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Water Wave Peruvian Hair


If you are one of the users looking to style and maintain your cheap Peruvian water wave hair, here are your tips.

How To Comb Your Peruvian Water Wave Virgin Hair

No matter what kind of wigs you are using, when brushing your water wave Peruvian hair, you cannot use the comb.With the help of your fingers, running them from the hair is the best way. Comb your hair beginning at the hair roots gently.

How To Wash Your Peruvian Water Wave Virgin Hair

Always keep your water wave Peruvian hair clean. Hair will tangle when sweat builds up and it is dirty. So do not forget to wash your hair every now and then. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Put your wig into the water and wash then with fingers, do not twist or rub hair. Do not blow dry your hair. Place the wig in shadow and allow it to dry naturally. And do not expose your hair too long under strong sunshine.

How To Deep Condition Your Peruvian Water Wave Virgin Hair

If you need to avoid your hair to turn too dry or lose its shine, you can use some moisture products such as coconut oil and lotion. Do not use roller or hairspray, these products are tough to rinse-off after usage, and it may lead to hair tangle.

What Is The Night Routine For Your Peruvian Water Wave Virgin Hair

Use a small amount of oil on the hair ends at night before you go to sleep. This is due to the fact that the hair ends are harder and drier to be defined; a little additional moisture might be required.

You can use a silk pillow or use a silk-akin scarf to cover your hair when you sleep. The silk scarf is less harsh to your hair. If required, please do not sleep with your wig. This makes your wig last long and look great. Taking good care of your wig is also very essential.

How To Treat Your Water Wave Peruvian Hair As Your Own Hair

To keep you water wave Peruvian hair in good condition, you must treat them just like your natural hair. Here are the right ways to follow:

• Wet the hair with warm water.

• Soak the hair with the mild shampoo for a few minutes in the water.

• Rinse the wig with the clear water.

• Do it again to ensure the hair is clean.

• Cover the hair weave with the towel after finishing.

• Hang the wig with weft opened and the air-dry way can keep the curls well.


Having said that, you had a look at how to comb your Peruvian water wave virgin hair, how to wash your Peruvian water wave virgin hair, how to deep condition your Peruvian water wave virgin hair, what is the night routine for your Peruvian water wave virgin hair, and how to treat your water wave Peruvian hair as your own hair. 


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