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Donmily Early Winter Fashion Wigs Newly Arrived

This entry was posted in Fashion By mo jinling

Winter is about to come with cold weather. As usual, we will live beneath down jackets, overcoat and wind breaker. The only thing we can do to make a fresh look is our hair. It is the only visible part on us after all. Either to change a new hairstyle or get a different color can be more transformative to beat the dullness of this winter. Poping up curls are a great fashion in this winter. Bright ginger color is also happening on trend. In a word, the point of fresh look in winter is to be bolder and more shinning. Donmily has newly listed a few wigs that happen to be perfect for catering to this winter. Let’s take a look.


1.Pixie Cut Short Curly Wig

This wig is 6 inch long only, it is a pixie cut. Curly hair is actually good looking at any length. What’s so special with this pixie cut? The curly pixie cut is designed to highlight your facial features. This short, cute style can easily spice your look up and perk you up. Moreover, it’s like the 90's nostalgia is back again, giving people a more refreshing impression. What’s more surprising is that this curly pixie cut costs just $59.99 on Donmily. With much less cost, you can achieve this fresh trendy look in winter.

2.13*4 Lace Front Body Wave Bob Wig

Lace front wig is one of the most popular option among wig wearers. It is excellent for more flexible styling with light and breathable lace, creating very natural hairline. The light weight and breathable lace makes it a game changer for wig wearers who are going through hormonal changes. Wig wearer can pull the hair behind their ears so that people won’t tell they are wearing wigs, thanks to the lace front. The newly listed lace front body wave bob wig on Donmily comes with supreme swiss lace which is super soft. The hair texture is ‘s’ shaped body wave, extremely springy and soft, bound to give you the most elegant winter look.

3.T Part Ginger Spice Color Body Wave Wig

The best way to welcome winter, in my opinion, is to get a statement-making hair color. To achieve a significant contrast with the snow. The Ginger Spice inspired color is an excellent colorful choice for winter season. The orange hair shade is one of the new beauty trends to try if you want to get some seasonal change. The orange highlights with body waves are more eye-catching in this winter. The t part ginger spice color body wave wig is starting at just $100 on Donmily.

4.V Part Body Wave Wig

V part wig is the new trend of this year, famous for its glueless, natural style. The wig is quite versatile on offering natural look. There is a typical v shaped cut on the top which allows wig wearer to wear their own scalp. Thus, creating extremely natural look, because that is the real hairline. You don’t need any glue when installing it. If you choose to go with a v part wig this winter, it will save you so much hassle and give you ideal look. This upgraded v part body wave wig is also an affordable choice.

Don’t wanna miss the winter wig fashion trend? Go take yours on Donmily.

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