1. [ 2020 Guide ] Lace Front Curly Wig

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-06-01

    Lace front curly wig is a type of wig that is preferred by a number of women to flaunt their beauty using curly hairs. This is the most preferred type of wig due to the enhanced quality and appearance they offer. Here is everything that you need to know about curly wig lace front.

    How To Install A Curly Lace Front Wig

    Wearing a natural curly lace front wig is very easy. But, before you wear it, you must perform a skin test to ensure that it does not lead to any side effects to your skin. Once you perform skin test, flatten your hair to the head. This will assist you to keep the wig in position after you have placed on the wig.

    Next, you must ready your skin for the wig. Wash your forehead paying close at

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  2. Guide About Donmily Body Wave Brazilian wig

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-28

    Body Wave Brazilian wig has a natural pattern to generate a natural and soft looking wave. The wig sells well online and is a loose curl which has wave pattern. It alters the texture of your hair in a long-lasting way and frees you from everyday hair styling. And the maintenance price is also affordable and hence preferable amongst ladies.

    Advantages Of Brazilian Body Wave Wig

    Brazilian Body wave wigs are normally used by ladies for elegant occasions and parties, owing to the wavy "S" shape pattern. The 14 inch Brazilian body wave wig makes ladies seem sexy. Apart from this, those hairs are silky, soft, and have a good touch feeling. Brazilian body wave wig has a natural wave, the same wave so many users are making an effor

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  3. Tips on Care for Deep Wave Hair Bob

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-27

    If you are among the users who use a deep wave hair bob wig to flaunt their beauty, you are at the right place. Here you will know every essential thing about the bob with deep wave hair wig.

    How To Care For Deep Wave Hair Bob Wig

    Taking good care of your deep wave hair bobwill elevate its lifespan. Your deep wave hair bobwig will last for more than 12 months, but it varies on how good care you take of the wig. You must be aware that the bob with deep wave hairyou are employing is not you natural hair and does not get the nutrients and oil that our natural hair normally gets. Hence, taking good care of your wig is very important. It is recommended that consumers must bleach and light the wig from a professional hair stylist. Fai

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    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-26

    Nothing can beat the new spectacular fresh look!Don’t you agree? Now that we will all be experiencing a beautiful summer season, it’s time for you to hunt for the coolest wig for summer that will give you the perfect look. Thanks to the one who invented wigs!Summer is all the more cool with them. Following you will find fewwig styles for summer that will ensure you best look this season.

    The Best Wig Styles For Summer

    Carrying that extra hair on your head along with your own hair will surely give you hotter and heavy feeling. And this is the reason why long hair styles are considered as heavier as the end up giving you heaps of excess oils and sweat. Shorter hair styles and size of hair are the new trend due to the obvious re

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    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-26

    If you have a bob wig and are trying to dye your bob wig blonde, here is the right place to land.

    How To Dye A Blonde Bob Wig

    Human hair wigs,unlike synthetic fibers, can be dyed and styled without damages. You can use styling tools or real hair dye on human hair wigs like your natural hair. Kindly remember to shampoo the hair before coloring so as to keep it clean and shiny.

    Choose A Hair Dye For Your Blonde Bob Wig Real Hair

    Firstly, you have to select up hair dye. There are no typical or specific products for blonde bob wig eBay, so you can select up a normal hair color which is available at the drug store and different other places in your region.

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    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-21

    Spring is over, the season for short skirts and sunglasses are knocking the door. Why not welcome this summer with a new look?

    There is nothing sporty than opting Bob, which lets you enjoy the perks of short yet a bit longer hair. Irrespective of short bob or lob, the argument always exist:

    Whether to go for a straight bob or curly bob? The dilemma remains. Can you find a girl who has never gone through such a dilemma? It is quite impossible to find just like searching a needle in the haystack.

    Choosing any one of these is not as easy as learning ABC. Having said that, it is not difficult if you follow our blog. We will further discuss the deciding pointers to opt for the right style. Before dialing the h

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    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-21

    Does the thought of chopping your hair scare you? Well, I can smell that terrifying fear! Are you among those ladies who keep scrolling Dua Lipa's feed for her dramatic bob cut?

    I know you cannot stop zooming out her pictures. But you don’t dare to panic dial the salon expert due to your love for long hair. Do you crave for that extra length and the short edgy hair which touches your chin simultaneously?

    Remember Kylie Jenner proved in Met Gala 2016 that long hair doesn't stop you from enjoying the bob. She gave us a lesson to rock and flaunt your bob with the help of a wig.

    Ease your worries with these lovely bob wigs, which adds volume to your hair. Scroll down our blog to keep faith in bo

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  8. What are the Different types of bobs?

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-19

    As the bob style continues to gain popularity, most women who may want to get in on the style look for the perfect type of bob for them. It is important to note that there are different types of bobs for the different head shapes and knowing the most common will help you decide which one is best for you.

    What Are the Different Types of Bobs?

    As you probably already know bob wigs can be confusing since they often have very subtle differences. Here we will try to weave through the subtle differences to make it easier for you to choose a style.

    1. A-Line Bob Haircut

    The term A-Line denotes the perimeter of the cut and you will see that

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  9. Best Face Shape for a Bob Wig

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-19

    Short hair is tricky to pull off. This statement is true particularly if you don't know the type of haircut that suits the shape of your face. But when they are done correctly bobs can frame your face perfectly, drawing the eye to your best features, making you look fantastic.

    So, before you decide the bob style that you want, let's take a look at the different face shapes and the type of bob cut that suits each type of face.

    1. The Round Face

    The round face is better served by a long bob or the lob. This is because a long bob can elongate a round face shape to draw the eye longer. Lobs are a great solution also because they can be styled in numerous different ways, allowing y

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  10. How to Cut A Straight Bob Wig

    By Stephan Serrano 2020-5-19

    A bob cut is one of the oldest hairstyles for women. It first gained popularity in the 1920s when the first bob styles first appeared. Since the 20s, the bob hairstyle has grown in popularity, but is has pretty much remained the same. Typically cut straight around the head and sometimes with bangs, most women often have a problem getting the style just right. Even more are afraid that the style simply isn't them and based on the fact that sometimes the bob cut can fail spectacularly, it is important to get it right.

    In this guide we are going to be looking at how to cut a straight bob wig. Starting with a wig makes sense since learning how to cut a wig may help you when you want to get the same bob cut for your hair.

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