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Short Shag Haircut Who Suits Best?

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A short shag haircut, a very cool style for girls has been popular since the beginning of summer because it is very cool and easy to style. What's more, it's perfect for your natural hair, which means it's a great way to style your hair on your natural hair. A soft, voluminous, and textured short shag haircut with accessories to enhance the overall look will be one of the hottest hairstyles this summer. If you're tired of wearing your hair long and find it too hot to wear in the summer and too much of a hassle to take care of it, making it a style that doesn't suit your native hair texture, then why not try changing it up!

short shag haircut
Ⅰ. What is short shag haircut?

This haircut was first created by Paul McGregor and is a traditional shag haircut with feathered layers on the top and sides, these sides give your hair a very full look and will create a more perfect head and face shape. This is a lifestyle haircut that is perfect for those who want their hair to be able to wake up and go out in a few minutes. In addition to showing the most natural and realistic texture, the short shag haircut is also low maintenance, meaning you don't have to take care of it much. By applying a little gel before you go out and using a hair dryer to make your hair more voluminous, your short shag haircut will accentuate the layers of your face and make you look more natural and good.

short shag haircut
Ⅱ. Who suit short shag haircut best?

People are tired of forcing their hair into shapes that don't really suit their texture, choosing instead to embrace their natural texture. short shag haircut is becoming popular because the cut is customizable and can be styled on a variety of hair lengths and textures. First of all, if you are a girl with naturally curly or coily hair, then the short shag haircut is the perfect cut for you because it looks so voluminous and will look very layered against the curly texture of your hair. For example, we know Taylor swift, as early as 17 years ago began to try this hairstyle, the beginning of the time Taylor has been creating country music later slowly try to change the style, short shag haircut in her body can reflect part of the personality and characteristics. Secondly, if you are a girl with wavy textured hair, then short shag haircut is also a great look for you because the action is already there and as long as you have a good haircut and texture, this haircut will be perfect for you. Finally, if you have the most basic straight hair, then there is absolutely no need to suspect that there is anything about this hairstyle that is not suitable for you, unless you have super curly or super fine hair, except for these two cases, short shag haircut works for almost anyone.

short shag haircut
Ⅲ. What should consider before cutting short shag haircut?

1. Hair texture

We have different ways of designing short shag haircut depending on the texture of the client, so our first consideration is the natural texture of the hair. As mentioned before if it is very curly hair or very fine hair, then it is not suitable for short shag haircut, if it is naturally straight, curly or wavy, then choosing a short shag haircut is ideal and most suitable. As well as cutting hair in wet and dry conditions, the effect that can be presented is also different. Generally, we choose to cut most of the hair in wet conditions and wait until the hair is dry to deal with the details, but for wavy hair, we prefer that you cut your hair in its natural state in order to really customize and cater to the texture so that it is easy to maintain and shape

2. Density

Density also has a very strong influence. Although we often say that short shag haircut is suitable for almost any density, many people are always confused between fine hair and thin hair, the two concepts sound so familiar. But they definitely don't mean the same thing. We would never recommend a girl with thin hair to create a short shag haircut, because we need to cut the hair more layered, and if the hair is too thin it won't create the desired layered look.

short shag haircut
3. Length

Finally, we need to determine the length you want your hair to be, you need to double-check with your hair stylist the length of the haircut, starting from the hair under the occipital bone and pulling this part of the hair to 90 degrees. Cut your hair to the length you want and determine your girth. A proper length will make your short shag haircut look better for you.

Are shags good for fine hair?

“Shag cuts can work on nearly any hair texture or type,” adds founder of Maggie Rose Salon and haircare brand Naturally Drenched Jamila Powell. “[They] can elevate thin hair because they will give the appearance of fuller, more volumized hair, especially if you ask for blunt ends.”

Are shags in Style 2022?

The Shoulder-Length Shag However, while the cut is still going strong in 2022, expect shoulder-length takes, often with bangs (think Kaia Gerber's new shag or Miley Cyrus's signature cut) to reign supreme.

Do shags look good on round faces?

Thanks to the heavy layers, the shag cut is perfect for framing a round face. The layers tend to cover the cheeks and flaunt the lower half of your face. Check out the most popular styles of shag cut that are suitable for a round face!

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    End Times Rapture Generation
    Yeaaaaa it worked and is nice and even!!! Thank you ❤
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    Megan Davis
    I love this. I tried it and it turned out great.
  • Marla Bennett
    Marla Bennett
    I thought you did a great job explaining what you were doing
  • mimii3000
    couldn't see or hear very well but it was simple and fast and a shag!
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