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What Is The Biggest Use Of Freetress Water Wave Hair?

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Freetress water wave hair, you may hear this word for the first time, but it doesn't matter, you must know water wave hair. What is the relationship between them? What is the biggest use of Freetress water wave hair? I will answer these questions for you one by one.

freetress water wave hair

Ⅰ. What is Freetress water wave hair?

I believe you must be confused when you see the product called Freetress water wave hair. Especially for the word Freetress, there seems to be no explanation for it. Before we understand Freetress water wave hair, we must understand what is Freetress hair and what is water wave hair.

1. What is Freetress hair?

Freetress is made from specially developed fibers that resemble the feel and feel of human hair. Freetress water wave hair is undoubtedly one of the highest quality artificial hair in the world. Herbs that look like individual hairs compared to other fibers. Because it has the luster of human hair, it is by far the largest possible and long-lasting artificial hair product.

freetress water wave hair

● Is Freetress hair human hair?

The answer is that Freetress hair is not human hair, it is typical synthetic hair. Generally speaking, human hair refers to hair derived from real people. There is no doubt that Freetress water wave hair is made of special artificial synthetic fibers. From this perspective, it is synthetic hair, not human hair. Synthetic hair is a man-made fiber. There are different types of synthetic hair fibers such as acrylic, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Kanekalon. Not all synthetic fibers are of the same quality. The difference between high-quality fibers and other fibers can be easily seen by the amount of gloss in the fibers. Lower quality fibers are shinier in appearance and tend to be less realistic in texture and motion. Kanekalon is the highest quality synthetic fiber available.

● The advantages of Freetress hair

The first is a lot like human hair. Due to the special material, Freetress hair looks like human hair and has a glossy feel. The second is that it is very stretchy and can be pulled. Finally, it's durable, and the synthetics won't fade or break over time.

Wave braided hair includes artificial hair crocheted into the hair. They usually pass from the front of your top to the back in the form of an ear of corn.

2. What is water wave hair? 

freetress water wave hair

Water wave hair lives up to its name with a water wave-like shape. However, it is a less curled ripple because it is very light, and if the wind blows, it will sway like a wave of water. Because the curl of the water ripples is small, it has more hair volume than ordinary wavy hair. Of course, because the curl is small, it is necessary to maintain the curl carefully. If you think maintenance is too troublesome, you can choose a water ripple wig. It has a good texture, and you can feel its lightness and elasticity when you hold it in your hand, as if jumping on your hand. People often compare water ripples with other ripples. If you are interested, please click the link to see other articles.

Ⅲ. Freetress water wave crochet hair

freetress water wave crochet hair

We use Freetress water wave to make crochet hair called Freetress water wave crochet hair. Also, it is belong to Freetress braids hair.

The meaning of Freetress water wave crochet hair is the biggest use of Freetress water wave hair: crochet hair.

1. What is crochet hair? 

We know that braids are popular among black women and that braids are part of black culture. Braided hair has both practicality and fashion sense, which can not only reduce the fluffy hair caused by excessive fluffy hair, but also bring a sense of fashion through various braiding techniques.

The term "crochet" is similar to the process used to make sweaters and blankets. Crochet hair, which involves crocheting synthetic hair extensions onto a person's natural hair using a lock hook or crochet hook. Although crochet knits are a hybrid of traditional knitting, they are considered more similar to knitting. Crochet braiding is one of the most common braiding techniques. It is more accurate than hand braiding, and it is more suitable for use when the length of the hair is not enough and the quantity is not enough.

freetress braids hair

2. Why crochet fabrics for crochet hair?

Because African braids require a lot of hair to wrap, it is a problem for African blacks whose hair does not grow naturally. Therefore, I will buy a wrap suitable for crochet hair for support. In fact, most of the braids are made with wigs. The process of hair extensions involves the crocheting process. With more and more braided hair styles, more and more novel. You may also need colored wigs to wrap around and modify the style when braiding. These processes require new crocheted fabrics.

freetress water wave hair

3. Why Freetress water wave hair is suitable for crochet hair? 

● Lightness of water wave hair

Because the water ripples are elastic and the curvature is small, just like the wave pattern of the braided hair, so you can buy the water ripple hair and use it to make crocheted hair. Of all the water wave hair materials, synthetic Freetress water wave hair is the most suitable for crocheted hair. Water wave hair will not look heavy

● Freetress water wave hair huge elasticity

Because Freetress synthetic materials are more elastic than human hair and other materials, human hair wigs will break when pulled. Only synthetic wigs with high pulling resistance are suitable for this technology. After all, the process of crocheting requires constant pulling of the wig, so it would be more suitable as an extension of crocheted hair.

freetress water wave hair

● The texture of water wave hair is highly compatible with the texture of crochet braid hair

Imagine what it would be like to have an African braid, whether it's a two-strand or three-strand braid. That's right, just like the texture of water ripples, it has a medium arc, dense but smaller than kinky's curl. Because of the high degree of compatibility between the two, choosing Freetress water wave hair can hook out a beautiful braided hairline.

 Ⅳ. How to crochet with Freetress water wave hair?

If you want to truly become Freetress water wave crochet hair or Freetress crochet hair, you also need to learn how to crochet with Freetress water wave hair. Please follow the video below to learn.

How many packs of FreeTress water wave do I need?

Needed 7 packs. Feels a lot softer and looks a lot more natural than I anticipated. Very easy to manipulate the hair. A little tangly but that's go be expected with synthetic hair

Can you swim in FreeTress water wave hair?

You can still have the joy of flaunting some awesome crochet braids on your vacay, you just have to go with a different hair type that can handle wear and tear from swimming. FreeTress Bohemian brand hair is a better choice if you need hair that can withstand coming in and out of the pool.

Can you wet water wave hair?

Avoid brushing your water wave hair bundles when it's wet, you can gradually wet your hair and brush gently before you completely wash it.

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