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What Are The Best Back To School Haircuts:

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School starts, are you happy or joyful? No matter what mood you're in, I think a lot of people will walk into a barbershop and get a haircut. So what are the best back to school haircuts? I think it must be a low maintenance medium length haircuts.

best back to school haircuts

Ⅰ. Why low maintenance medium length haircuts are the best back to school haircuts?

1. Low maintenance means a lot of time savings

 School starts, we have to attend classes on time, and we also need to learn by ourselves in extracurricular time to enrich our spare time. We have to say goodbye to the days when we can wake up naturally. In every morning, time is money. You can't have a lot of time to maintain your new hairstyle, so the best back-to-school hairstyles must be the ones that save a lot of time, so low maintenance medium length haircuts should become your primary choice.

low maintenance medium length haircuts

2. Medium length means comfortable and natural

As a girl, if you want to cut your hair, but think long hair is too cumbersome and too short hair is not good-looking, I must recommend that you choose low maintenance medium length hair. He won't make you look like a boy, nor will you be restrained with long hair. Moreover, long hair is really not suitable for hot weather, and the hairstyle will be ruined when you sweat. And if you have fine hair, long hair won't make you look bulky. So, pick low maintenance medium length haircuts.

low maintenance medium length haircuts

Ⅱ. What are the types of low maintenance medium length haircuts.

In fact, the most in line with this standard of low maintenance medium length haircuts, I think it is the bob hair. Because its length is between long hair and short hair, it is also easy to take care of, if you do not dye it. Below, I will introduce a few low maintenance medium length haircuts suitable for back to school

1. A line bob haircut

a line bob

a. What is a line bob haircut

Modern and chic,  a line bob will work with all hair lengths and textures. The cut is angled, the front remains longer and the rear gradually shortens. This is great because the front hair frames your face and draws attention to your cheeks and chin. It's also a great way to try short hair but still keep some length. a line bob hairstyles work with a variety of hairstyles, but straight hair looks sleeker and more precise. This style is also especially flattering on people with round faces, as it creates the illusion of a slimmer face.

 a line bob

b. A line bob head advantage: suitable for thin hair

In addition to being low maintenance medium length haircuts,  a line bob is also great for thin hair.  A line bob cut makes the cut more dimensional, as the layers are stacked to bulge the back. So it doesn't look thin. Layered suspenders are great for women who are afraid of short hair and want a little longer hair. So if you have nice hair, consider this bob.

2. Ombre bob with bangs

a. What is an ombre bob with bangs

ombre bob with bangs

The bob hairstyle is a timeless classic in women's hairstyles. It's easy to wear and versatile as it adapts to your hair texture and complements your face shape. You can also try different partings and bangs, which can enhance your facial features. If you want to add dimension to your hair and lift it, the ombre technique is a great way to do that. Ombre mixes two colors, one light and the other dark. It can be done with natural hair color, or if you want to make more statement, try bold and bright shades.

b. Advantages of ombre bob with bangs

There is no doubt that ombre bobs with bangs are for low maintenance medium length haircuts. Apart from that, first of all the ombre color is very natural and doesn't take much time to maintain. It looks black at the roots and close to yellow or brown at the ends, so an ombre bob with bangs is a natural color transition as if its own hair has faded. Secondly, the ombre with bangs can also play a role in modifying the face shape because of the modification of the bangs.

3. Bob with side fringe

a. Advantages: bob with side fringe is suitable for round faces

bob with side fringe

Except the advantages of low maintenance medium length haircuts, one of the cutest yet trendiest hairstyles for round faces is a bob with a side. The key to adjusting a round face cut is in the details. Lots of incoherent layers and textures are essential to avoid the "hair helmet" effect. Meanwhile, side bangs visually "cut" your face at an angle, drawing the eyes diagonally rather than straight.

With the above for you to choose from, I hope you have the ideal low maintenance medium length haircuts to accompany you through every back-to-school season.

How should I do my hair for back to school?

A classic ponytail is a quick and easy way to style your hair before school. Start by pulling the hair back with both hands. Then, grab a headband and thread the ponytail through the elastic. Twist the elastic into a figure 8 and pull the hair through again.

What is the hair trend for 2022?

Thick, short bobs with mid-sections or heavy side parts will be a huge hair trend in 2022.

Should I cut my hair short or leave it long?

Choosing shorter means getting rid of any damaged or lifeless lengths that don't help you much. If you see signs of damage, cutting it may be the best decision.

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