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What Is A V Part Wig?

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Most wig wearers, wear a wig because they have to conceal natural hair issues, while some just want to get more versatile hairstyles and protect their natural hair at the same time. For whatever reasons, the primary pursuit of wig wearers is that the wig is as natural as possible. In other words, too natural to be discovered as a wig. To cater to such needs, wig makers have tried ways to make the wig cap more like the human scalp, silicone, polyurethane, silk, monofilament, and Swiss lace. Now the tables have turned with the appearance of a new style wig cap, the V Part Wig.

v part wig

What Is A V Part Wig?

V part wig also called a thin part wig, is an upgraded version of a u-part wig. It comes with a mesh cap with hair knotted on the cap to give it a more natural look. V part wig is much similar to u part wig, except that it has a V-shaped opening at the top, which is much thinner that u part unit. The v-part wig is also a protective style wig, it allows you to leave out a little of your natural hair right in the front. So if you have very thin hair in the front or you don’t want to deal with your natural hair at all, a v-part wig is probably your closest match.

v part wig 0927

What’s More About V Part Wig?

As an emerging wig style, there are more features you need to know about the V-part wig. It is glue-less and lace-less. The V-shaped opening enables you to wear your own real scalp with no leave out or the most minimal leave out, creating a natural hair line. And the hair itself will perfectly match the roots of your natural hair. V part wig has 5 clips, 3 combs, and an adjustable strap for you to secure the wig itself, making the applying process ultra-easy. It takes you only several minutes to wear and remove the wig. Moreover, this protective unit also helps with hair growth. Wearing a v-part wig means you don’t have to mess with your own hair, so your scalp will have a break and no more suffering from hair loss.

Who Should Get V Part Wig?

V part wig is a beginner-friendly type. If you are new to wigs and you find doing a lace one is more than difficult, a v-part wig will suit you just fine. And if you have sensitive skin or you need to disguise head baldness or other hair issues, a v-part wig is also one of your perfect fits. It protects your scalp well, in the meantime, adds volume or length to your hair. More importantly, a v-part wig will just give you the most natural look without any glue marks, lace holes,s or messy baby hair. U part wig may need much leave out that requires a wig wearer to have thick hair. While with this very thin part wig, you can change your hairstyle the way you want even if you have very little hair.

What is the difference between the V part and the U part wig?

The major difference is the obvious one – one has a U-shaped opening while the other has a V-shaped opening. With a V-shaped hair wig, you do not have to pull out much of your own hair and the space is narrower in comparison to a U-shaped opening.

Are u part wigs better?

Since a portion of your natural hair will be left out, U-part wigs offer more versatility when it comes to sectioning out your hair, and often give a more natural-looking finish. You also have the freedom to style your edges however you'd like.

Which is better u part or V part?

V part wig would be better than a U part wig for those people who have thin or fine hair. For those people who have full hair, you can wear a U-part wig and then pull more of your natural hair out to create a flawless hair look. Of course, UNice has various V-part wigs and U-part wigs for sale.

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