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Two Easiest Ways You Don't Know To Wear Wig Cap

This entry was posted in Wig Tips By Bella

Users whow often read our blog must be familiar with wig cap this topic, in the first few issues of the blog we have talked about we have to wear wig cap? We divided the problem into two categories, the conclusion is that if you have more serious hair loss problems, then in order to protect your scalp of course it is recommended that you wear a wig cap, if your hair is particularly long, in order to wig wearing effect natural, you also very necessary to wear a wig cap. After reading the first few blogs you may have gone to buy a wig cap or a wig with its own wig cap, so you know how to put their hair better into the wig cap? We'll go over it step by step, you'll only have to spend a few minutes learning the steps below, it'll be well worth every second!

Ⅰ.The tools you need to wear wig cap

You'll need to have all of these tools ready to go before you can start your next steps. You will need a paddle brush, some bobby pins, a bottle of hairspray or styling spray, a few hair bands and the wig cap you purchased. Also remind, now the weather is very color, when you buy a wig cap I still highly recommend you buy a lighter material wig cap, such as mesh wig cap or lace wig cap, so that even in the summer sweat a lot you will not feel stuffy, feel particularly uncomfortable. bobby pin you can choose closer to your hair color, so it will look more natural.

Ⅱ.Braided Pigtail--Easiest approach to wear wig cap

Braided Pigtail

Step 1 Comb Your Hair Smoothly To Set The Style

First of all, make sure you are washing your hair, a fluffy and non-greasy hair can make your wig style last longer, greasy scalp is also very easy to make your wig quality deteriorate. Use a paddle comb to gently straighten your hair, then take out your hairspray and apply it evenly to your hands, applying it to your own hair in small amounts for a refreshing hold. Here we need to use the hairspray to comb back the hairline, combing the hair forward will be very frizzy, which is not desirable.

Step 2  Braid Hair

Estimate how thick your hair is, if it is thicker forehead hair I suggest you divide the two sides of the hair vertically into 4 parts, so that each braid is not too thick. If your hair is not very thick, you can directly divide it into two parts, you can choose to divide it from the middle, from the back can be. After you have divided the parts, if you only divide the two parts, then directly from behind the ears to start braiding the hair can be, the braiding technique is to use our most common twist braid, tie them into a braid, fixed with a hair band, and then you need to separate the two braids around the head. The two braids go around the front of the head, that is, upwards, one on the left side and one on the right side, and then fixed up with a bobby pin. If you have thicker hair and want to divide it into 4 braids, also first braid these four braids into two braids on the top and two on the bottom, and wrap the other braid at the back in the other direction, just below the first braid. Hold it with a bobby pin while you complete the front wrap, do not overlap the braids as this will create lumps. Be careful to weave as close to your scalp as possible during the braiding process, keeping most of your hair concentrated in the back.

Step 3  Wear Cap

Now that you have all your hair braided and secured, you need to take out your wig cap and pull it over your head, down to your face, and then back up until it meets your natural hairline. Then adjust the edges again, put your wig cap on, and use a comb to push any remaining stray hair underneath the cap. Apply hairspray to the temple area to help the hair stay in place.

Ⅲ.Cornrows--Fantasitc Way to Wear Wig Cap


This braid is even finer in comparison, cornrows are more suitable for people with very voluminous hair, those who feel that ordinary braids are not good enough to weave hair into wig caps can try cornrows.

Step 1 Divide Hair

Use a small comb to divide your hair into three main pieces, and then subdivide the three pieces into small rows. These three pieces must be evenly distributed, the amount of hair can not be too much or too little, preferably divided into the left, the right, and the middle.

Step 2  Make Cornrows

When you reach the bottom of the scalp, add the rest of the hair to the braid and secure your braid with a small hair tie.

Step 3 Wear Cap

Twist your braids together and wrap them around the back of your head near the root of your scalp, then take a large bobby pin to hold them in place. Then put on the wig cap.

Today's blog for you to introduce two simple and practical with wig cap trick, can first will be their own hair well fixed in the wig cap is the most basic thing we wear wigs, you must not be lazy if you love to become more beautiful, these two simple and easy to learn methods, you can quickly try them!

How do you hide long hair under a wig?

Usually, the best place to hide your hair under a wig is at the nape of your neck, and most wigs have a little extra stretch in this area to accommodate for it. If your hair is long enough, you can simply tie your hair in a bun and throw it under the wig cap, put on the wig and the wig will stretch around the bun.

Is a wig cap necessary?

To wear, or not to wear? That is the question. Wearing a wig cap is a completely personal preference. Wig caps act as protective barrier to a sensitive scalp and keep your wig comfortable and secure during everyday use.

Do wig caps damage your hair?

Stocking caps protect your hair under wigs and keep your hair flat so that the wig does not look bulky,but you need to take care of your hairline.

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