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Do You Know the Common Wig Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

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Do you have any wig-wearing experience? Whether you are a wig veteran or a novice, there are some mistakes you can make that, while not minor, can cause severe damage to your wig. Don't worry if you've made some wig mistakes as well. We'll go over 6 common wig mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Purchasing the incorrect wig size

Purchasing the incorrect wig size

We've all heard that wearing an ill-fitting wig looks terrible and causes discomfort. For example, if you require a large wig but select a regular or petite wig, you will feel constricted and may experience headaches. If you are small and purchase a medium-sized wig, your hairpiece will be unstable and may fall off! So a wig should do the trick. As a result, a wig should always be just right, fitting the wearer's scalp well enough to feel secure without causing pain or discomfort.


Before purchasing a wig, make sure you are familiar with your head size by measuring and comparing it to the size of the wig you intend to purchase.

The three most common wig sizes are. Small measures 21.5 inches, Medium 22.5 inches, and Large measures 23.5 inches. If your size is between, it is best to go with the slightly larger size.

2. The wig density is insufficient

Getting the right wig appears challenging when purchasing a wig online. While everyone's preference for density is different, a wig that is too thick looks unnatural, and a wig that is too thin looks wrong.


Please refer to the charts below to make the best density selection decision.

3. Putting on a wig incorrectly

One annoyance that almost everyone who wears a wig has is figuring out how to attach it without damaging it. After all, incorrectly attaching a wig can cause a slew of wig issues, such as the fear of it falling out in public and causing damage to your natural hair and skin.


For wig lovers, please watch the professional video on putting on a lace front wig.

4. Use excessive glue

Although wig glue or glue is a popular method of attaching wigs, particularly full lace wigs and lace front wigs, it can harm your skin and hair and damage your wig.  There is no doubt that both improper application and improper removal can result in a slew of issues. It can, for example, harm your skin, hairline, and delicate lace wigs.


If you are a wig glue devotee unwilling to switch to gentler, easier-to-use fixing methods, use wig glue sparingly and remove it safely to avoid further problems.

5. Ignoring natural hair

Wigs are excellent form of protection. However, when wearing a wig, it is common for people to ignore the natural hair underneath. Even if your hair is hidden beneath your wig, you should not disregard it. If you have natural hair underneath your wig, especially if it is weak or thinning, you must take care of it to keep it healthy.


Taking off your wig at night, washing your natural hair regularly, keeping it moisturized, and doing so as soon as possible are all simple steps to keeping your natural hair underneath your wig healthy. See our previous blog post for a comprehensive guide on how to protect your natural hair while wearing a wig.

6. Do not weave hair under wigs.

 Do not weave hair under wigs.

Preparing the hair beneath you is critical to ensuring that your wig does not clump and looks natural when worn. However, we've discovered that some people don't even have the foundation to pad their braids beneath their wig caps. They pull their hair back into a bun or ponytail and place the wig on top.

This is a common mistake because if your hair does not lay completely flat under the wig, it will appear uneven or as if the wig is sitting on top of your head, which is the last thing you want.


To keep a flat base underneath the wig, everyone should wear pigtails and comb them straight back. Remember to braid your hair into pigtails before putting on the wig.

Will my wig blow off?

Don't believe everything you see in movies... All of our wigs are fully adjustable, with four internal comb slides for a comfortable, secure, and confident fit. 

Can I cut my wig? 

Certainly! A minor trim is usually painless. However, if you are thinking about restyling or thinning your wig, we strongly advise you to take it to an experienced hairstylist who can advise you or do it for you. 

Can I colour my wig? 

Our wigs are made of the latest technology heat style-able hair-like fiber, but they cannot be colored. Only wigs made entirely of human hair can be colored.

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