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You Look Like a Monster If You Choose a Good Hair Color But With The Wrong Eyebrow Color

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The frequency of updating selfies of Korean star Choi Shirley, who recently dyed her hair "pink", is really a bit high.

The freckle makeup, "pearl ram's horn" hairstyle, all have been tried once! Really a little unintelligible ......

Hair color and eyebrow color

The modeling is very first, but the flickering, color-changing eyebrows caught the author's attention ...... (are the green eyebrows on the right serious?)

Hair color and eyebrow color

This group of selfies is even more exaggerated, the eyebrows simply "invisible" down the line, looks like an elf from an alien planet.

Hair color and eyebrow color

It turns out that the most important part of destroying the entire makeup is the eyebrows!

The same makeup, the shade of the eyebrow color, the choice of color, the final presentation is a completely different face ah. The same makeup, the shade of the color, the choice of the final presentation is completely different face. Look at the return to normal eyebrow color, her face is also back online.

Hair color and eyebrow color

A lot of people who have dyed light-colored hair should have experienced that if the eyebrow color is chosen wrong, then the delicate makeup feels odd. For example, the girl who just dyed a head of gray-purple, two black eyebrows "kill" a lot of power.

light hair with deep color eyeblow

If you change your eyebrow color to match your hair color, it will be much more natural, right?

Hair color and eyebrow color

Generally speaking, the most important reference for eyebrow color is hair color, and of course, your own skin tone and even the color of your contacts.

Today, we will talk about how to choose the right eyebrow color according to your actual situation, to add points to your face.

You Look Like a Monster If You Choose a Good Hair Color But With The Wrong Eyebrow Color

A general principle is: eyebrow color and hair color is best to choose the same color, the depth of the degree of difference should not be too much, generally eyebrow color than the hair color dark or light one to two shades are okay, so that the overall look will not be abrupt.

Matched With Different Brow Colors To Give a Better Effect with Different Hair Colors

The following four mainstream hair coloring, to talk about how to choose the corresponding eyebrow color.

PART1: Eyebrow Color For Brown Hair 

The brown system should be the most common choice in hair coloring, both safe and easy to show skin white, suitable for most girls.

So in the eyebrow color, the choice of space is also relatively large. You can adjust the eyebrow color according to the shade of brown hair.

Hair color and eyebrow color

For example, the hair color is dark brown or chestnut brown, the tone in the medium heavy, eyebrow color can choose the same as the hair dark brown, chestnut or slightly lighter one flaxen color system is safe, the temperament will be very good.

If the hair color is golden brown or light brown, then the eyebrow color is best to choose a flaxen color darker than the hair color.

Note that when the hair color and eyebrow color are lighter, if you want the eye makeup part to be more coordinated, it is best to wear the same color contacts to keep the hair color, eyebrow color and pupil color in the same color.

PART2: Eyebrow Color For Black Hair Color

Black hair has a strong retro and youthful feeling, suitable for the girls who have a fresh temperament. Black hair of Ishihara Satomi, more suitable for her than brown, black is more fresh and uncomplicated.

There is another kind of natural black hair, that is, natural without perm and dye hair color. No matter what kind of black, if the eyebrow color is also the same choice of black, it will look very stiff.

Hair color and eyebrow color

Likewise, the eyebrow color is too light is not desirable, the face will look incongruous and strange. So black hair color is recommended to choose dark brown, dark gray, gray-brown eyebrow powder.

Eyebrow color affects the temperament will also be different, brown system on the soft natural, while the gray system with a sense of English and retro, you can choose according to their makeup and wear.

PART3: Eyebrow Color For Purple / Red Hair Color

I once had a phase on the fascination of red purple hair, many stars such as Rihanna, a red hair, so beautiful, so aura.

The woman who dyed red hair, usually a little mature model, then the eyebrow color can also be a little more open. But pure red eyebrows are not so suitable to appear alone. We can mix red with coffee brown, or just choose a red-brown eyebrow powder.

Hair color and eyebrow color

With red/purple eye makeup and false eyelashes, the European and American model will be stronger and the look more three-dimensional.

PART4: Eyebrow Color For Light blonde hair color

After the rise of bleaching and dyeing trend, many ladies have changed to a high-profile fashion light-colored hair.

If you want this hair color to look less "secondary", you need to put some thought into your makeup. For example, Shirley this light pink hair, too light eyebrow color will make people look sickly, haggard.

Hair color and eyebrow color

The more appropriate eyebrow color is to choose one or two shades darker than the hair color, with the right eye makeup, people will look a lot of spirit.

Hair color and eyebrow color

If you have light blonde and light yellow hair, it is most taboo to have two dark and thick eyebrows, remember to choose light brown to match your hair color.

