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Can Bleached Blonde Curly Wig Be Repaired?

This entry was posted in Wig Tips By Bella

After wearing a wig for a long time, girls will inevitably feel a single color, so many girls will try to bleach their blonde curly wig and then dye it, so they have a new wig. But many girls who want to do this but are afraid to do so are thinking: does bleaching damage blonde curly wig? Can bleached blonde curly wig be repaired? We understand your concerns, so in this blog, we will answer your questions one by one.

Ⅰ. Does bleaching damage blonde curly wig?

blonde curly wig

We know that when you want a light-colored wig, the first step to take is to bleach the original color with bleach and then dye it, which is the most common way to get a light-colored wig. To figure out if bleaching will hurt blonde curly wig, first we need to understand the chemical composition of bleach and how the chemical composition works. Bleach is a chemical that dissolves the natural pigment in your blonde curly wig, opening up the cuticle in your blonde curly wig, thus stripping away your original pigment and making the original color of your blonde curly wig lighter. If the color you want for your wig is a lighter shade, that means you need to apply a lot of bleach and let the bleach stay on the wig longer so that you can get a lighter color. So does bleaching hair damage blonde curly wig? The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes, because the alkaline agent inside the bleach destroys your original cuticle and opens up your follicular cortex, so that the texture of your blonde curly wig will be changed, and the wig will no longer be so soft after losing the cuticle. So soft, your wig will become very frizzy, very easy to knot, if the bleach stays for a long time, your blonde curly wig is even easy to break. And you bleached curly hair, this change will be more obvious, there is no doubt that bleaching is going to hurt your blonde curly wig.

Ⅱ. Can bleached blonde curly wig be repaired?

blonde curly wig

If I have bleached my blonde curly wig and dyed it with other colors, is it possible to restore my bleached blonde curly wig? Jonathan Torch once made a good analogy about bleaching hair: If you unscrew a hot bulb and immediately put it into a bucket of cold water, the bulb will shatter. However, if you wait until the bulb cools down, then unscrew it and put it into a bucket of cold water, the bulb will remain intact. In the same way, you must take the time to bleach your hair and get fabulous colored curls. So fixing bleached blonde curly wig takes time, and also you need to be very patient with this matter. Check out how to repair the bleached blonde curly wig next.

Ⅲ. How to repair the bleached blonde curly wig?

blonde curly wig

1. Do not wash your blonde curly wig before bleaching

Do not wash your blonde curly wig before you decide to bleach it, because after wearing your blonde curly wig there will be some natural oils that penetrate your scalp or your own hair, and these natural oils will protect your blonde curly wig and form a barrier for your wig. These natural oils will protect your blonde curly wig and form a barrier for your wig to reduce the damage caused by bleach.

2. Moisturize the blonde curly wig

The reason why the blonde curly wig becomes dry after bleaching is because the cuticle is damaged and there is no way to keep the wig smooth. So what we need to do is to moisturize the blonde curly wig as well as possible, and the care we give to the cuticle is helping us lock in the moisture of the blonde curly wig. So it is recommended that you do a weekly hair care, using a lot of conditioner or hair mask to wrap your blonde curly wig, so that your cuticle fully absorb the nutrients inside, thus slowly repairing the blonde curly wig's cuticle.

3. Choose a suitable shampoo for blonde curly wig

Because blonde curly wig is bleached and color treated, we need to choose a targeted shampoo. There are many types of shampoos on the market, many specifically for permed and dyed hair, they will help you to repair your blonde curly wig better. And I suggest you choose a mild shampoo, even after washing your blonde curly wig, don't rush to dry it with a hair dryer, because it will only make your blonde curly wig It is better to dry it naturally.

The above is to introduce you whether blonde curly wig can be repaired after bleaching and how to repair it. If you think bleaching and dyeing a blonde curly wig is too much trouble, you can also choose to buy a 613 wig, its most original color is very light, you can directly dye it without bleaching, you can avoid the damage caused by bleach. Donmily has a lot of blonde curly wig and 613 wigs You can choose.

Is bleach damage permanent?

Bleach damage is as cumulative as it is permanent, and your ends will be less equipped to survive it every time. Avoid excess brushing and harsh shampoos

How can I get my curls back after bleaching?

The best conditioner for damaged bleached hair is also moisturizing and restoring. Work a repairing conditioner, like the Monoi Repairing Conditioner, into your hair care routine to restore damaged curls and help prevent further breakage.

Is bleached hair reversible?

While you can't technically reverse the damaging effects of coloring or bleaching your hair, you can take very important steps to maintain the integrity of color-treated hair to ensure it stays shiny, strong, and healthy for a long time.

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