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The Natural Hair Of The Celebrities Under The Wigs And Extensions

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When celebrities walk the red carpet, their curls always look perfect. Probably because most people hide their real hair under wigs or add body with extensions. Kylie Jenner once tried to admit she made wigs a "thing",  but the star has been rocking fake hair for decades... in fact, seeing Beyoncé or Ariana Grande, you wouldn't have noticed it was so rare they taking their natural hair to the stage. 

There are many reasons why celebrities wear wigs. For most, they just want to change their hairstyle, and for others they want to add length and fullness to their actual locks.However, for some celebs, wigs protect their coronation. Celebrities are constantly curling, coloring, sweeping and straightening their hair, which puts a lot of strain on your strands and can damage them.This happened to Ariana. In 2014, she defended her signature ponytail with hair extensions to fans who wondered why she never wore real locks again.

Ariana Grande Reacts to Hearing “Positions” on “Gossip Girl” | Teen Vogue

This 24-year-old artist reveals she 'completely destroyed' her hair after having to dye it red for her role in Sam & Cat. "I wear extensions, but my actual hair is messy and when I wear it down it looks completely wobbly and comical, so I wear it in a ponytail," she wrote. Waiting forever for my natural hair to grow back and wearing more fake hair than all the drag queens on the planet combined is even more important to me. .. Ariana has been wearing extensions ever since, but what about other celebs? What do their manes look like under crazy wigs? Check out the gallery below to see what the star's actual hair looks like. See what it looks like.

KYLIE JENNER - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

Kylie Jenner Real Hair

The 20-year-old billionaire once attempted to gain recognition by "launching" a wig. Sure, she wears wigs often, but she's not the first. She decided to let her real hair breathe and showed off a short layered bob.

JENNIFER LOPEZ - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

Jennifer Lopez Real Hair

This may come as a shock, but Jennifer's real hair is actually pretty short and curly! She tends to blow it straight and add extensions for length and fullness.

BEYONCÉ - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

Beyonce Real Hair

It's rare to see a pop star with real hair.She wears wigs and looks almost 24/7.But in 2013, she sported a cute pixie cut. Her fans were confused and thought it was just a wig, but a hairstylist at the time confirmed it was her real hair.


Rihanna - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

Her pop singer is known for changing her appearance. Her hair varies in length and color. But under the fake hair, Rih-Rih's locks are cute and curly. "Under the wig and weave, the focus is on hair care and treatments," said her hairstylist Yusef Williams. You need to want to get away from it all, so taking care of your hair is really important.” A few years ago, she posted a tutorial on Instagram on how to bleach blonde hair.

LADY GAGA - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

Lady Gaga - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

The 31-year-old singer seems usually walks the red carpet in a long blonde wig, but she's naturally short and brunette. A few years ago, she posted a tutorial on Instagram on how to bleach her blonde hair. .

ARIANA GRANDE - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

Ariana Grande - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

"Dangerous Woman" singer once admitted that her hair was "itchy" and was so damaged that she hid it under her signature ponytail extensions. However, in 2015 she showed off her natural curly hair and looked pretty healthy to us.

ZENDAYA - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

Zendaya - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

The 21-year-old Disney star changes her hair up a lot, including wearing short wigs and other styles. However, she revealed her real naturally tousled tresses in 2017. "When you've spent the past however many years growing your damaged hair back, avoiding heat, wearing wigs and trying every natural product in the world and you finally see a little curl pattern comin back," she wrote on Instagram.

NICKI MINAJ - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

Nicky Minaj - Wearing Wigs and Natural Hair

The rapper's knee-length wig is iconic, and her real hair is just as long, but more understated. "No perms. No extensions," she captioned the above photo.

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