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What Kind Of Person Is Suitable For Jellyfish Haircut? What Are Its Advantages?

Aug 04,2023 | Jessica

Jellyfish haircut is all the rage in 2022, are you ready to try them? So what kind of person is suitable for jellyfish cut? After reading this article, you can find out if you are suitable for jellyfish haircut.

jellyfish haircut

Ⅰ. What is a jellyfish haircut?

The jellyfish haircut is really like a jellyfish, the jellyfish haircut divides your hair into two horizontal sections. On the basis of long hair, it is divided into upper and lower layers or inner and outer layers, and the outer layer is usually a strong line above or slightly below the chin. The inner layer, on the other hand, is usually longer and layered - providing more contrast in length and texture to the outer layer. It looks like a combination of long and short hair, with a layered look that resembles a jellyfish.

jellyfish haircut

Ⅱ. What are benefits of jellyfish haircut?

1. Show a small face

From the front, the short-layered hair modifies the face shape very well. The jellyfish haircut on both sides not only covers the wide chin, but also makes the chin more delicate. The long-haired jellyfish head can also unlock new hairstyles. The long jellyfish haircut left on the lower layer can be braided into two strands of twisted braids. The personality is cool and cool, and the rate of returning to the street will be very high.

2. Take into account the advantages of long hair and short hair

The jellyfish haircut is very suitable for girls who want to cut short hair, but can't bear their long hair. Because it looks long hair from one angle, but short hair from another angle. So I say that the jellyfish haircut takes into account the characteristics of long hair and short hair. It has both the chicness of short hair and the gentleness of long hair. The style is very unique, how you want to try, I think it is a good try.

3. More hair volume

We don't recommend people with a lot of hair to try this cut. The effect of the cut is just not as good as the one with less hair. Because the jellyfish haircut quality is too hard to cut, it will be rough and uneven, and the round head shape will make the head appear round and big, and if the style is different, it will be out of place.

jellyfish haircut

Ⅲ. What kind of person is suitable for jellyfish haircut?

1. People with thin hair

As mentioned earlier, the jellyfish haircut will make the hair more volume, because the multi-layer can make the hair more fluffy. The hair is hard and the volume is too much, but it can't show the shape of the jellyfish cut.

jellyfish haircut

2. People who have not full head shape

jellyfish haircut

The head shape is full, but thejellyfish cut will make the head bigger and rounder. If you trim the head shape with jellyfish haircut, it will make the head shape more smooth.



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