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How To Make A Sleek Ponytail Without Any Tricks?

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Are you always complaining that your ponytail is not smooth enough? Are you looking for a zero-skill way to create a sleek ponytail? Creating a sleek ponytail really only takes a few steps. 

sleek ponytail

Ⅰ. What is a sleek ponytail?

Sleek ponytail, as it literally means, this ponytail emphasizes smoothness and smoothness. It will look silky from a certain angle, revealing a sense of light. It does not absolutely emphasize the height of the ponytail.

sleek ponytail

Ⅱ. Sleek ponytail is popular

Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Selena Gomez have all tried sleek ponytail.

Kim Kardashian and sleek ponytail

sleek ponytail

Selena Gomez and sleek ponytail

sleek ponytail

Ⅲ. How to make a sleek ponytail without any tricks?

Although the ponytail is a relatively simple shape, it is also a hairstyle that people will create in their daily lives. But a sleek ponytail is also a tough look.

sleek ponytail

1. Comb your hair and keep it smooth

Knotted hair is not ideal for creating a sleek ponytail. What we have to do is keep the hair moist. You can keep your hair smooth with essential oils and conditioners. Or lightly dampen your hair so it doesn't look too dry.

sleek ponytail

2. Use hair straighteners to straighten your hair

This process still does not require any skills, it can be said that as long as you have hands. Because all you need to do is straighten the straightener from top to bottom in the direction of your hair. Be careful not to burn yourself hair.

The straighter and smoother it is, the better it will help us create a sleek ponytail. If you have a lot of hair, you can layer the hair a little to facilitate the operation.

3. Tie the ponytail with a hair tie or rope

sleek ponytail

Everyday ponytail I think everyone can operate it. All you need to do is put the headband on your hands, gather the hair together, and put the headband on. As for the height of the ponytail, you can do it according to your preference. The thing to note here is that your sleek ponytail needs to be tight, not loose. Because the smooth ponytail emphasizes the tightness of the bundle. In this way, the neatness of the shape can be more reflected.

4. Dip some water on the comb to comb the broken hair

The sleek ponytail is adjusted flat. But in practice, our ponytails often have broken hair, which greatly affects the actual styling of your smooth ponytail. You can pick up a comb and brush your broken hair straight up. If you feel it is very unstable, you can use a clip to fix it again.

5. Use hairspray or styling products to style

Hairspray, wax, or other products have a firming effect, while many styling products enhance the smoothness and smoothness of hair. So be sure to apply styling products in the final step. Such a sleek ponytail is successful. The whole process does not require too many skills, or even zero skills.

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