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How to Choose Black Wigs That Look Real

This entry was posted in Tutorial By Jessica

To look real means to be natural. This should be the appeal of a person wearing a wig every day, after all, no one wants to look "fake" because of wearing a wig, because it will be embarrassing on many occasions. So, if I start with hair color, I think black wigs should be the most natural and most like real hair wigs. But with so many types of black wigs, how to choose black wigs that look real?

black wigs that look real

Ⅰ. Why black wigs that look real?

Here we only compare hair colors. Because black is the natural hair color in the world, especially black Americans. When we choose the color of the wig, we must consider the suitability of the color of the wig and ourselves. No one will doubt that a wig with the same color as your "natural" hair is "fake", and people's instincts will be affected by stereotypes. Black hair is what people think of you, so choose a black wig.

black wig

Ⅱ. Why I should choose black wig: combines naturalness and smooth

Secondly, there must be some people who think they have black hair, why choose a black wig. We say that black hair is too fluffy and frizzy, and black wigs that look real from Asia are softer, more shiny, and easier to do the final hairstyle. This is the appeal of most people choosing wigs. In pursuit of both the naturalness of the wig and the pursuit of a better hairstyle, it is natural to choose a black wig.

black wig

Ⅱ. How to choose black wigs that look real?

The following thing are the factors influence black wigs that look real. You must choose black wigs that look real according to my suggestions

1. Material: 100% black human hair wigs, preferably virgin hair or Remy hair

black human hair wigs is best black wigs that look real in many hair texture. Although many wigs are marked with 100% human hair, there are subtle differences between human hair. Normally, we divide the hair quality of wigs into the following categories: virgin hair, Remi hair, human hair, synthetic hair, and animal hair. Because of the source, the first three come from people, and we collectively refer to them as human hair or black human hair wigs.

black human hair wig

However, although all three are black human hair wigs, there are subtle differences. If you want to buy the most authentic black wigs that look real, virgin hair is recommended. Because this means that the virgin's black human hair must have not been dyed by any dye, and belong to the donor from birth to donation, and has always belonged to his own black hair. The melanin in black hair has not been polished by any process and is the most natural. It doesn't have yellow dry ends like other bleached hair.

Of course, that also means the highest prices. In fact, the quality of remy hair and ordinary human hair is also very good, the hair from real people must blend best with your hair, so it must be 100% real human hair or black human hair wigs

2. Color: authentic black hair color

Afro-Americans are born with black hair, and that black color without any color impurities. Of course, you can choose any other brown and color when choosing a wig. However, a black wig must blend best with your hair, because you have black hair, and black has not changed. This way no one will suspect that you are wearing a black wig, and no one will doubt that a black wig looks like real hair. This is the most convincing proof of your black wigs that look real.

black wig

3. Style: the lace black wig

In terms of style, I would recommend that you choose the lace style, because the lace wig will not have the headband on the front of the wig to be suspicious, and with the right way of wearing it, it can be tightly connected to your hair. Best of all, a black lace wig will frame your hairline. Since everyone is born with a hairline, if your wig completely covers your hairline, it will look "fake". Black wigs that look real must have the black hairline that everyone is born with, it can be "fake" with glue and the wig after you put on the black wig. A hairline like this will also look real, something that colorful lace wigs can't do.

black lace wig

4. Correct way of wearing

If you don't wear a black wig correctly, you will be embarrassed, make jokes, and look "fake". How to judge whether the wear is correct? This is crucial step to ensure your black wigs that look real.

black wig

First of all, make your black wig completely and securely worn on your head, even if the wind blows it will not fall. Imagine that the black wig that you wear is not secure and it falls off when you bend over. Does anyone think your black wig looks real? If you want to wear it securely, you must choose the size of the black wig according to your head and tail. , as well as wearing the black wig correctly according to the tutorial. Or use glue, or use a wig to fix it.

Second, pay attention to the "fake" at the hairline of the lace black wig. Why I wrote this one, because this one is a test of your skills. Of course, I will post relevant wearing videos. The most important thing to pay attention to during the whole wearing process is that you need to stick the glue with your scalp, then cut the lace short, and use the glue again to fix it. Then hook out some black wigs to create a faux hairline.


What type of wig is best?

Remy human hair wigs are the highest quality human hair wigs and the best wigs overall. You can style it, cut, curl, straighten or dye it (amazing). What distinguishes this type of wig from regular human hair wigs is the cuticle layer is still intact.

What kind of wig is best for beginners?

Closure wigs are best for beginners. The most popular closure type regularly offered is the 4×4 size. The next type of wig type is a frontal wig. This wig is made with a lace frontal and wefted hair

How many wigs should a woman have?

If you are dealing with permanent hair loss, you should always be rotating between 4 synthetic wigs and at least 2 human hair wigs. When one begins to look worn, simply add another into rotation and eliminate the worn ones.

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