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7 Autumn Recommended Hair Colors: Trends 2022

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Fall hair colors are typically warm and deep shades that echo the natural tones of fall. This fall, we are seeing more unique twists on mainstream fall colors (warm tones and some cool tones) that include a rich number of layers and depth.

Many trendy fall looks are being sold with sophisticated highlights or Balayage colors. While the general rule for fall hair color used to be pretty straightforward and simple - basically brown or a more subdued blonde. But the trend for 2022 takes it a step further and encourages us all to step out of our color comfort zones in favor of something more welcoming, more three-dimensional.

9 Absolutely Gorgeous Autumn-Inspired Hairdos and Fall Hairstyles You Must  Try — The Wig Company

If you think about it in terms of light and shadow, than spring and summer are all about maximizing the vibrancy and brightness of your hair, fall hair color is more about bringing shade depth and more layers and dimension to create more subdued and elegant tones that can carry you all the way through winter.

This season is a great time to update your hairstyle and hair color by moving away from summer colors and welcoming fall tones. We're seeing a plethora of previously popular fall hair colors, and mixing it up with some unexpected shades this fall. Try any of the fall hair colors in our trend forecast below to welcome fall with open arms and gorgeous new hues!

Fall 2022 Popular Hair Colors and Color Styles

Hair color:

1. Warm, deep tones that echo natural fall colors

2. Dimensional colors with layers, highlights or lowlights

3. Blondes, fiery reds and earthy browns


1. Body Wave

2. Butterfly Cut

Fall brings some gorgeous shades to the nature around us and we are all too eager to blend in. Have you started to upgrade your hairstyle by choosing from these lovely fall hair colors?

Fall hair colors shed the flare and brightness of summer for a bit of cozy warmth or cool, breezy tones to welcome the first chill in the air. Check out the 2022 fall hair color trends to add interest to your fall look! We've made our picks from this year's most prominent fall hair color trends, so no matter what your base color is or what hair style you prefer, you're sure to find something you love.

Fall 2022 Popular Hair Colors

1. Auburn Brown

Auburn-Tinged Chestnut Brown Fall Hair Colors

Both Chestnut and auburn are staple colors for fall, so it makes perfect sense to mix these two colors together for a fall-appropriate palette. This warm reddish-brown hue will help you pack on that summer feeling and get you ready to head outdoors for a picnic, enjoy hot coffee, and breeze through the falling leaves.

2. Tawny Blonde

Tawny Autumn Blonde fall hair color on a woman in a black dress

Transitioning your blonde hair color to a more fall-appropriate color doesn't mean making your hair a darker shade, but it also doesn't mean going straight to an extreme shade of blonde. Choosing this softer Tawny brown blonde, mixed with nutty brown and beige blonde, can make it easier to get a more understated seasonal tone.

3. Burgundy Mixed Black

For a piece on the best fall hair colors, a woman with Burgundy-Tinted Black

Black can be a very monochromatic color (especially if you turn all of your hair black), so it really benefits from a little mixing of lighter, warmer colors. Burgundy red runs through deep, almost black undertones that shine beautifully in the light and have an unexpectedly warm feel.

4. Chocolate Brown & Honey Highlights

Chocolate Brown With Honey Highlights

One of the ways we’re seeing fall hair colors a little differently this year is the addition of boldly contrasting highlights. Here, an earthy chocolate brown base brings depth to the color while bright honey blonde adds some contrast and brightness for a look that’s all about autumn.

5. Blonde & Brown Balayage

Nutmeg Brown With Golden Honey Highlights

One of the ways we’re seeing fall hair colors a little differently this year is the addition of boldly contrasting highlights. Here, an earthy chocolate brown base brings depth to the color while bright honey blonde adds some contrast and brightness for a look that’s all about autumn.

6. Lighter Blonde and Dark Roots

Wheat Blonde Balayage fall hair color

If your hair is on the lighter side, or if you've had bleached or light colored hair before and haven't fully embraced the idea of darker colors, then the warm wheat blonde Dark Roots is a beautiful choice for fall. You can play up the natural blonde/yellow tones of your blonde hair without having to purposely neutralize them. If you used a lighter color dye in the summer and your otherwise darker hair color, you can get get get a very natural Dark Roots effect when your hair grows out naturally. You can keep a nice coffee color as a contrast, or stick with your natural base color to make it less maintenance.

7. Ash Blonde Balayage

Mocha Shadow Root With Ash Blonde Balayage

Ladies who prefer cooler hair colors can easily play with cooler tones in the fall - you just need to strike the right balance between shade and light. Dark brown mocha undertones keep your roots dark and add an element of shadow and depth to the look. Bright, cool-toned ash golds painted on the centerline remind you of brisk, cool mornings and the first frost of the season.

Which Fall Hair Color Will You Try?

As the season cools down in autumn, we're ready for new looks that complement the natural transitions around us. Choosing a warm, earthy tone that's a little deeper than your current shade is an easy way to transition your mane into the fall season and reveal a gorgeous new look!

This Season's Favorite Fall Hair shared the color of If you tend to prefer the cooler colors in the color spectrum, that's fine too. When choosing your next color, prioritize your preferences and what looks best on you. Get ready to welcome fall with vibrant, dimensional colors. You might decide this is your new look to get you through the changing seasons.

Of course, if you feel that your hair is not suitable for coloring, or the curl of the hair is higher, it is more difficult to make similar to Body Wave or some bangs, you can also try wigs. If you want, go to Donmily Wig Mall to choose and purchase your favirite wig now!

How do you wear a wig in the fall?

Always carry a wide toothed comb in lieu of a brush to prevent loss of fiber in your style. If you're losing volume in the hairline area or hair keeps falling in your face

Do wigs make you look older?

Yep, that wig you've been rocking for the past is probably making you look older than your age these days. As we age, our faces change. They get thinner or rounder, more wrinkled or droopy, and our complexion loses the dewiness of youth.

Are wigs in Style 2021?

Rich color combos in various shades of warm, reddish tones will continue to dominate in 2021. It's an opportunity to try a look that's lighter and brighter, without committing to the upkeep of going blonde. This look can be toned to perfectly suit your natural undertones, while still feeling new and fresh.

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