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Sandy Blonde Hair Inspiration: How Gigi Hadid is Revolutionizing Hair Trends

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What hair color is more suitable for summer than blonde? With a hint of warmth but also the ivory color to convey a refreshing feeling, like being kissed by the sun - sandy blonde hair, among much blonde hair stands out and has become the favorite of Gigi Hadid and other actresses. Want to find a different hair color for your summer? Let sandy blonde hair color make you stand out.

1. What does sandy blonde hair look like?

sandy blonde hair look like
With rich beige shades and cool blonde hair, sandy blonde hair combines warmth and coolness. Under the sun, sandy blonde hair color is like the fine sand on the beach in California, shining with golden light and brightly in the sun. Sandy blonde hair has a wonderful depth and dimension of hair color, and the beige blonde color makes it more suitable for people with light pupils and a medium skin tone.

2. Sandy blonde hair ideas

2.1 Casual sandy blonde dark roots hair color

Casual sandy blonde dark roots hair color
It is no longer the trend to dye the whole hair the same color and deliberately avoid dark roots. Nowadays, no one will deliberately hide their dark roots, so please try the perfect blend of sandy blonde and dark roots. The casual hairstyle makes the whole look have a lazy charm and can exude endless attraction without even thinking about it. The choice of dark roots can be a few shades of brown darker than sandy hair color, or you can try black, depending on your preference.

2.2 Light sandy blonde shoulder length short hair

Light sandy blonde shoulder length short hair
The light sandy blonde color will bring out more coolness and a little less warmth. Shoulder length can also keep you cool in the summer; whether you wear your hair down or tie it up, this length of hair is highly recommended. You can choose a side parting according to your face shape so that the hair can modify the face shape. But it would be best if you were reminded that the light sandy blonde color requires a lot of bleaching to achieve, damaging the hair.

2.3 Wavy curls, sandy blonde hair

Wavy curls, sandy blonde hair
Wavy curls give you a flawless curl because the slight curl reflects the shine of the light on your hair, making you look like a starlet in the spotlight. It's hard to resist such a legendary color with endless possibilities, and you can make your hair more layered by adding highlights.

2.4 Sandy blonde curtain bangs hair

Sandy blonde curtain bangs hair
What hairstyles can make your facial contours instantly gentle? What hairstyle can modify your face shape and make you lovely? The answer is a look with bangs. But sandy blonde hair and bangs look far from matching with curtain bangs. A slight outward curve at the jawline makes a face look more delicate and can add a fashionable look to you.

2.5 Sandy hair color updo

Sandy hair color updo
Many people don't want to wear their hair all the time, and although wearing it is the most comprehensive way to show off sandy blonde hair, this hair color is also perfect for achieving various tied-up hairstyles. Especially if you have dark roots and sandy blonde hair, you look beautiful like a supermodel.

2.6 Bohemian long hair with sandy blonde color

Bohemian long hair with sandy blonde color
When I see this hairstyle, I already think of the beach, long dresses, and sunshine, bohemian style comes to the fore. This is more suitable for girls with long hair; at the end of the hair, permed with big waves of curls, you can have some bangs to modify the face slightly. It goes well with the halter dress and exaggerated earrings! The most important thing is that you should try it out.

3. How to maintain sandy blonde hair?

The most likely thing to happen to beige and blonde hair is yellowing and fading, fading is a problem that every kind of colored hair is difficult to avoid; follow the appropriate method of hair care and scientific maintenance of your sandy blonde hair color.

3.1 Color care shampoo

Color care shampoo
Sandy hair with only the best after-color care. Make sure the shade stays fresh with one of the lock shampoos that will keep your hair smooth and shiny while clearing the fading free radicals. Color conditioning shampoos are very important; do not use shampoos that cleanse too strongly. The sulfate content in them can destroy the color composition of your hair.

3.2 Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation
Nothing makes hair fade more than blow-drying and heat styling. However, you don't need to throw away the curling iron if you have Sandy blonde hair. Use a heat protection spray to save your hair from the damage caused by heat-styling instruments.

4. Conclusion

Will you try sandy blonde hair before summer arrives? We look forward to you sharing your new hair color!

What is sandy blonde hair color?

A sandy blonde hair color is a rich beige-toned shade of blonde that's blended between warm and cool tones. Sparkling like champagne, it's known to give tresses amazing natural depth! Plus, this subtle hue looks the best on fair to medium skin complexions and light-colored eyes

What color hair is sandy hair?

Sandy brown hair is a light brown hair color that's a mix of brown and blonde. Another inspirational version of bronde, this cool and neutral brown hue is blowing up into this year's top color charts! Just remember to speak with your hair colorist or stylist about maintenance!

What is the prettiest hair color?

Researchers from the College of Natural and Health Sciences for the University of Tampa sought to find out which hair color was deemed as most attractive for both men and women, publishing their findings in a 2018 Florida Scientist study.

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