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What Are The Different Types Of Bobs?

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As the bob style continues to gain popularity, most women who may want to get in on the style look for the perfect bob for them. It is important to note that there are different types of bobs for the different head shapes and knowing the most common will help you decide which one is best for you.

What Are the Different Types of Bobs?

As you probably already know bob wigs can be confusing since they often have very subtle differences. Here we will try to weave through the subtle differences to make it easier for you to choose a style.

1. A-Line Bob Haircut

The term A-Line denotes the perimeter of the cut and you will see that all haircuts that have the A-line structure are shorter in the back and longer in the front. An A-Line bob will also not have layers on the back and will often frame the face in the front and may curl under the chin.

An A-Line bob may also be referred to as a concave bob that is also longer in the front than it is in the back.

2. Graduated Bob

Also known as a “stacked bob”, the Graduated bob is one of the most common types of bob haircuts in the market. It is referred to as the “stacked bob” because it often has stacked layers in the back. Another distinguishing feature of the graduated bob is the fact that it is more curved than most bobs that tend to have a hard angle. For you to achieve a proper graduated bob, the cut needs to follow the angle of the perimeter and get longer as you approach the front of the wig.

How much you can stack the hair depends on your preferred hairstyle. Some people like low blended stacks and others like short spikes.

3. Inverted Bob

The inverted Bob is basically a graduated bob that has been cut and styled to flip under. You can achieve this using a hot air brush which is much better than a flat iron than can damage your hair.

4. Asymmetrical Bob

bob wig

The Asymmetrical bob is neither layered nor stacked at the back. The most noticeable feature of this bob is that the front is often longer than any other side. If you are going to choose this type of bob, we advise using a lot of texture and finding a good hairdresser to help with the styling. This is because it can look unblended and unfinished when it is done incorrectly.

5. Typical Bob

bob wig

The typical bob is also known as the standard bob and the hair will be same length all around the head. It also frames the face under the chin. The typical bob looks great when it doesn't have extra layers and when all the underneath sections are cut. This will make the hair flip under and achieve this look perfectly.

6. Lob/ Long Bob

bob wig

The Long bob has been a trend setter in the past few years and as the name suggests it is much longer than your average bob. The Lob haircut is popular because you essentially get the best of both worlds; you get the bob cut you want, but the hair longer so that you can still pull your hair up when you need to.

7. Layered Bob

Bob wig

Also known as a textured bob, the layered bob is types of bobs that is also quite popular. To achieve the layered bob, all you have to do is start with a standard bob and then add tons of layers, texture and body. It is quite popular because the texture and layers make it look full and voluminous, something that most women who go for bobs want to achieve.

The Best Bob Wig to Choose

But even knowing all the different types of bobs that you can choose to use, is understandable that you may not be ready to cut your hair into a bob. After all, cutting your hair is a permanent decision and you need to be sure the bob style is for you before you cut your hair off.

The best way to do that is to try a bob wig and the best bob wig to choose for this purpose is the Donmily 13x4 lace front wig straight Bob 150% Density. One of the best things about this wig is that it is long enough to allow you to cut it to any of the styles we have described above. But more than that, this wig is made of 100% human hair which means that you can style it in any way you want. For example, you might decide to keep it as a lob and then curl it or you might decide to cut it in the layered bob style and change the color.

The fact that the Donmily 13x4 lace front wig Straight Bob 150% Density is made from human hair is also a major advantage when it comes to the durability of the hair. With proper care, this wig can last up to a year and in that time, you can change the style of the wig as many times as you want. It is also very easy to wear and take off thanks to the lace front that will blend in perfectly with your hairline.

If you desire a bob cut and you're put off by the fact that you have to cut your hair, consider choosing a wig first. Wigs are safer since they allow you to go through as many bob haircuts as you want while you decide the style for you, without affecting your hair. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to get professional help when you decide to cut your hair

How many different bob hairstyles are there?

7 Different Kinds of Bob Hairstyles Short bob cut with Bangs. Short Layered Bob Cut. Medium-length bob cuts. The lob (Long bob hairstyles) A-line bob cut, Angled bob cut, Inverted bob cut. The soft wavy bob hairstyles. The classic short bob cut.

What are different bob haircuts called?

A-line bob. Inverted bob. Shingle bob. Chin-length bob. Neck-length bob. Shoulder-length bob.

What is the difference between a layered bob and a stacked bob?

While a traditional bob is usually one length, a stacked bob has stacked layers in the back. What that really means: With this bob haircut, your hair is angled and longer in the front and shorter and rounded at the back with gradual layers for a textured, voluminous finish.

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