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How Easy To Use Bundles And Closure!

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“One step to wear, one step to go out.” We believe that it’s the wish to all who wearing or want to wear the wigs. The question, however, is how a wig can be worn easily and safely. Sometimes we need to select a wig that is comfortable and easy to wear, such as the wig cap (wig hat) that many people find the easiest to wear, or the Bundles and Closure wig that many black women like, which are good choices. Whether you prefer kinky/curly or straight hair, or if you prefer Malaysian or Chinese hair, or if you want to choose blonde or black or any other color, these two wigs can both answer your requirements.

I. Wig Hat

1. Appearance of wig hat

In layman's terms, Wig hat is composed of a spun hat and wig. Of course, in reality it's not that simple. In fact, hat wigs have a very delicate structure, so that the "hat" and "wig" will not be easily separated, and it will also prevent the product from falling off your head when you wear it - and you don't want to go out on a windy day. Let the wig be blown away by the wind, that's a big enough loss.Wig hat - appearance of the product

2. One step to go with the cap

I think smart you've figured out how handy this guy is to use. Comb through the back of your hair before use (you can apply some essential oil if needed, it will be smoother), wear it from back to front and you are the coolest girl on the block!

3. Maintainance of wig hats

Like all wigs, wig hats require care and cleaning. In cleaning you should be aware that there are special products for cleaning wigs, which are usually shampoos with special ingredients. If you want your hair to stay smooth after washing, many times you can opt for a conditioner to soften your hair. Regular shampoos and conditioners may contain ingredients that can damage the texture of your hair, so you need to use caution. Apply some hair oil if you like. Just remember to air dry them rather than blow-dry them, and use a wig-specific comb.

II. Bundle and Closure

1. Appearance of Bundles and Closure

If wig hats are the go-on look (imagine it), then Bundles and Closure is the type that doesn't look wearable at all - yes, Bundles and closure appear to be discrete in appearance parts. A complete Bundles and Closure fixing requires several Bundless and a piece of Closure. Closure is probably equivalent to a patch wig on the top of the head.

Bundles and Closure are actually two kinds of things that are divided into "Bundles" and "Closure".Bundles refers to hair made into bundles, because usually when fixing I think you will probably not use only one bundle of hair, but 3-5 bundles, so you need to add a plural "s".Closure refers to a fixed wig on the top of the head, to fill the "Mediterranean" left on the top of the head after using Bundle for side hair extensions.

Bundles - Picture of the product

2. Fixed to your original hair 

You heard that right, Bundles and Closure is fixed on your native hair. After purchasing your product you will need to find a local barber for a hair extension - or do it yourself if you feel confident. As in the picture, comb your natural hair into small braids that fit your scalp and have a wig sewn over your natural hair by a hairdresser.

Sewing in the bundles

3. Semi-Permanent

Because it's fixed on natural hair, and because the wig is made from human hair, once it's fixed, you can use it for a long time. Typically they remain attached to the hair for up to 6-8 months until they start to fall out naturally.

4. Maintainance

Bundles and Closure has cuticles and keratin just like your natural hair, and because they are anchored to your head, it means they can be treated like normal hair. But also be careful to use shampoos and conditioners specially optimized for them.

III. How an easy-to-wear wig change your life?

A wig that can be worn very simply, or a wig that can be insensitive in life, can considerably enhance your experience of wearing a wig and make your life be more relieve. If you're wearing a Bundles and Closure wig, you can go swimming at will, or tie up the wig to play sports without worrying about whether the glue on your head will dissolve and make the wig fall off, just like you own natural hair. Or if you are wearing a wig hat, if you have experienced the pleasure of wearing it and going out, then you will not forget this convenient feeling. I believe that a set of wigs with good performance will greatly increase your self-confidence and increase your quality of life exponentially.

Will the Bundles and closure hard to wash or maintain?

No, not at all. Since it's sewn into your natural hair, you only need to maintain the same care as your natural hair, whether it's washing or maintenance. But you can use shampoos and conditioners specially optimized for human hair wigs.

Will the wig hat fall off easily?

It doesn't fall off your head very easily. The wig hat has an optimized design for the head shape and can hold your head tightly. It doesn't fall off easily if you don't do it yourself or in an accident.

What’s the difference between the wig hats (wearable wigs) and Bundles and closure?

The wig hat is actually a relatively traditional wig design. It is essentially a pullover wig, but compared with the wig that is glued to the head, it is more convenient but not as stable as the glued wig. Bundles and Closure are more like hair extensions that have been popular in recent years, they are not easy to fall out, they last a long time and they can be treated like normal hair - you can swim/do sports or do some operations that wigs can't. - Except sometimes you need some wig-optimized detergent.

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