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How To Brush Knotted Wig Without Damaging?

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The wig you just bought must be shiny and very soft, but after we wear it for a while, you will find that the wig will lose some of its shine, and if you do not take care of and take care of your wig, the once smooth hair will be tangled and difficult to handle, which is very normal. Both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs can become frizzy, tangled and difficult to comb over time and with improper placement. But everyone who buys a wig wants their wig to last longer, even if your wig looks hopeless, and this blog takes you through how to brush a knotted wig without damaging it.

knotted wig

Ⅰ. Tools to brush a knotted wig

The tools are very simple, all you need is a wide tooth comb and conditioner. To be more specific, if you don't have bangs, you only need to prepare a wide tooth comb, but if you have a wig with bangs, you still need to prepare a fine tooth comb. Buy a spray bottle and make sure it's clean so you can fill it with water or any liquid you need for hair care.

Ⅱ. Ways to brush a knotted wig

1. Prepare a knotted wig

First you need to place the knotted wig on a wig stand, if you do not have a wig stand it is recommended that you place it on a tripod or on top of a tall object, this will make it easier for you to start the next operation and reduce the many troubles that may be caused during the process. If your knotted wig is long then it is even more suitable to do so, even if you do not have the above items then please place the knotted wig on a flat place. If your knotted wig has become very messy, try soaking the knotted wig in warm water for about fifteen minutes to control the excess water on the wig, and then place it on top of the wig stand. If your wig is too dusty, then add a little shampoo to the water, and most importantly, keep your wig clean.

knotted wig

2. Groom your knotted wig

For this step we need to take out the empty bottle that we have prepared beforehand and then take out your conditioner. Fill the spray bottle with water, then fill the bottle with conditioner, the ratio of conditioner to water is about 3:1, after filling it, then shake the conditioner and water well. Then use the mixture in the bottle to spray on both ends of the knotted wig, after spraying once you can use a comb to comb properly, please note that the whole process must be very patient, not too hard in the process of combing, although hard to comb the knotted wig quickly but this will only make your wig knotted more serious. Use a parting clip to separate individual strands of hair so you can untangle them without having to deal with the rest of the hair. First, use your fingers to try to detangle the knotted wig and separate out the larger knots. When combing, it's best to start at the ends and work your way up so you don't pull the knots deeper into your hair.
After this you can continue to comb your knotted wig, if you encounter a knot that you can't untangle remember not to pull on it, fine tooth combs are not really the ideal combing tool as they can cause very serious damage to the knotted wig, human hair wigs are not suitable for this treatment not to mention synthetic wigs, synthetic wigs Because the material is made of is very easy to deform and break, it is more fragile than you can see, so it needs to be handled more gently.

3. Style knotted wig

If your knotted wig is with bangs then you need to take special care of your wig by combing the back of your hair with a wide tooth comb and your bangs with a fine tooth comb. Do not take your wig off the top of the wig stand until it is dry, comb your knotted wig every thirty minutes, and once you have finished styling your wig, secure it with hairspray or hair gel. This will keep it neat and contoured

How do you make a wig less knotty?

Using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, gently comb through your synthetic wig to remove as many tangles and knots as possible. ... Apply synthetic wig-friendly shampoo, and gently work it through your wig in a downwards motion.

What happens when you brush a curly wig?

Make sure that you always use a wide-toothed comb when brushing curly wigs. Regular combs and hairbrushes will ruin the curls and can leave your wig looking frizzy or result in shedding.

Should I brush my curly wig?

Never use a brush on a curly wig, only use your hands to finger style or a very wide tooth comb. Spraying a little revive conditioning spray on your curly hair will help to finger style the locks without damaging your wig.

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