The Effect of Skin Tone on the Choice of Eyebrow Color

In addition to the hair color mentioned above, skin tone will of course also have an effect on the choice of eyebrow color.

1. Eyebrow Color For Lighter Skin Tone Shades

Basically, fairer skin tones have the least restriction on the choice of hair and eyebrow color. Brown and light brown shades will make the eyes more luminous. And too light an eyebrow color will make the face look a bit miserable, with a marked contrast between left and right.

Hair color and eyebrow color

2. Eyebrow Color For Neutral Skin Tones

Asian girls are mostly yellow-skinned, but combined with foundation, BB after the makeup can be classified as yellow a white or yellow two white skin, this kind of girls for the eyebrow color selection is also quite wide.

Hair color and eyebrow color

Combined with the aforementioned hair color, you can choose a lighter than hair color eyebrow color, so that the makeup is more clean and elegant with a sense of texture.

3. Eyebrow Color For The Black And Yellow skin, or Darker Skin Tone.

If the skin is darker and more yellow, then hair and eyebrow color can be considered to choose dark brown or other dark colors.

Hair color and eyebrow color

This is because if you choose a lighter shade, it will enhance the contrast and make your skin appear darker. A darker eyebrow color, on the other hand, can reduce this sense of difference and make the makeup look more natural and flattering.

4. Eyebrow Color For Reddish Complexion

Many sensitive skin will be congested with red blood, making the face reddish. This skin tone looks more rosy and lovely, but hair and eyebrow color will also have limitations.

For example, try not to choose warm tones of red-brown and so on, it is recommended to try cooler tones of bitter linen, golden gray color and so on, to do a reconciliation.

Eyebrow Coloring Products Choosing

Well, clear your hair color should match what color eyebrows, the following additional introduction to the eyebrow products.

1. Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencil is the most basic tool for drawing eyebrows, but also divided into round, pointed and flat head.

The function is also different, the round head is used to outline the shape of the eyebrows and fill; the tip is used to draw the root of the eyebrows or draw the end of the detailed part of the eyebrows; and the flat head is the most functional, can be used to describe the shape of the eyebrows, and at another angle can fill, very suitable for newcomers.

Hair color and eyebrow color

Typical of Shu Uemura's "Machete Eyebrow Pencil", everyone has one in hand, right?

However, the pencil has a limited ability to change the color of the eyebrows, so if you're not careful, you can overdo it and draw a very "dramatic" effect.

2. Eyebrow powder

If you like natural makeup, you should be familiar with eyebrow powder.

It is generally used to fill the eyebrow shape and coloring, can create a soft foggy eyebrow effect, eyebrows look more natural, and makeup fit is also very high.

Hair color and eyebrow color

But for those who have a detailed pursuit of eyebrow shape is not very suitable, and if the color of the powder and eyebrow pencil do not match, the sense of conflict is also quite strong.

3. Eyebrow Gel

The same function as an eyebrow pencil, but better than an eyebrow pencil at filling in color. Many bloggers use eyebrow gel to apply makeup quickly, and it's especially good for creating an exaggerated European and American look.

Hair color and eyebrow color

But I do not recommend the challenge of drawing eyebrows newbie eyebrow gel products, because the technique requires high, an accidental drawing off is not easy to change it.

4. Eyebrow Tinting Cream

If you want to match your hair color with your eyebrow color, eyebrow dye is a good choice.

It can shape the eyebrows and basically cover up the original eyebrow color, the makeup looks clean and coordinated, and the longevity is the strongest of all kinds of eyebrow products.

Hair color and eyebrow color

But the eyebrow dye is more irritating, I once used a Japanese product, the eyebrow part of the skin allergic. So babies with sensitive skin should still be careful to choose products that are not irritating.

Of course, there is another option is to dye your hair, directly dye your eyebrows together ...... but the author does not recommend doing so, the ingredients of hair dye creams are usually significantly different from hair dyes, the irritation to the skin and quite different


Today's tutorial is shared here, I do not know if it is detailed enough to have some reference for you? I wonder if it has provided you with a little new inspiration? If you think it's useful, remember to like and share it!

Is there a hair color for eyebrows?

You can use the same color as your hair if your hair and your eyebrows match. Otherwise, you should match the color of the natural brow. Editor's tip: You can use a regular at-home hair dye, like L'Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color, or Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme.

Should eyebrows be darker or lighter?

YOUR BROWS SHOULD BE DARKER We hate to break it to you, but if you thought that your brows should perfectly match your hair, you might want to think again. In fact, your eyebrows should actually be darker than your hair color—unless your tresses are pitch black. This is what looks the most natural.

Does hair color match eyebrow color?

We hate to break it to you, but if you thought that your brows should perfectly match your hair, you might want to think again. In fact, your eyebrows should actually be darker than your hair color—unless your tresses are pitch black. This is what looks the most natural.

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