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Blonde Bob Wig Vs Black Bob Wig: How To Choose?

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Marilyn Monroe's blond hair made the blond look into the public aesthetic. So do you know the blonde bob wig? Do you know what is the difference between it and the black bob wig? To understand these, please read this article.

Ⅰ. What is blonde bob wig?

Bob wigs are one of the oldest styles and have been worn by British courts since the early 20th century. They come in different types and lengths and can be made from a variety of materials. Human hair is the best option and is available in three lengths. Its natural texture makes it a popular choice for those with thin or fine hair. It also looks great on women who like short, clean cuts. Blonde bob wig is based on bob wigs and dye the wig blonde. blonde bob wig human hair is made from human hair and will make the wig smooth and knot free. You can choose to be outdoors in comfort and your hair will return to its original shape.

blonde bob wig

Ⅱ. What is black bob wig?

Basic black bob wig is 8 to 14 inches long. The black bob wig is the most basic wig color style, and it is also the preference of people who pursue neat and clean hairstyles. The black bob wig is made from 100% real hair with either a front lace cap or a full lace cap. Black bob wigs do not fall off from top to bottom, and are easy to maintain, just need regular washing and perming. Because bob combs are so lightweight, they're a great option for people who don't have a lot of time to take care of wigs.

black bob wig

Ⅲ. Differences between blonde bob wig and black bob wig

1. Differences styles

The style of the black bob wig is more classic. Black bob wig blends better with your own hair color and gives it a more retro and sophisticated flavor. You can straighten, curl and other secondary processing on the black bob wig to make the wig more stylish. Especially suitable for people with black hair, choosing black bob wig in summer can save you a lot of time on vigorous wigs and be cooler. Because the length of the bobo wig is relatively short, even if it is worn, it will not be uncomfortable. Black bob wig cut hair neatly across the board, which will make people in the workplace even more capable.

black bob wig

Blonde bob wig is slowly transformed from golden wigs. The history of blond hair is long. In contemporary Western culture, blond women are often negatively stereotyped as being sexually attractive but not intelligent. Blonde is often described as a dusty woman. Later, blonde hair was often associated with beauty, and under the leadership of some celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, it became popular all over the world.

You can't deny the hotness of blonde bob wig. Blonde bob wig is more eye-catching and sexier than black bob wig. In addition, the blonde bob wig can also bring a cute and playful feel, so it is also suitable for student parties. And many stars in Japan and South Korea will wear blonde bob wig when attending events or stages.

2. Different benefits

The biggest advantage of blond bob wig is to avoid hair dye damage to the hair. Blondes are always sought after by beauty lovers, but if you dye your hair blond, there is a huge price to pay. Your hair needs to be dyed with a lot of chemicals. Lots of chemical dyes can damage your hair, but opt for a blonde bob wig that will help you avoid damage and make you look great in no time.

blonde bob wig

The benefit of black bob wig is that they are easy to maintain. A black bob wig saves time. Many people lead busy lives. Maybe, you are a business person who needs to travel a lot, you are a student with a full course, or you are a married woman who has both a family and a job. With all this activity, you don't have much time to style your hair, so just wear a bob wig that will make you look great and attractive.

Ⅲ. Types of the black bob wig and blonde bob wig

1. Short bob wig

Except color like black bob wig and blonde bob wig, length is also crucial factor of choosing bob wig. Short hair is a great option for women with thin and brittle hair because it looks voluminous even with straight hair. Short bob wig with natural waves softens strict features and looks particularly youthful and playful when combined with bangs. If you want to achieve fuller hair, you can add surface highlights a few shades lighter than the base color.

blonde bob wig

2. Longer bob(Lob) wig

If you're uncomfortable with cutting your hair short, lobs are a good compromise. You'll achieve the hairstyle change you want without too much risk, and you can still pull your hair into a ponytail or make a half bun tutorial.

Straight lobs look elegant and youthful. If your hair is naturally curly or "stubborn," this length will be ideal for you, as the soft waves will add femininity and glamour to your face with minimal effort.

3. Layered bob wig

Strands of different lengths add volume to the hair and create a beautiful head contour. Shorter in the back and longer in the face, a layered bob wig is always fun, whether you have straight or curly hair.

If you're daring, you can opt for very short hair on the neck, just close to your shoulders, if you're daring: it may be more demanding on styling, but you'll always be noticed.

What length wig should I get for a Bob?

For example, if you're 5'8", a 10" straight bob wig might end right on your shoulders and give the perfect medium hairstyle look.

How do I keep my bob wig straight?

Step 1: Place the bob Wig on your Head and Preheat the Flat Iron. ... Step 2: Make Sure the bob Wig is Dry. ... Step 3: Section and Secure the bob Wig. ... Step 4: Straighten the Section. ... Step 5: Straighten the Middle.

What inch hair should I get for a bob?

How much hair does Bob have? 2-3 strands of 12 or 14 inches of hair create a complete look that you can cut to your preferred length and style. Some people only use 1.5 strands of 10-inch hair, but more strands and longer hair means you won't have thin ends.

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