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Choose The Color Of Your First Wig

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Whether youre looking to match your natural hair color or want to try something different, choosing a color for your wig can be tricky. Since most styles come in a large selection of colors, its important to choose a wig hair color that will be the most flattering match for you.

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From skin tone to eye color, there are many factors that tie into which color will look best. The big advantage to wearing a wig is that you can easily get the color you want without chemically damaging your hair. So why not experiment and consider color beyond your natural tone? Our experienced design team has compiled a list of tips and important information to help you along your wig color journey.

How to choose a wig color? |

1. Think carefully before choosing a color

Think carefully before choosing a color more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. When you pick a color thats much lighter or darker than your natural hair, the result is dramatic. The safe choice is to choose a shade similar to your natural hair color, but if you are really looking for something new, consider changing the color gradually over a period of time.

How to Dye A Human Hair Wig | Mayvenn 

2. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone

Skin tone is very important when choosing a wig color. As you age, your skin tone tends to fade. Hair color close to your own skin tone or slightly lighter will brighten your complexion and give you a more youthful look. A strong contrast between your hair and skin tone will draw more focus to your facial features.

 How To Choose Human Hair Color?-chantichewig - Chantiche Blog

3. Dont forget about color of your eyes

If your eyes are golden brown, green, hazel, or light blue, choose a wig with dark or golden browns, chestnut, auburn, or red highlights. If your eye color is dark brown, deep blue/blue-gray, or dark hazel, choose a wig with more natural colors, such as black, brown, and blonde tones.

 How to Choose the Right Wig Color | Ultimate Looks Blog

4. Think back to the hair color of your youth

If you were blonde when you were a child, chances are, blonde will also work for you as an adult. To match your current skin tone, choose a shade thats slightly darker than what you had as a child.

 Stylistic Inc. How to Choose the Right Wig Color for You

5. Hoping for highlights?

Youll be happy to discover that both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs are pre-blended with natural-looking highlights, designed with a variety of shades that provide a rich, natural-looking color. If your wig is auburn, choose copper highlights to brighten the look. Natural brunettes look best with caramel, and blondes look best with honey tones. Open to the ombre trend? We offer ombre wigs too.

Buying a wig is exciting. With a simple change of color you can instantly change your look. Plus trying new colors is faster, easier, and wont damage your natural hair. Dont forget to consider your skin tone, eye color, and personality as you are making your selection. Once you meet your color, youll discover a new confident you.

Try out The Wig Companys complimentary color matching service or order color swatches for free today. And dont miss our Wig Color Charts which offer a complete overview of our current color selections.

How to choose the right wig for your hair type?

If most of your day is spent inside at a desk, then you may want to select synthetic wigs or heat-friendly synthetic wigs. They are less durable than human hair wigs, but you can take advantage of a smaller price tag since you won’t be demanding as much from your wig.

How to choose the right wig color for You?

Just like with skin tones, choosing a wig color that contrasts with your eyes is essential. For people with warm eyes - golden brown, yellow-green, green-blue, turquoise, hazel with gold or brown flecks - pick a cooler toned wig.

What color should I dye my hair if I have warm skin?

People with warm toned skin should pick a color in a cool tone to complement it. Think ashy blondes, cool browns, and brassy reds. If you choose a warm color, like golden blonde, you’ll look washed out or dull.

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