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Donmily Bob Straight Hair 150% Density 4*4 Lace Front Wig 100% Human Hair
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Try These New And Fabulous Brown Wigs in 2022

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Brown wigs have always been one of our most popular choices when it comes to wearing wigs. Not only does brown hair suit most faces and skin tones, but it is also a more natural choice for most people. The vast majority of people worldwide (more than three-quarters of the world's population) have dark brown or black hair. Lighter brown hair is the second most represented hair color, accounting for about 11% of the population. Meanwhile, blondes and redheads make up only 3% and 2% of the world's natural hair colors, respectively.

With fall right around the corner, brown human hair wigs are winning the hearts and minds of many people. While they may not look outstanding, there is no doubt that there is nothing more elegant and classic than a brown wig for the fall season. If you haven't tried human hair brown wigs yet, just scroll down the screen and take a look at those brown human hair wigs that will surely give you some inspiration.

Long Straight Blonde Brown Wigs

Long Straight Blonde Brown Wigs

Long Straight Blonde Brown Wigs is a lighter brunette color with some blonde tones. It is a rich and shiny shade that will add warmth and brightness to your hair. And what better color to try than light blonde brown hair color? This sun-kissed hue is perfect for warming up on cold winter days and looks especially beautiful when paired with loose, wavy hair.

Do you want to try this light blonde brown hair color? Try this light blonde brown wig for a more convincing look.

Light Ash brown straight wigs

Light Ash Brown Straight Wigs

As you know, light ash brown is a hair color that is a combination of silver, blonde and dirty brown tones. With the cool tones of light ash brown straight hair wigs, you will surely have a fresh and bright look right away. And the light ash brown hair color will look amazing on all skin tones. A gorgeous light ash brown wig can bring light to your look while adding a touch of warmth for a seriously amazing effect.

Of course, you can use this light ash brown lace wig to create a casual or formal style. For example, add some waves to your hairstyle and you'll soon be creating an elegant evening look.

Brown Balayage Wig

Brown Balayage Wig

Brown Balayage wigs apply a famous highlighting technique that can create an awesome natural and multi-tonal look on any hair. And the Brown Balayage Human Hair Wig features hand-painted, three-dimensional highlights on dark hair for a healthy, voluminous, and surprisingly low-maintenance look. And the subtle style and long wavy hair can give you the most natural look.

If you're inching towards a new hair color, why not consider purchasing a brown balayage wig for the upcoming fall season? Compared to other color wigs, human hair brown balayage wigs do not require you to spend much time and money to maintain it. Besides, it is suitable for any occasion such as wedding, party, date, graduation, etc.

Brown Lace Front Wig

Brown Lace Front Wig

Having light brown hair may not sound as exciting as a striking silver hair color or a blazing red. However, light brown hair color is considered a brunette hair color that is one shade lighter than medium brown and one shade darker than ash blonde. It is not too dark or too light, but just right.

More importantly, it is one of the most universal hair colors that can complement anyone and everyone. This means that no matter what your hair texture, texture, eye color or skin tone, this light brown wig is destined to look good. Pick one to prove how bold and vibrant light brown lace front wigs actually are.

Auburn Light Brown Wig

Auburn Light Brown Wig

During this autumn season filled with yellow and red leaves, let a deliciously rich russet shade bring your hair color to life. This chic russet hair color is not only versatile, but also extremely flattering on the majority of skin tones. Whether you're just starting out or have tried a few different looks, an ebony brown lace front wig is sure to be a hit.

Brown human hair wigs are made from 100 percent virgin human hair and can be colored, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled just like your own hair. Furthermore, the hand-tied wig cap can be customized to match your own hairline. The 13x4 lace parting space allows for a center or side parting.

Dark Brown Balayage Highlighted Jerry Curly Wig

Dark Brown Balayage Highlighted Jerry Curly Wig

We can clearly see that there are many softer and more natural highlights spread on top of the dark brown color. If you desire to have some summery feel in your hair, getting staggered highlights on your dark brown human hair wig is the best way to go. Once you have a dark brown curly wig, you will have a fresh and gorgeous look.

Another factor that many clients love about dark brown lace front wigs is how little maintenance it requires, and it gives you more time between salon visits! You can choose another color based on the dark brown lace front wig with the guidance of your hairstylist. Or you can ask your trusted hairstylist for some recommended products and some helpful tips that can help keep your dark brown hair color lasting, and then be sure to follow them.


This is a preference, not a must. All of the bundles will naturally taper if a customer purchases them all at the same length. An 18-inch installation, for instance, will hang differently at the nape of the neck than it does at the top of the head. It results in a natural taper. Buying pieces in staggered lengths (14,16,18 inch) will provide extra dimension and make creating a layered effect easier.


A weave needs about 2-3 inches of hair to be put effectively. For the stylist to finish the braids, it must be this length. For someone whose hair does not fit that description, a wig is the best solution. On shorter hair, full lace human hair wigs typically lie flatter and have a smoother install.


During the installation, your natural hair beneath is frequently hidden. If you have a conventional install, you can distribute hair oils and scalp nourishing products through each track. However, your hair is covered and safeguarded underneath till the hair is removed.

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