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Knotless Braids Styles And Box Braids What Are The Differences?

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We often say that a hairstyle is the most distinctive sign of a person and is the key to making a first impression, but a hairstyle is an ancient and distinctive sign of existence that can also represent the culture and characteristics of a people. In the African-American culture, box braids are a typical representative of the ethnicity, a hairstyle that has been created and improved by people throughout the ages, for the hot and dry weather and for the beautiful and stylish appearance. Recently, a popular protective hairstyle, the knotless braids style, has almost replaced the traditional box braids with this stylish and versatile style and has attracted countless girls who want to try this hairstyle.

Ⅰ. What are box braids?

box braidsBox braids are a popular style of hair weave among Africans and the African diaspora, and have long been seen as a style that can be maintained and worn for a long time because it provides a degree of protection for your scalp and hair. box braids take longer to install but can last as long as six months or a year, so the time spent weaving box braids is exactly the same as the time spent using them. and the length of time it takes to use them is totally worth it. Many African American girls choose box braids because they help to add natural thickness and protection to the girl's native hair. box braids also come in different weaving styles and styles. In terms of ethnicity, some ancient ethnic groups add shells, jewels, etc. to box braids to give the hair style a different definition, many symbolizing wealth or power, in short, box braids are a very ethnic and stylized hair style.

Ⅱ. What are knotless braids styles?

knotless braids
In fact, it is very simple, knotless braids styles are a variation of box braids, which can be said to be an improved version. Unlike box braids, which do not include knots at the root of the scalp, these styles are created using a feed-in technique: the hair is divided into small pieces and woven into one's natural hair so that the braid lies flat and is not so heavy on the scalp. Knotless braids styles are great for anyone who wants to rock a full head of box braids without putting pressure on the scalp and edges.

Ⅲ. Differences between knotless braids and box braids

Many girls think that these two hairstyles have a very similar look and therefore classify them as the same hairstyle, but fundamentally, knotless braids are a variation of box braids. The kanekalon is used to add length to the native hair in this area. This will give your hair a smoother look. Girls nowadays prefer knotless braids because they are lighter and less bulky than traditional box braids, so they can be worn in many different styles.

knotless braids
Ⅳ. Will knotless braids damage your hair?

Any hair style that is not properly installed can actually cause damage to your scalp and native hair, and improper care can also cause damage to your hair. Especially for this kind of braids, you need to be more careful, because if you use more force, it is likely to tear your hair. One of the steps we must do to make the braids last is to pull the hair very tightly to ensure that the natural hair and the synthetic braids are properly secured together. Ever seen someone wear a box braid and literally see the havoc it wreaks on the scalp? Pulled too hard and ended up ruining their edges? But knotless braids are a bit gentler and don't cause such severe damage.

knotless braids
Ⅴ. How long will knotless braids last?

This question will always bother girls who want to make a difference to their appearance in a short time with knotless braids. We can't conclude this question in a single way because there are multiple factors to consider, such as the texture of your native hair, how you care for your knotless braids, and the length and thickness of your knotless braids. For finer hair with more compact natural curls, knotless braids can last longer, maintaining a better shape for 3-4 months. However, for finer and softer hair, knotless braids will last less time, around 1-2 months. Of course, size is also a very important factor, and if you're looking for something that will last a while, then the smaller the better. Larger knotless braids will inevitably last shorter than smaller ones.

knotless braids

Of course, if you don't want to take your own native hair for the braiding process, then try buying a better quality wig and try to weave the knotless braids you want yourself at home!

What is the difference between box braids and knotless box braids?

Unlike box braids where a knot is used to tightly secure the braid to your hair, in knotless braids, the stylist uses your own hair to start the braid and gradually feeds in the braiding hair as they move along.

Which lasts longer box braids or knotless?

On average, you can expect your knotless box braids to last up to 6 weeks, which is two weeks less than traditional box braids. They don't last as long because there's not much extension hair at the roots of the braids, so that hair frizzes quickly.

Why are knotless braids better than box braids?

"Knotless braids are definitely a better option because [they put] less stress and tension on the hair and scalp," says Williams. "Braids can still be heavy if too much hair is used in the extension," she adds. But, she notes that when the technique is done correctly, you can help prevent traction alopecia.

  • Youlandra Brown
    Youlandra Brown
    Thanks for making this so detailed and easy to follow we appreciate you
  • gottaluvmsb
    Thank you girl!! I've been trying to figure this out forever. You are a lifesaver. Take care
  • O'Makes
    thanks for the tutorial, im a dad of a 9yrs old and mom just had surgery so dad gotta learn new style of hair
  • Tammany Phillips
    Tammany Phillips
    I’ve been doing traditional box braids since I was 13 ready to start teaching myself how to do knotless . This is a great tutorial and it looks really simple ! Excited to try this .
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