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What Are 613 Wigs?

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Don't know if you've noticed that blonde wigs have become more and more popular among young girls in recent years, and girls of all skin tones love to wear blonde wigs. A new type of 613 blonde wig appeared in the market and started to take the whole market by storm. The 613 wigs were designed to help girls be more fashionable, and the 613 wigs have been well received by wig wearers. This issue of the blog is dedicated to explaining what are 613 wigs and why 613 wigs are so popular.

613 wigs

Ⅰ. What are 613 wigs?

First, let's understand why such a wig is called 613 wig human hair. The number 613 represents the number of colors used to dye the wig hair. For example, the 610 color number brown wig refers to a wig made by mixing the color number 6 and the color number 10 together. So this refers to a wig and another color wig mixed together, you can also understand them as a hybrid color wig, because different colors are mixed together to create a more innovative color, like the early years we are popular brown wigs, and now 613 wigs so popular that there are developers are constantly mixing colors to create new colors.

So what does each of the specific numbers of 613 wigs represent? In fact, each number represents a different color code, the first number is the representative of the wig's base color. For example, 6 represents dark blonde, 5 represents light brown, and 10 represents the lightest blonde. Like Donmily mall is also on sale 99J wigs, 99 represents Dark Auburn and J represents Burgundy. 613 wigs represent a combination of light blonde and blonde wigs, 613 wigs color is also known as baby blonde, 613 wigs is a replacement for 60 color wigs.

Ⅱ. Types of 613 wigs

613 wigs color we already know, but 613 wigs also have a variety of types, and these types are based on 613 wigs wig cap and styling design and differentiation. In terms of different wig cap materials, we mainly have full lace 613 wigs, and lace front 613 wigs. from the styling and appearance, we have deep wave 613 wigs, bob 613 wigs, and so on. I would like to introduce you to some of these different types of 613 wigs.

1. 613 full lace wigs

Full lace 613 wigs

The biggest feature of this wig is the inside of the wig cap, which is full lace woven into it, including each hair, which is hand set in the lace mesh cap above, the wearing effect is very natural, and wearing feels extremely comfortable. Because of the full lace material, full lace 613 wigs can very well help our scalp be breathable, and will not worry about any skin problems because of the stuffiness.

2. Lace front 613 wigs

Lace front 613 wigs

Full lace 613 wigs are different, lace front 613 wigs only in the front part of the wig lace texture material, that is, from the top of the head to the front part of the hairline, 613 closure wigs the use of lace, the back wig cap is not lace. This design is to facilitate cost reduction but also to maintain a good natural effect. place front 613 wigs can be very good at dealing with the hairline so that the wearer can have a natural hairline.

3. Deep wave 613 wigs

Deep wave 613 wigs

Deep wave 613 wigs have a very beautiful wave pattern, in the sun, this wig is able to do a golden shine. Although longer, deep wave 613 wigs hair is very smooth, the use of human hair made of native hair so this wig does not knot, is also very strong

4. 613 bob wig

Bob 613 wigs

613 bob wig is a blonde wig with bob styling, there are several lengths for you to choose from, there are 10, 12, 14inches, this bob 613 wig is very popular because of the shorter length of the raw materials needed and the cost is relatively low, so the price of this bob 613 wigs is very affordable. Many celebrities also have the same hairstyle, such as the Kardashians, Nicky, and so on have been fond of this hairstyle.

Ⅲ. Why are 613 wigs so popular?

613 wigs

1. 613 wigs is a new fashion

When you are used to seeing black and brown wigs, and you see people on the street with similar hair colors, you are wearing 613 wigs, which can make you very unique in the crowd. 613 wigs are a hair color that has only become popular in recent years, so it is also liked by many celebrities. With such popular hair color, you can make changes to the original wig, whether you want straight hair or curly hair, you can experiment and make changes yourself. In short 613 wig human hair is a new fashion wig with a variety of styles.

2. 613 wigs have a unique beauty

613 wigs can provide the wearer with a very noble and elegant look at first glance. You don't have to worry about black girls wearing 613 wigs being unnatural, you can look around and see that there are many beautiful girls who are wearing 613 color wig, 613 wigs can bring a different color and visual effect to girls.

3. 613 wigs can come in any color you want

One of the biggest benefits of 613 frontal is that if you want to dye your wig to another color, 613 wigs allow you to dye it directly without bleaching, you can dye it to any color you want. Bleaching your hair is already a difficult task, and dyeing it with another color will take more time and effort. But 613 wigs don't need it.

Why is blonde 613?

613 wigs are additionally called 613 front lace wigs, which name comes from the color of the wig. Blonde 613 wigs are a kind of lace front wig, which utilizes 100% Swiss lace and human hair. Hair is extremely delicate, thick, and healthy, and maybe colored and pressed to your liking.

How do they make 613 hair?

When we talk about blonde wig with 613 hair it means that the wigs with blonde hairs. 613 blonde refers to a high-end human hair wig that has already been dyed and bleached. It's a light color that can be colored any color you like.

What shade is 613?

Color Swatch #613 (Light Blond)

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