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How to Revive Your Curly Wig

curly wig

It can be quite annoying when your curly wig get tangled, fuzzy or lose its bounce after being used for a long time. What would you do with it? Will you just throw it away or try to bring it back to life as possible as you can? Well, for those who can easily afford a fancy wig, they would probably discard it. But there is always a way to be more thrift. With proper maintenance and care, your curly hair can retrieve those bouncy curls back and last longer. This article is a guide on how to revamp your curly wig.

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How to Pluck Lace Frontal Hair Wig

lace frontal

When it comes to lace frontal hair wigs, it’s all about natural. And the key point to be natural is to make sure the hairline is seamless and flawless, so that no one will question if it is a hair wig. Although some human hair wigs come in pre-plucked already, you can still pluck it a little bit to give a realistic look. So how to achieve that? You will need some plucking skills to make your lace frontal hair wigs look natural. In this article, we are going to show you a beginner friendly guide on how to pluck hair wigs.

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What Are The Best Wigs For Fall?

loose wave wig

Unlike summer which is vibrant and passionate, autumn is like a quiet and sweet girl. Season changing may make you feel a little bit depressed. But don’t forget that fall can also offers a refreshing vibe. In autumn, leaves start to turn into beautiful shades. That’s the fashion. So, autumn is also the season of fashion. The change of season is the time for you to change a new style for a whole new look, starting from choosing a stylish hair wig.

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Reasons to Wear V Part Wig

v part wig

Most of us are lucky enough to have good hair, so hair wig is excluded from consideration. But unlike us, some people simply don’t have so good quality hair. What’s worse, some may suffer from cancer who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. Hair actually plays an important role in one’s self-image or confidence. So some of them may be frustrated or disappointed by hair issues. That’s when hair wigs step out to cope with such concerns.

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What Is A V Part Wig?

v part wig

For most wig wearers, some wear a wig is because that they have to conceal natural hair issues, while some just want to get more versatile hair styles and protect their natural hair at the same time. For whatever reasons, the primary pursue of wig wearers is that the wig to be as natural as possible. In other words, too natural to be discovered as a wig. To cater to such need, wig makers have tried ways to make the wig cap more like human scalp, silicone, polyurethane, silk , mono-filament and Swiss lace. Now the tables have turned as the appearance of a new style wig cap, the V Part Wig.

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Are Headband Wigs Good For Your Hair?

headband wig 0916

There may be some annoying issues for people who wear wigs everyday. But what they wonder most is probably whether the wigs would do harm to their own hair or scalp. Well, the answer to that question depends on the wig type and the way you install it. If you are talking about headband wigs, they do nothing to damage your skin or your hair no matter how do you apply it.

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How to Properly Wear A Headband Wig?

headband wig0916

You might be attracted but not curious when seeing a hair wig with a colorful headband worn all over Youtube. Right, that’s the new fashion of hair wigs at the time being. That is called headband wig. Although the process of installing a headband wig may seem simple to you, it is necessary to pay attention to some tips so that you can wear it properly. In this article, we are going to show you how to apply a headband wig the right way.

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How Long Do Headband Wigs Last?

headband wigs0915

The longevity of hair wigs depends on the hair quality, wig types, hair texture, maintenance and so force. Some wig may last just several months, while others may last even years. The reason why it is so difficult to customize is that there are quite a few factors. Headband wigs can last much longer if it is well maintained and used.

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Can wigs made of real hair be cut? (The wig is real hair)

Can wigs made of real hair be cut?

Nowadays, more and more people are losing their hair, so some hair friends often ask such questions, "Can wigs made of real hair be cut? (Wigs are real short hair)", come today Please answer it.

Briefly explain the female wig made of real hair.
Real hair wigs are not ordinary chemical fiber silk wigs! Real hair wigs are high-end wigs that employees hand-knit real hair on a special basic website. Real hair wigs are comfortable to wear, but of course, the sales market fully recognizes and other shining points.

Can female wigs made of real hair be used for trimming?
Can be trimmed! However, the details must again indicate that if it is the day of purchase, the store will trim the styling design for the customer, and make the customer's favorite real-haired female wig hairstyle, which can also be understood as the first trimming. This pruning shop is generally completely free, but there is an additional charge for dyeing heat. After that, I took it for a while after I bought it. In order to change the hair style, it was necessary to see if the hair length allowed to change the hair style, and then trim it.

Where can I buy real hair and wigs? Here I recommend an international brand of wig-Donmily

Lace Wig Introduction

Lace wig is the hair hooked on the lace net (it is the kind that is very thin and evenly distributed with some very fine meshes, the common ones are Swiss lace nets and French lace nets), usually there is a stretch net on the top of the head to accommodate Different head styles are applicable, and they are basically lace headgear made of real human hair.

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