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If Bleaching Hair Very Hurts The Scalp Will You Continue Bleaching

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Now people are starting to dye their hair in different degrees in order to be beautiful, some colors are directly on the color, but some tide color will need to bleach hair, bleaching hair will not scalp pain, bleaching hair damage?

If Bleaching Hair Very Hurts The Scalp Will You Bleach

Does Bleaching Hair Hurt a Lot?

Hair bleaching refers to hair bleaching and hair dyeing, hair bleaching is to wash out the original melanin of the hair, hair dyeing is to cover the color needed on the original hair color, hair bleaching using bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide, hair dyeing using the dye paste. Hair bleaching and dyeing will make the hair lusterless, no nutrition, no softness, and also make the hair fall out, which will lead to scalp allergies, itchy scalp, and increased dandruff. It can also cause great damage to the uterus of women, which can make the weight of the uterus lighter and make the uterus underdeveloped over time. It can also cause dermatitis, skin redness, itching, ulcers, etc..

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First of all, the hair will dry out about a month after bleaching. The principle of bleaching and dyeing is to decolorize the hair first, and then dye the hair, in fact, bleaching and dyeing itself is similar, and is carried out at the same time, after bleaching and then dyeing the hair, which is the normal step of bleaching and dyeing. When the hair has been bleached and dyed, the hair will not stay dry for long.

Secondly, if the hair is simply dyed, the damage to the hair is not that great. If bleaching and dyeing are done at the same time, this will cause serious damage to the hair, and this damage cannot be restored to its normal state. Because the hair is made of keratin, it cannot recover by itself, and the hair can only be restored to its original state after the hair is newly grown and cut off.

How to Prepare Hair for Bleaching

How Long Does Hair Bleaching Usually Take?

Hair bleaching usually takes 45 minutes, which is slightly longer, but requires patience. Hair bleaching is divided into hair bleaching and hair coloring. Hair bleaching is to wash out the original melanin in the hair, and hair dyeing is to cover the original hair color with the desired color.

Most of the color is done with dyeing, bleaching to start a secondary role. In order to highlight the texture of the hair more intense, three-dimensional sense of strong, only then will use bleached hair. Or when you need to dye a lighter color, you need to wash the melanin out of the darker hair to achieve the best results. Hair bleaching followed by hair coloring will result in a more vibrant color and a purer color. Traditional hair coloring products are cheap, but because of their principle of forming a film of pigment on the surface of the hair that wraps tightly around the hair to give it color. Because the hair is wrapped for a long time, it cannot breathe and the internal supply is not smooth, so it tends to cause dryness and breakage. It is the hair coloring product that causes the most damage.

Is It Normal To Have a Sore Scalp When Bleaching Your Hair?

When bleaching and dyeing hair leads to a slight redness and painful feeling in the hair, the preliminary analysis is caused by the stimulation of chemical ingredients, not very serious, generally not a big problem, you can use water to rinse a few times, should slowly ease, if the symptoms continue or aggravate, it is best to go to the hospital.

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Hair Bleaching Scalp Crust Is Normal?

The scalp crust after hair bleaching may be caused by contact with chemical allergies, not a normal phenomenon, crust, if accompanied by itching, consider the possibility of contact dermatitis, this time you can give topical zinc oxide oil to remove the crust, the surface lesions if no exudation can be given butyl hydroxy acid cream, morning and evening once a topical application, for more If you're not a fan of the idea, you'll be able to get the best out of it.

Summary From Donmily

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Does 613 blonde bob wig worthy?

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How damaging is bleaching your hair?

Not only does bleaching raise the outer cuticle, it also damages the bonds inside the hair too (hair is made up of three types of bonds: hydrogen, disulfide and salt bonds) causing them to weaken and break, and when the internal structure of the hair is compromised, strands are more likely to split and snap

Is bleaching good for hair?

You have probably heard that bleaching and highlighting your hair can damage it. This is true, bleaching agents are hard on your strands. They can make your hair dry, brittle, frizzy-looking and prone to breakage.

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