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How to Make a Dark Roots Wig at Home?

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Do you keep up with the latest fashion? Or, perhaps more importantly, what is the current-outmoded fashion? If so, you are aware of how volatile fashion can be. Certain styles can go from being unpopular to being coveted "must haves." Consider the dark roots hairstyle. Previously, if your light-colored hair developed dark roots, it was a sign that your hair color needed to be changed. The combination of dark roots and light hair is now an iconic and popular hairstyle. Today we'll look at dark root wigs, and if you're unfamiliar with them, that's fine. We'll go over root wigs in detail.

dark root wigs

Three Good Reasons to Wear a Dark Root Wig

1. To give depth.

Root wigs are extremely versatile. To add dimension to your look, contrast darker roots with lighter hair. The color difference is entirely up to you and can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like.

2. Maintain a natural appearance.

Another advantage of wearing a wig with dark roots is the natural appearance provided by the darker shade of the roots. This realistic appearance is available in both human hair and synthetic wigs.

3. Strive for a fashionable appearance.

A more dramatic approach to dark roots wigs, on the other hand, is welcome and even encouraged. The dramatic difference in contrasting colors can draw attention to your features and create a more flattering overall appearance. Contrasting colors create a striking, eye-catching look that is right on trend.

Color Variations in Wig Roots

Color Variations in Wig Roots

Dark roots on blonde wigs

Dark roots with blonde locks are the most popular color combination for wigs at the roots. This style creates a striking, overall signature look with the great contrast of dark roots and light, vibrant blonde hair. However, not all dark root blonde wigs create a bold appearance, and many have a more subtle gradient effect that is simply stunning.

The colors of other root wigs

However, wigs with dark roots are available in a variety of other colors. As you delve deeper into root styles, you will discover root colors such as red, brown, gray, and even iridescent. There is a root wig for every color you can think of!

what are the different types of wigs that have roots?

What are the different types of wigs that have roots?

Roots can be added to any type of wig, from full wigs to toppers, monofilaments to classic caps. Root options are available in both synthetic and human hair wigs. Seriously, the possibilities for root styles are limitless.

Are dark root wigs more expensive?

Dark roots wigs with roots are usually slightly more expensive than wigs without roots. The process of creating and coloring a two-tone look takes more time. The price difference is determined by the material of the hair strands, with colors for wigs with roots costing $5 to $50 more than colors for standard wigs.

How can I add natural-looking hair roots to my wig at home?

How can I add natural-looking hair roots to my wig at home?

Step 1: Separate your hair into sections.

To divide the wig along the weft, use the pointed end of the wig comb. Clip up all the remaining hair when you have a starting part at the bottom of the wig.

Step 2: Color the wefted hair.

Begin coloring the hair sections with the tip of the pen. They can be as long or as short as you like (two inches long would be better). Simply color the entire weft.

Step 3: Add the alcohol.

Blend the edges of the roots with the Q-tip and the alcohol. The alcohol on the Q-tip will allow you to slightly manipulate your dye. This step will bring the Sharpie color down and blur the line between the Sharpie and the wig color.

Step 4: Highlight the top of the head.

The weft lines are then colored one by one, beginning at the bottom and working your way up until you have completed coloring each weft line on the entire wig. When you get to the top of the hat, you can't use the weft system anymore. You can now separate the thin layers and continue coloring.

Step 5: Comb through your hair.

You'll love the way these roots look on the wig once you've finished coloring everything. You can see the roots all the way through the wig as you comb through it.

Step 6Waiting for hair to be dyed

Once the hair has been dyed, wrap it in a bag or towel and set it aside to speed up the process and ensure that all of the dye has been absorbed. In a separate bowl, combine the conditioner and apply it to your hair. The conditioner will add shine and gloss to your hair, making it appear natural and healthy.

Step 7Rinse your hair

Finally, rinse the wig out of your hair with shampoo and conditioner, and you're done!

Watch this video to learn how to get dark roots quickly and easily.

What is a dark roots wig?

The best news for wigs is that rooted colors are the most effective way to achieve the most natural look from your wig and topper. Rooted Color is the technique of beginning with a darker root and gradually blending out into a lighter tone or color until the ends are reached.

Why do wigs have dark roots?

Aside from appearance, blondes have more rooted hair because it is safer to leave your roots free of bleach and other chemicals required to go fully blonde.

How can I make my dark roots look better?

"The best way to truly conceal roots is to increase movement and volume." Grab a tongs or a straightening iron—anything that can be used to create loose waves. "When you're finished, shake it all out and apply texture spray," he says. If you're still unhappy, the key is the parting.

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