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What Is Freetress Water Wave Hair And Why Choose It?

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Water wave hair is one of the most popular ethnic hair textures, but to be honest, freetress water wave hair is the best texture crochet braid I've ever tried. it has a light, silky texture, looks very shiny, and in terms of quality, it doesn't get tangled or come off easily. It has a great value for money and because of these features, freetress water wave hair has become one of the best-selling products.

Ⅰ. What is freetress water wave hair?

Like water wave hair, freetress water wave hair has a flowing pattern that shimmers in the sunlight, and the waves are like the slowly flowing water of a stream, silky and beautifully shaped. But freetress water wave hair has a fluffier texture than regular water wave, which makes your hair look fuller and has a low-cost maintenance feature that extends the life of your hair. When you buy freetress water wave hair you need to hook the hair one by one on top of your native hair with hooks, here is what we know about crochet braid.

 freetress water wave hair

Ⅱ. What is crochet braid?

A crochet braid is a flexible method of braiding your hair to protect your style, while also being free and flexible. If you think your hair needs a break from protective measures or you don't want to wear a wig or braid anymore, crochet braid is the best way to go. In my personal experience, I have tried box braids, wigs and extensions and they have made a big difference and provided convenience to my look, but I also get tired of them and it wasn't until a while ago that I discovered the crochet braid and it was a real winner in terms of protecting my look. And since I don't have a lot of hair of my own, I needed full and voluminous hair to help me get a way to accentuate my hair volume, so I started experimenting with freetress water wave hair to create crochet braid, and girls around me are gradually trying it, so why has it become so popular?

Ⅲ. Why girls prefer freetress water wave hair?

1. Long use time

Who doesn't want to buy hair extensions or wigs that will last longer? freetress water wave hair has a loose texture that is untethered and unrestrained. looks better.

2. Clear and beautiful texture

As I mentioned earlier, the water wave has a flowing smoothness and fluidity, and freetress water wave hair enhances the fluffiness of the water wave hair, it is fluffy, thick and has a beautiful texture that no dark-skinned girl can resist. The hair at the top of the head is fluffy and full while the hair at the end is thin, giving an extremely strong sense of layering.

3. Versatile styling & easy care

You can get more styling time by taking less time to care for freetress water wave hair, it is very easy to color and you can easily create any style you want. Simply apply more oil or conditioner to your hair after you wash it. Here are some tips on how to maintain freetress water wave hair and some details to keep in mind.

 freetress water wave hair

Ⅳ. How to maintain freetress water wave hair well?

1. Buy wig shampoo

Synthetic wigs or human hair wigs are detached from the scalp, that is, the loss of natural hair care and moisturization, they are more fragile than you think, ordinary shampoos have a strong cleaning ability because they have to remove the oil and dandruff on your scalp, while wigs do not need strong cleaning power, more often than not, you need to maintain the moisture of the wig, so please buy wigs special Shampoo or mild shampoo.

2. Use the correct shampoo method

Do not rub hard, gently run your hand through the wig, when you encounter knots use your fingers or broad-toothed comb to disperse the knotted area, do not pull hard. freetress water wave hair in the wear time will get dust and thus cause knots, as well as daily scalp secretion of oil and sweat, will be stained, it is recommended to wash 1 once a week can be.

3. Wrap freetress water wave hair before going to bed

If you want to wear your weave to bed, then try to choose a silk pillow or wrap your weave with a silk hat or scarf, which can be very good to avoid waking up in the morning with a messy hair ah, but also can effectively prevent the freetress water wave hair damage!

 freetress water wave hair

4. Proper maintenance of hair weave

Make sure to give your freetress water wave hair a deep care and maintenance at least once a week, using a sufficient amount of conditioner and essential oils.

Ⅴ. Where to buy cheap freetress water wave hair?


I'm sure a lot of girls choose freetress water wave hair because they want their hair to look full and gorgeous, but it's a huge waste of money to buy it in small pieces. Donmily has a large selection of hair bundles made from malaysian hair, Brazilian hair and more, so you have a wide variety of choices that are not only of good quality but also at cost-effective prices.

How many pieces are in Freetress water wave hair?

It's perfect great for the summer of just to do a protective style. There is a total of 5 strands of colored 27 pieces in this pack of hair.

Can you swim with FreeTress hair?

FreeTress Bohemian brand hair is a better choice if you need hair that can withstand coming in and out of the pool. If you have a tighter curl pattern, you should do a full crochet braid installation rather than leaving any hair out.

Can you wear crochet hair in the pool?

If you are swimming in chlorine, you will need to shampoo your base underneath the crochet. You can do this easily without ruining your crochet style. As you wash your scalp and braids, try to keep shampoo away from the crochet hair.

  • Leelee's Lifestyle Corner
    Leelee's Lifestyle Corner
    Honestly it looks beautiful. It was beautiful before you cut it and after you cut it. And please upload a video about maintenance. :)
  • Michele Leona
    Michele Leona
    It is truly beautiful! great job!
  • Estela Ocanto
    Estela Ocanto
    It's Amazing. Thank you so much for the how to! Love it!
  • yellochix1
    It looks so freaking good!
  • Michelle Hood
    Michelle Hood
    Crochet braids are my go to protective style. I use 1 pack and a 1/2 but I also separate my strands 6 times and the hair isn't frizzy. I like the color.
  • Florentina Alexander
    Florentina Alexander
    This hair is quite possibly the best water wave out there, stunning!
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