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How To Clean Lace Wig?

This entry was posted in Wig Tips By Oliver Lam

Lace wigs are simple to remove while on your head, but once removed, they will require some gentle, loving care to restore them to like-new condition.

Clean lace wig may be done in five simple steps.
This will assist you to remove lace glue, adhesive, or other bonding agents from both the lace wig bases and the hair.

Note: If your wig is composed of silicone or has silicone pieces in it, do not follow these steps.

Items required:

Adhesive Remover (such as C22 Citrus Solvent)
Mild Shampoo (such as any wig shampoo)
Hand Dish Washing Liquid
Plastic/Metal Container
Toilet Paper
Measuring spoons, teaspoon

Step One: Remove lace glue

remove lace glue

Remove the tape, starting with the polyurethane sections of your lace wig. To begin peeling the tape, carefully scrape up the edge with your fingernail.

Warning: Do not peel or remove lace glue from the lace areas of the wig; else, the wig may be damaged.

Quick Suggestion: Having trouble remove lace glue? Before pulling off your clear lace wig, immerse it in the glue remover (step 2) for several hours. If you moisten it first, a piece of toilet paper will help you gain a better grip on the glue, which may be slick.

Step Two: Place the clear lace wig in a plastic or stainless steel container and soak it

How To Clean Lace Wig

Depending on the style of lace wig and glue you're using, soak timeframes might range from 20 minutes to 24 hours.

Quick Tip: If you have glue on the lace portions of your clear lace wig, it should naturally release and float to the top of the solvent after around 5-30 minutes of soaking. (If you're using a higher tack tape, you may need to alter the soak time.) Remove lace glue from the container as they come loose.

Step Three: Clean lace wig

clean lace wig

Take your clear lace wig out of the solution and place it face up in a sink (the hair will be on the bottom). To clean the lace areas, gently brush the swollen adhesive residue with a finger nail brush to loosen and break it free.

Quick Tip: To clean the skin areas, use a teaspoon by scraping any excess residue off with gentle, short vertical strokes. Place your wig back into the solvent-filled container for 2-3 minutes after you've removed the most of the extra residue.

Step Four: Rinse your clear lace wig thoroughly

clean lace wig

Return your clear lace wig to the sink from the solvent. While the base is still dripping wet with solvent, squirt a lot of hand dishwashing liquid onto it. Any adhesive residue that remained should have completely lost its tack. Gently run the fingernail brush along the base's edge and out into the hair - any remaining adhesive residue should easily slide off. Rinse your clear lace wig with high pressure lukewarm water down through the base after brushing for a few minutes. (Do the same thing a second time.)

Quick Tip: If your hair system still has adhesive residue, you probably didn't soak it long enough in the solvent. Rep step 2 if necessary.

Step Five: Condition and clean lace wig

How To Clean Lace Wig

Finally, after thoroughly clean lace wig, wash it once more. This time, use a moderate shampoo to neutralize the acid level.

Quick Tip: Make sure your clear lace wig is well-conditioned.

Your clear lace wig should be clean and free of any old glue residue at this point. Clean lace wig on a regular basis is recommended to keep it looking fresh and appealing.

How do you clean a lace front without alcohol?

Using a mixture of water with a little bit of salt and baking soda is one of the simplest hacks for removing lace front adhesive without alcohol, but you should be aware that it is also the most time-consuming of the four. In a jar, combine water, salt, and baking soda before proceeding.

Can I wash my wig with regular shampoo?

On your wigs, never, ever use ordinary hair care products. Both synthetic and real hair wigs will be irreversibly damaged by harsh chemicals found in everyday shampoos, conditioners, and styling treatments. Your wigs will look frizzy, matted, or excessively shiny if you use natural hair products.

Can I wash my lace wig while wearing it?

We strongly advise that you verify the temperature of the water before washing the lace wig while wearing it. Instead of using hot water to wash lace wig human hair, you should use cold or warm water. After all, hot water causes lace wigs to lose their suppleness and even deform.

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