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10 Popular Bubble Braids Ideas For African American Girls

This entry was posted in Fashion By lya

Bubble braids, a favorite 80s hairstyle is back! The super cool, super stylish and variable hairstyle can be effortlessly created on a wide range of textures. Although most African American girls have a natural Afro hair and many girls choose to wear wigs to enhance their beauty, it doesn't stop them from having this versatile bubble braids hairstyle. Today I'd like to introduce 10 bubble braid hairstyles for African American girls.

Bubble braids with natural hair

1. Bubble braids with natural hair

If you're looking for a pretty way to adorn your natural hair, bubble braids hairstyle is your best choice, which is effortless. Use the natural hair to make bubble braids is a great solution to other braided hairstyles that can take hours to install. Braids can help tame your curls and keep them in place, while also showing off your natural hair texture.

Bubble braids with short hair

2. Bubble braids with short hair

Most bubble braids are braided on over medium to long hair, but there are options for shorter hair. As you know, the natural hair of African American women is very short, the idea of bubble braids with short hair is to keep your whole appearance as simple as possible.

Bubble braids on curly hair

3. Bubble braids on curly hair

Curly hair is gorgeous and can be done in many styles, including bubble braids. This is a great way to show off your hair volume and a practical option as it tames the hair and creates a more structured finish. The appeal of bubble braids is their versatility, with multiple ways to wear them, including a half up half down hairstyle, which is incredibly flattering. This option will also allow you to show off your curls while keeping them away from your face. If you find it challenging to add small headbands to the length of your ponytail because your hair is curly or thick, then use hair products.

Bubble braids with extensions

4. Bubble braids with extensions

Bubble braids can be made in different lengths and look great on most types of hair. However, it's easier to achieve with long hair. However, most of the African American girls don't have long natural hair. Hair extension is a wise way. The added length can also give you more options when braiding, including mixing it with more complex braids on the top half of the head or braiding it very high.

Hair extension is a wise way

If you don't have naturally long hair, extensions can help you achieve the look you want. They are also ideal for giving more volume to hair, making them perfect for people with naturally fine or thin hair. In addition, bubble braids can make your hair look fuller and thicker as it creates texture. 

Bubble box braids

5. Bubble box braids

You can combine bubble braids with other braid styles, including protective styles like box braids. Box braids are made by dividing hair into squares and forming separate braids, which resemble boxes in appearance. If you want to take another approach to this style, you can introduce bubble braids. Instead of a full braid, you can stop halfway through and add bubble braids sections to both ends.

Boho bubble braids

6. Boho bubble braids

For a dreamy romantic look, you can create Boho bubble braids. This is a gorgeous method that is ideal for those who wear bubble braids for special occasions such as weddings or dances. The key is to keep the bubble braid as loose as possible, allowing the hair to fall loosely around your face, softening and framing your features. You can add other smaller braids throughout your hair for a contrasting effect. This style works with most hair lengths and textures, but works best with long, naturally wavy or curly hair.

Bubble braids with pearls

7. Bubble braids with pearls

Pearl details are a luxurious addition to any hairstyle and can make you look gorgeous and sophisticated. For bubble braids, this can be achieved with the headband you use, which can include a headband made up of tiny imitation pearls. This is a brilliant way to add some glamour to your bubble braid and transform it from young and playful to smart and mature.

Six bubble braids

8. Six bubble braids

You don't have to stick to one bubble braid, this hairstyle can also be done with multiple braids. For a bold and youthful look, why not try six bubble braids? You will divide your hair into six different areas to achieve this look. You will then add a headband of your choice to the length of each ponytail and pull the hair to create a bubble effect. Bubbles can be large and obvious, or small and subtle in a way.

Coil hair bubble braids

9. Coil hair bubble braids

Coil hair bubble braids can also help tame your curls, but unlike some other braiding techniques, such as cornrows and box braids, which are the protective look. Therefore, coil hair bubble braids hairstyle is not persistent. This can also be an advantage. You can change your hair as much as you want while still taking a break from hot styling. 

Advance unique bubble braids

10. Advance unique bubble braids

Bubble braids can be effortless. However, if you have the time and patience, and want to create a unique ending, why not try a more advanced approach? Advance unique bubble braids can include creating a ponytail with multiple different parts, each with a bubble braid. Or involve more complex weaving techniques. The beauty of bubble braids is that they can be adapted to your hair length, texture and skill level. This allows you to create a gorgeous look and be expressive at the same time.
Bubble braids hairstyle is a simple and playful look by tying your hair into a ponytail and then adding a headband to the length of the ponytail to create a bubble effect. Bubble braids hairstyle perfect for African American girls who don't want to wear wigs but want to follow fashion trends.

Can bubble braids protect my natural hair?

The bubble braid can help keep your hair in place and be styled to look sleek and sophisticated, but they are not a protective style in the same way many other braided looks are.

Are bubble braids in style?

Bubble braids are very trendy. They first emerged in the 80s but have made a big comeback because of their versatility and how easy they are to create. The look can also be adapted to suit various hair lengths, textures, and types and can be kept simple, or you can opt for a more unique and detailed approach.

Can I make a bubble braids hairstyle more than one ponytail?

You don't have to stick to one bubble braid, this hairstyle can also be doneyou can try six bubble braids. You will divide your hair into six different areas to achieve this look. You will then add a headband of your choice to the length of each ponytail and pull the hair to create a bubble effect. Bubbles can be large and obvious, or small and subtle in a way.

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