are different kinds of hair weave on sale. Some of the well-liked types are:

Peruvian Human Hair Weave: Peruvian hair is used for quite a bit of reasons due to its multi-purpose texture. Peruvian hair can need fewer bundles to offer a full-body, strong look. Even though it is thicker and coarser over Brazilian or Malaysian hair, it blends well with a number of hair textures.

Brazilian Human Hair Weave: Brazilian hair is one of the superior textures for African American females. The texture is very thick, very full, and just gorgeous. With its natural look, it is often a more affordable choice.

Indian Human Hair Weave: Due to its extreme density, the hair is light, ventilated, versatile, and easy to design. It blends perfectly with other hair textures and needs minimal styling. It is dense and a perfect match for black women's hair’s texture.

Malaysian Human Hair Weave: Malaysian hair blends best with relaxed textures and is very soft. It is suitable for girls with very silky and fine hair. You can curl or swell in a humid environment, making it less affordable to maintain.

How Long Does Hair Weave Last

Normally, hair weave extensions last for more than 2 months. But if taken good care of, it can extend the life span. All you need to do is care for the weave similar to your own hair. This can be done by moisturizing and applying oil to them regularly.

In addition to this, you must also shampoo them often to maintain the look and keep it free from tangling. This will help you to extend the lifespan of the hair weaves. Apart from this, you must avoid using heating devices if the weave is made from synthetic fiber or artificial hair.

Hair Weave Wash and Maintain Tips

Below are the tips you must follow to wash and maintain your hair weaves.

Hygiene is a must and should be given top priority. Clean your scalp, weave, and hair for the overall health of the hair. Use sulfate-free shampoos and be very soft while washing. In addition to this, be gentle while combing the product. The wet weave extensions must be detangled with fingers. Moreover, the best way is to let your weave air dry to prevent frizz and breakage. Gently patting them with a soft towel might also help. Also, avoid using extreme heat.

Ensure you deep condition your hair before using a weave. It is recommended to use a leave-in spray conditioner, which adds texture and offers moisture to the weave extensions. Using extensions and weaves may lead to scalp irritation. Scratching your scalp will lead to irritation. You can use scalp soother for instant relief. This will not disrupt the braids or weaves and will soothe the scalp. Lastly, use a satin scarf while sleeping to avoid your weave from getting damaged. Pillow covers are tough on your hair and it leads to moisture loss.

How to Dye Hair Weave

You can dye your hair weave extensions if they are made from 100% natural hair. On the other hand, if they are artificial or made from synthetic fiber, your journey of coloring the hair weaves stops right there. Hence, before you dye your weaves, make sure they are 100%^ natural hairs.

In addition to this, it is recommended to do this job from an expert rather than trying it on your own. This is because professional hair experts have the knowledge of the correct material and amount that needs to be used on your hair weave. Moreover, moisturizing the weave is a must and a major factor while you dye them.

Coming back to the main point, you had a look at the different types of hair weave extensions that are present. For best and superior quality products, always prefer Donmily hair weave extensions.