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Synthetic Wig Or Human Hair Wig, Which Is Better?

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Affordable, versatile styles, and any color you want. If you are ready to buy a wig you will also be attracted by such a synthetic wig advertising message. But is synthetic wig really as good as advertised? And what is the difference between human hair wig and synthetic wig on the market? Which wig is more worthy of our purchase? Your doubts will be answered one by one in this article.

Ⅰ.What is a synthetic wig?

As the name implies, synthetic wig are made of different materials of hair, these materials may be animal hair or acrylic or nylon such artificial fibers, after a series of chemical processing and treatment, synthetic wig have a similar appearance to real hair and very variable in color and shape. Compared to human hair wig, synthetic hair does not have keratin, it is usually made of acrylonitrile, acrylic and other materials. I do not know if you have ever noticed, in the once popular movie Suicide Squad, the character of Harry Quillen is wearing a synthetic wig. The main character's wig color is very diverse, and this is a major feature of synthetic wig: the color is very diverse.

synthetic wig

Ⅱ.What is a human hair wig?

Human hair wig is made of 100% human hair, which does not add any other hair or chemical products made of wigs. In recent years human hair wig are becoming more and more popular because it has a very natural appearance, and this wig in the use of a longer period of time, in general you just need to take care of human hair wig like your own hair can be, with some shampoo shampoo or conditioner, etc..

Ⅲ.What are the differences between synthetic wig and human hair wig

After the introduction of these two types of wigs we look at the differences between human hair wig and synthetic wig.

human hair wig

1.Synthetic wig and human hair wig have different materials

As we have just mentioned, synthetic wig and human hair wig are made of completely different materials. synthetic wig as much as possible with chemical products to synthesize the wig, such as polyethylene terephthalate PVC such chemical products, and the chemical materials used in the manufacture also determine the quality of synthetic wig and its similarity to real hair and realism. The material chosen for the human hair wig is human hair, and after getting the material these hairs are rinsed, smoothed, and finally sewn on top of the wig cap. Different materials determine the smoothness and duration of use of human hair wig and synthetic wig, synthetic wig are easier to knot and human hair wig are like our original hair, not easy to knot. human hair wig have a longer period of use, while many synthetic wig are disposable products, most of the synthetic wig are also relatively short period of use.

2.Synthetic wig is cheaper than human hair wig

From the point of view of cost, synthetic wig have an absolute advantage. Because the human hair wig is made of 100% human hair, it is itself used to the raw materials will determine that it must be more expensive, a good human hair wig will even have a high price. And synthetic wig are a series of chemical processes to make the materials used to take a lot cheaper, and even if you want to buy a long synthetic wig, it will not be very expensive.

3.The degree of influence by the weather

I don't know if you've noticed, but our own hair is actually very affected by the weather. For example, in a wet rainy day, our own hair will become more soft because of the wetness of the air, more often than not, the scalp will secrete some oil, so the human hair wig will become dry, wet, etc. because of changes in the weather and the wetness of the air. And synthetic wig are made of chemical products, and will not have such problems.

4.Synthetic wig and human hair wig have difference in caring

As we mentioned earlier, human hair wig requires you to take care of them in the same way you normally take care of your own hair, you need to use some hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, etc. In the best case you can buy a paddle comb to smooth out your human hair wig. As for synthetic wig, they never need to be styled. You just wash, dry, and shake them out, and they'll be back to their former shape. But this point we need to pay special attention to is that synthetic wig are very easy to knot, knotted wig will not have the smoothness of the previous, and over time we will not go with the wig.

5.Synthetic wig is more colorful than human hair wig

Synthetic wig have a colorful look for you to choose, the human hair wig choice is relatively single. However, synthetic wig do not allow us to bleach and dye the color we want, it can only be the color you purchased at the beginning, while human hair wig are easy to change the color, you can be guided to buy their own human hair wig float back into the desired color.

synthetic wig

Ⅳ.Synthetic wig or human hair wig, which one should I choose?

When it comes to choosing between the two, you may still be wavering as to which wig material you should choose. First you can consider the differences between human hair wig and synthetic wig as summarized above, but also consider the following questions to narrow your choice.

human hair wig

1.What is your reason for wearing a wig?

If unfortunately you are choosing to wear a wig because of a hair loss problem or other medical issue, your hair needs cycles to grow they won't grow as fast or the hair won't grow back up. Then you should choose a human hair wig for yourself because they are very realistic, you just need to spend some time to take care of it, and human hair wig last longer. If you just want to be trendy and want to create a different look, a synthetic wig is a better choice and its affordable price can save you money.

2.What is your budget when choosing synthetic wig and human hair wig?

If you are after a high quality wig, then you can budget a little more and purchase a human hair wig. If you have a smaller budget, you can still purchase the more affordable synthetic wig.

3.Do you style your synthetic wig or human hair wig often?

If you are a person who does not love monotony and seeks fashion versatility, then you can purchase a synthetic wig, or even buy a few more, with more options for different colors. If you are looking to buy a wig to use for daily wear, human hair wig would be a better choice. But now the human hair wig you can basically do some styling changes in the original, such as tying a high ponytail and so on or do a simple coiffure, if you need to change the color then you need to buy hair dye, will be more trouble.

In today's blog we explore and compare synthetic wig and human hair wig, and make analysis and suggestions for you on how to choose between the two, hopefully these real and useful methods will help you when choosing a wig! Donmily mall wigs are made of 100% human hair, has a very good plasticity ability, but also has a particularly good quality!

Is a real hair wig better than a synthetic wig?

This depends on what kind of effect you want or what you care about the wig. For example, the expected duration of use or styling needs, etc.

What are synthetic wigs made of?

Synthetic hair is made of nylon, polyester or acrylic which are heated and shaped to mimic the appearance of human hair and can be pre-styled so that the wig do not lose their "style".

How long does a human hair wig last?

With the proper care, human hair wigs tend to last more than a year when worn daily and up to three years when worn occasionally

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