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Hair Wig Trends 2022: What Styles and Colors to Try

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With less than two months away, new year is about to come. A lot can be going on within a short period of time. Do you have any idea about the new trends on wig market in 2022? With sufficient versatility, hair wigs are officially back in fashion. From Beyonce, Cardi B to Nicki Minaj, hair wigs are loved by many celebrities. Moreover, they are more than popular and play an important role in the black community. Every season there are different wig styles for people to choose to define their look, in order to keep up with the latest trends.

hair wigs

There will be no limits on the look you want to achieve with hair wigs. We have witnessed various wig styles got popular in this year. So what’s new for the coming year 2022? In this post, let’s have a bold prediction on the new wig trends in 2022.

V Part Jerry Curly Wigs

With minimal leave-out on the top, v part wig has made itself extremely hot this year. It excels many other wig types on achieving natural look, for the reason of letting your own scalp to show with a v shaped cut, can be quite deceiving. Among v part wigs, the v part jerry curly wig is the most popular one, because the texture is always the trend.V part jerry curly wig will be as popular as now and become a new trend of 2022.

Honey Blonde Highlight Jerry Curly Wigs

Jerry curly patterns and the honey blond highlight color are a perfect match, they together have made a wig so incredibly stunning. Highlight jerry curly wig gives a sun-kissed shade and sexy spiral curls, making the wearer look just like a star. The bright and fresh look highlight jerry curly wig offers makes the wearer so gorgeous, and the color is suitable for nearly all skin tones. Highlight jerry curly wig has been the wig trend of 2021 and we suppose it will still be the trend of 2022. Let’s wait and see.

Honey Blonde Highlight straight hair wigs

Straight hair may leave you an impression of quiet, sweet and gentle. With a highlighted color, it will add a bit of naughtiness, boldness to the whole wig. Highlight straight hair wig is another trend of 2021, we can see a lot of celebrities and influencers wearing it, and all of them turned out to achieve pretty attractive look. Highlight color is a classic color shade and it never go out of style. It is presumed that highlight straight hair wig will be popular again in 2022.

Natural black body wave wig

Compared with colored hair, natural black hair may seem a little conservative. As a matter of fact, black color is one of the most natural color. Natural black body wave wig can be quite deceiving that no one will tell if you are wearing a wig. Body wave is also one of the most classic patterns of hair wigs. body wave hair wig is chic and stylish all the time. It is trendy no matter in the past or in the future.

If you wanna break the limits and try something new in 2022, a bold and statement making hair wig would be a nice choice. Donmily now has listed a various new wig styles. Take a look at them, you may find a desired one.

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