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How To Get Beyonce Inspired Caramel Honey Blonde Hair?

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Spring is here and it's time to pick a new hair color that is warm and not too monotonous. It is likely to become your new spring hair color of choice! Here's how to get Beyonce inspired caramel honey blonde hair.

caramel honey blonde hair1. What color is caramel honey blonde hair?

What color is caramel honey blonde hair
Before you know how to get the perfect new hair color you need to understand what kind of color caramel honey blonde really is. It is not a single shade but a base color with different levels and depths of shades added to it. It can be a dark brown mixed with bright gold or a dark caramel mixed with a lighter shade of balayage. in short, there are many options for the color of honey caramel blonde hair, but the overall impression is that of caramel, warm and bright, a perfect color for spring.

2. Tutorial to get Beyonce inspired caramel honey blonde hair

Tutorial to get Beyonce inspired caramel honey blonde hair
The following will introduce you to the use of wigs based on hair coloring to get a perfect caramel honey blonde hair color so that you can take full advantage of the purchase of 613 blonde wigs can also reduce the damage to the original hair coloring. It's worth mentioning that if you are demanding a presentation, find a reliable stylist who will take your look, face shape, and skin tone into full consideration in the hair color design. For your own DIY at home, you can follow the detailed steps below to try it out.

Step 1 Deals with the hairline

Deals with the hairline
Place the wig on the wig stand, use a paddle comb to smooth the hair, and then spray the front part of the hair with a spray can to wet some, use a small comb to part the hairline you want. In this step you can use a small pair of scissors to cut off any hair you feel is too long, leaving you with perfect baby hair.

Step 2 Make up the color

Make up the color
Place the dye and developer you have prepared in a mixing bowl, mix thoroughly, and then remember to put on gloves before applying the color to your hair. Before this, you need to pay attention to the thing to consider before dyeing the base color will also make the lace part of the wig also colored, so if you do not want the lace also colored, you can consider applying Vaseline on the lace part, can form a protective barrier.

Step 3 Coloring

Start coloring from the bottom of the hair, the rest of the hair with a small clip-up, and use a small brush dipped in hair coloring cream evenly brushed on the wig, after the application is complete you can use a layer of plastic wrap to wrap the hair. Finally, wait for the hair to stand for about 45 minutes before washing, you can use purple shampoo to wash off the Vaseline on the lace as well.

Step 4 Applying the wig

Applying the wig
After blow-drying the wig, you can use a straightener to straighten the hair, then wear the wig on your head to cut the lace and glue the lace to the edge of the hairline. After treating the edges of the lace you can feel free to design any look you want, using heat styling work for straight or curly hair. After styling, don't forget to apply a coat of styling spray.

3. How to care for caramel honey blonde hair?

care tips for caramel honey blonde hair

Caramel honey blonde hair has a very warm base shade, but a common problem with warm shades is that the hair will develop brassiness over time, so it needs to be taken care of with the right care method

3.1 Choose the right wash and care products

Choose the right wash and care productsIn order to keep your caramel honey blonde hair as long as possible, you need to choose purple shampoos that can resist brassiness. When you wash your hair, they will deposit blue-violet pigments to neutralize the brassy tones so you can enjoy your hair brightening for a longer period of time.

3.2 Touch-up treatment

Touch-up treatment

If you are dyeing caramel honey blonde color on your own native hair, it is recommended that you visit a salon every 6-8 weeks after the coloring is done for a color fill-in to keep your hair color at its best. And you can leave your hair to your hairdresser to do some necessary treatments for your hair.

4. Conclusion

Ready to try Beyonce inspired caramel honey blonde hair? Let such a warm color accompany you this spring!

Is honey blonde same as golden blonde?

While golden blonde and honey are similar hues, honey blonde hair color features more red and brown undertones to make it rich-looking and multidimensional.

What is caramel blonde hair color?

Caramel blonde comes in a variety of shades. It can be light, bright and golden, or a darker, more autumnal shade. Think about the different grades of maple syrup, and you'll understand the varying golden shades of caramel blonde.

What skin tone suits honey blonde hair?

This warm and shiny blonde hair color is beautiful on medium skin tones with darker eye colors such as brown or black. It also serves as a beautiful base for golden blonde or butter blonde highlights.

  • mariannegrey3195
    For not being a hairstylist you did a beautiful job!
  • teamnicki1410
    This color is so bomb.
  • blankedidentity
    Thank you ! Looks gorgeous ! I found my birthday wig now ! I’ll update you with my results!
  •  marciamorais2290
    The caramel blonde compliments your skin tone and it’s so gorgeous
  • natachadealvezofficial
    Sis NEVER disappoints with the hair tutorials
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