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Steps to Remove Glue Residue Off Your Lace Wig Safely

lace wigs

We all know that hair wig can offer us different and versatile styles. The flexibility and beauty it comes with makes our life more convenient. But convenience always comes with a price. For instance, you will have to put up with the tedious process of installing and uninstalling it. It is not only a matter of time. Some details must be paid attention to. When you use glue to install your lace front wigs, you will have to be very cautious when remove the wig from your head. If not, not only the wig will be damaged, but also your scalp can be hurt. So, there are some tips to note on how to remove glue residue off your lace wig, in order not to damage the wig itself.

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Honey Blonde Highlighted Wig Creates Your Own Style

highlighted wigs

We’ve been trying different hair colors all the time, in order to polish up our look. As for hair wigs, natural black is a traditional choice that no one can go wrong with. Because it is classic and literally looks good on any texture. Wig manufacturers today have lunched a variety different colors for wig lovers to go bold and get various looks. Some can look extremely beautiful, but some may not, since the look varies a lot from different skin tones. Is there a specific hair color that looks gorgeous on any skin tone? There surely is. Read through this blog and you will find what’s the best hair color that suits anyone.

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Top 4 Shiny Cardi B Wig Moments in Real Life

cardi b wigs

As the most streamed female rapper in the US, Cardi B has caught everyone’s attention whatever she posts on her Instagram. We’ve seen her wearing many dramatic outfits and wigs when she shows up no matter on a TV show or in her music video. Strangely, none of her bold looks makes people feel uncomfortable, they just lover her personality. So, what is she like in real life, does she still loves wearing those dramatic wigs? Let’s take a look Cardi B’s shiny wig moments.

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Difference between Closure Wig and Frontal Wig, Which One to Choose?

frontal wig

When you decide to buy a new wig, you probably want to try different looks. There are a plenty of options to go for, but if you want less hassle and don’t want to mess with your natural hair, lace wig is an ideal choice to get started with. In terms of lace wigs, there are lace closure wig and lace frontal wig. If you are new to lace wigs, you may get confused by them. Knowing their differences will help you choose the wig that suits you best. So what’s the difference between lace closure wig and lace frontal wig and which one is better?

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How to Create Edges from Baby Hairs on Your Lace Front Wigs

lace front wigs

If you are new to lace front wigs, you may probably don’t know how important baby hairs can be, in order to create very natural look. The lace front wigs that we buy usually come in very dense at the hairline part, while in fact, natural human hairline is not dense. So, in order to make your wig looks more real and natural, styling your baby hairs from the wig can be quite crucial. To style your baby hairs on the lace front wigs, you can either go to your hair stylist or just follow tips introduced in this article .

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What Are the Best Bright and Bold Hair Colors to Try in 2022

colored wigs

The year of 2021 is finally coming to an end. Are you looking for some bold and bright color to try on your hair? Bold color is not just a hair statement. Choosing gorgeous bold color shade not only changes your whole look, but also turns heads around no matter where you go. A nice hair color can get your confidence well boosted and it is also a way to express your personality. With all amazing color shaded on Donmily today, you will definitely find what you want most. In this blog, we will introduce you the most trendy colored hair wigs on the market.

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Quadpay Hair Wigs and Bundles Are Available On Donmily

quadpay hair wigs

As of today, hair wigs and bundles can be purchased online everywhere, but the cost varies dramatically according to the raw material. Synthetic ones can be quite budget and affordable, but those made from human hair are fancy and cost a lot more. This may sound a little upset if you are going through some financial plight. But there is a payment method which has mushroomed in popularity currently perfectly solved the issue, called Buy Now Pay Later offered by Quadpay. With Quadpay, you can choose to buy human hair wigs and hair bundles any time on Donmily. In this article, we will introduce you Quadpay and how you can use it.

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Hair Wigs Buy Now Pay Later - How To Achieve That?

hair wigs buy now pay later

What would you do when you are kind of short on cash but eagerly want or need something? Is there a way for you to get a hair wig earlier and then pay for it later? This may seem impossible days before, but now this has become feasible. So how do you buy hair wigs with the solution of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’. This can be achieved with a service called afterpay. Luckily, Donmily is a online mall support afterpay service via Paypal and Quadpay. In this blog, we will explain how to get buy now pay later hair wigs.

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What Is A Glueless Wig and How To Wear It

glueless wig

Although wearing a wig can make you look so pretty and gorgeous, it can make you awkward sometime if it looks quite unnatural. In order to make our wig look as natural as possible, we’ve been trying different ways, from choosing human hair wigs to using adhesive glue or tape. However, glue or tape can damage not only the wig base itself, but also cause harm to our skin to some extent. It can’t be seamlessly perfect in every way. To solve the problem and get the work easier, a wig type called glueless wig is made. So what exactly is a glueless wig?

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Here’s Everything About Compact Frontal Wig

frontal wig

Every now and then, we are always in a hurry to try something new when there is a new trend coming out, even if we don’t understand what on earth it is. It is also called “follow suit”. Recently, we received a few inquiries about this new word “compact frontal wig”. It seems to be a new type of wig to many of our customers, like they don’t have a clue about it. In this blog, we will get you a full hand of information about compact frontal wig.

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