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Any Chance Of Making Ponytail With Lace Front Wigs?

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To our great excitement, lace front wigs are good for making ponytails, which we believe is an important factor for you to buy a lace wig. But how do they do it? If you are considering purchasing a lace front wig, you may be wondering about styling options. I did some research on styling lace front wigs and here is what I found.

Lace front edge wigs can be worn in a ponytail (low ponytail, side ponytail, or half ponytail). Since they don't have a hairline at the nape of the neck, it can be difficult to achieve a high ponytail. That said, you may need extra clips to hold the wig in place, and you will need to leave some real hair on the sides and back of the wig to make the ponytail look natural. 

Prepare Your lace frontal wig For Ponytail

Before you get to the styling your lace frontal wig into a ponytail, it is really important that you prepare your hair accordingly so that the styling process goes seamlessly.

To prepare your lace front wig for a ponytail, you need to ensure enough wig clips or wig combs attached to your wig. If not, you may need to sew on more as you need your wig to be very secure before doing a ponytail; otherwise, it may slip off your head. Ensure that your wig is the rght size for your head as well to prevent slippage.

You can grab one off Donmily Hair if you don't already own one lace front wig and accessories.

Steps Before Making Wig Hairstyles

1. Check The Density Of The Wig

The type of ponytail you are able to make, and how easily you can make it, depends heavily on the density of your wig as well as the thickness. If you plan on doing your wig up in a ponytail, I would recommend opting for a more lightweight wig, as this means your ponytail will be placing less pressure on your head. A very heavy density wig will not only feel heavier but will be harder to pull up into a ponytail and stay there.

2. Purchase a Wig Cap

A wig cap can affect your hairstyling in a very positive way (if you fit it correctly, of course). If the wig cap is well-fitting and smooth, this makes the process of tying your wig in a ponytail a whole lot easier because the wig cap secures the wig in place firmly. Pinning your wig into your wig cap also assists in securing your ponytail in place.

3. Combine Your Natural & Wig Hair Together.

This little trick may take some practice, but its certainly a trick worth familiarizing yourself with! Start by using a small section of your natural hair, however, it needs to be a similar color to your wig otherwise it won't look good. Take the wig band and secure it over your natural hair. Think of it as a flexible headband; instead of wearing below your natural hair, fasten it over the top.

Next, use the end of a rat tail comb to pull out the edges of your real hair around the back end of the wig. If it looks a little messy, don't worry! The end results will be worth it, I promise.

How to put a lace front wig in a ponytail - Hairalicious wig - YouTube

The next step is to place your wig on your head. You should now see your natural hair coming and hanging out underneath your wig. Simply comb it back and secure all your hair into a ponytail. These sides will cover the edges of your wig for a perfect, natural ponytail!

How To Style Your Lace Front Wig Into A High Ponytail

If you're a fan of the high ponytail look, then keep reading!

To style your lace front wig into a high ponytail, ensure that you are wearing a well-fitting cap beneath your wig to secure the wig, use a strong wig glue to secure the lace and ensure your wig is firmly glued down; you can blow dry your wig to make sure it lays flat. Cut off excess lace and lay your edges before creating the ponytail.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to style your wig into a flawless, chic, high ponytail:

Step 01. High ponytails usually require a firmer grip between the top of your head and the front of your hairline. This may take a little more time than your normal ponytail, but it's worth it!

Step 02. As I mentioned earlier, make sure that you are wearing a well-fitting cap beneath your wig to secure your ponytail. To make sure nothing slips, put on a tight cap underneath your wig and secure it using some metal clips.

Step 03. Use a good wig adhesive on your forehead to secure the lace and ensure your wig is firmly glued down.

Step 04. Once you have applied the adhesive, press it down gently and use a blow-dryer to dry it.

Step 05. Trim away any excess lace around your ears and forehead to tidy the look up.

Step 06. To blend your wig with your skin, don't forget to spray some hairspray on the ponytail to keep it in place. You can even use some dry shampoo to get rid of any unnatural shine.

The Benefits Of A Lace Front Wig

An advantage of lace front wigs is that they look the most realistic and natural, and they offer more styling flexibility. The lace portion of a lace front wig is manufactured so that the wig hairs are individually sewn in, and the lace is made to match your skin tone. This means that the worry of revealing wefts in these areas is completely gone.

The lace portion of the lace front wig allows complete freedom in parting and styling. This means that when you make a ponytail, you can part the hair on the front of the wig however you please. You can even rock a cute french braid along the front of your wig with a low ponytail at the back.

How Can I Wear My Lace Front Wig In A High Ponytail? – Sunber

Unfortunately, the lace front wig does not offer complete styling flexibility and also limits where you can make a ponytail. A lace front wig only has lace along the front of the wig, beginning at one ear and ending at the other. This means that the styling flexibility is limited solely to where the lace is on the wig. You can still do a high ponytail, but you will need to take extra precautions to ensure the wefts do not show. If you need a more realistic back edge hairline, a full lace wig product is also a good option for you to style.

Worried your lace front wig may cause damage to your hairline? Check to get more information for full lace wigs!

Final Thoughts

If you prepare your natural hair correctly with a wig cap and a wig grip, you should have no problem styling your lace front wig into a variety of styles with a seamless, natural finish! Just remember to always check that your wefts aren't showing, especially when doing a high ponytail.

Can you put a part wig in a ponytail?

While you can certainly wear varying densities in a ponytail as long as you have a hairband or some sort of closure big enough to hold it, I recommend using a lighter-weight density wig when wearing your hair up. Using this method, you WILL be using your bio hair as well as the wig hair…and those strands can add up.

How do you slick your hair back in a ponytail?

Add a jumbo twist to your sleek ponytail; a loose, whimsical braid; or grab a few mini elastics and turn it into a bubble pony. If you prefer your ends loose but still crave some extra oomph, try adding a texture spray to give your ponytail extra volume

Can I wear a wig in a ponytail?

While you can certainly wear varying densities in a ponytail as long as you have a hairband or some sort of closure big enough to hold it, I recommend using a lighter-weight density wig when wearing your hair up.

Is it difficult to make a wig into a ponytail?

At the beginning may be a little complicated, more practice a few times will be familiar with how to make the ponytail.

Why is a ponytail good?

They keep hair out of your face.The most irritating thing while you are working or in between something serious is the hair that falls right over your forehead and your face. A ponytail prevents hair from falling all over your face.

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