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Those Weave Hairstyles Ponytail You Didn't Know About

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An interesting thing, do you know what weave hairstyles ponytail? It's not just high ponytails and low ponytails. Today introducing those weave ponytail hairstyles you didn't know about.

weave ponytail hairstyles

Ⅰ. bubble weave ponytail Hairstyles

1. What is bubble weave ponytail hairstyles?

bubble ponytail with weave

Bubble ponytail is a ponytail that creates a sense of shape through layers of air bubbles. This hairstyle involves pulling the hair into a traditional ponytail. Then, use a hair elastic action to tie the length of the ponytail to create smaller rounded sections that look like bubbles (we'll look more at how to get the look below).

The bubble weave ponytail extends the length of the ponytail by weaving, but the shape of the ponytail also comes from creating smaller circular parts, like bubbles.

2. How to make bubble weave ponytail?

Step 1: Tie your own hair into a bun

This specific process can refer to my previous article, how to create a smooth weave ponytail with hair oil and straight clips. The purpose of creating a bun is to attach the weave ponytail you purchased to the bun. 

Step 2: Wrap your weave ponytail around the bun

This wrapping technique is therefore around the bun, and you need to keep both of them in the process. Also need to comb the suppleness of your ponytail.

Step 3: Prepare two or three headbands and tie them into bubble braids

The trick to creating a bubble braid is to start by tying the headband around the third of your ponytail. Then stretch up and down to "swell up" this part. Do the same for the remaining two-thirds, tie a headband every third and stretch upwards. The bubble braid is done.

Ⅱ. Braided Ponytail With Weave

braided ponytail with weave

1. What is a braided ponytail with weave?

Some refer to braided ponytail with weave as pig tail. Braided ponytail with weave is a new braid on the ponytail, but the material used is still weave ponytail. It's fun to install new braids on loose braids. But ponytails are just loose, while braids are tight and textured. Braided ponytail with weave is practical for everyday use.

2. How do you do a braided ponytail with weave?

Step 1: Create the new bun

Step 2: Install a new weave, and then weave

After you create a new ponytail, you can braid it and make different braids. The process of weaving can also follow the ordinary weaving process. You can watch a detailed tutorial in the video below.

Ⅲ. Curly Weave Ponytail

curly ponytail with weave

The curly weave ponytail will be more characterful and generally fluffy. Braided at the ponytail, it looks like curly hair. But it looks more organized than regular curls because it totally ties up the front hair.

Ⅳ. Sleek Low Ponytail With Weave

sleek weave ponytail

Sleek ponytail with weave is a relatively common ponytail shape, mainly infiltrating the hair with hair oil on the head part to make it smooth. Then tie the ponytail low. When ordinary stars attend events, they will choose this hairstyle, because it gives a very powerful and neat feeling.

V. half up half down weave Ponytail

half up half down weave ponytail

Half up half down weave ponytail is a half-up and half-down shape. This shape is often used by RIHANAN because the half-tie shape is very convenient. If the weave method is used, only half of the weave can be pasted, which saves time.

How long do weave ponytails last?

A sew in weave can last three to four months, but again, it all depends on how fast your natural hair grows.

Which hairstyle is best for hair growth?

10 Styles Cornrows. Cornrows are a popular and versatile protective hairstyle that can be worn on all hair types and lengths. ... Top Knot. The top knot bun is one of the easiest protective styles to achieve and can be styled in so many different ways. ... Bantu Knots. ... Box Braids. ... Crochet Braids. ... Senegalese Twists. ... Pineapple. ... Wig.

How many bundles do you need for a weave ponytail?

One bundle or pack of weave should be enough for a ponytail.

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