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True Indian Hair - All you need to know is here

Oct 29,2023 | Bailee

True Indian Hair is very much in the limelight these days. Many women like to choose this type of hair as an accent to make their hairstyle look fuller. So, why has it gained so much recognition? Let's find the answer in this article.

What is True Indian Hair?

What is True Indian Hair?

True Indian Hair is the hair that is collected from Indian people. This kind of hair is one of the very famous hair in the market today. Not only is it high quality, but it also comes in a variety of hair types. Indian hair has light, breathable and bouncy properties that make it easy to style. If you are looking for naturally wavy or curly hair, True Indian Hair is for you.

What makes Indian hair popular?

When it comes to True Indian Hair, we must think of its wide range of textures, from slight waves to thick curls. If you want to have a natural wavy hair look without going through any styling process, Indian hair can definitely satisfy your requirements. There are three main types of Indian hair, namely naturally straight, naturally wavy and naturally curly.

Does True Indian Hair have the best quality?

Although the quality of Indian hair has always been highly acclaimed, there are no absolutes in everything. The answer to this question depends on which type of Indian hair you choose. If you choose virgin Indian hair, which is also known as chemically unprocessed Indian human hair, the quality of this Indian hair is the best. If you buy chemically treated hair, the quality of this type of Indian hair is not considered the best.

How long does Indian hair last?

How long does Indian hair last?

With proper care and maintenance, virgin Indian hair can last for 12 months or more. If you are looking for hair that is both durable and high quality, then Indian hair is definitely a smart choice. But it's also important to keep your eyes open when buying and choose a reliable brand to ensure that you get hair that meets your expectations.

Can True Indian Hair be colored or styled with heated tools?

If it's virgin Indian hair, you can certainly bleach, dye, and use heated tools to style it differently. This is because Indian human hair that has not been processed with chemicals can behave exactly the same as your natural hair. But don't forget to use a heat protectant before using a heating tool.

What types of products made from True Indian Hair are available in the market?

Indian hair extensions: machine hair extensions, hand hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, band hair extensions, i-tip, u-tip, hair extensions.

Indian hair wigs: various sizes of lace front wigs, various sizes of lace closure Indian hair wigs, 360° lace wigs, etc.

How to distinguish between Indian hair and Vietnamese hair?

How to distinguish between Indian hair and Vietnamese hair?

India and Vietnam are two very famous Asian hair sources. You may be wondering what is the difference between them, so let us introduce you the difference between these two types of hair.

Indian Hair

1. Texture

From slight wavy body to thick curly hair are in the range of natural textures of Indian hair. Of course, wavy body is the most popular texture for True Indian Hair. It can be easily found in any wig store and is favored by most women, especially black women. Indian hair also has a good density that provides bounce and volume.

2. Color

The natural color of Indian hair is black, dark brown, and somewhere in between the two colors. Therefore, you have more than one color to choose from. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of this hair type.

Vietnamese Hair

1. Texture

Vietnamese hair is known for its strong and thick strands, which makes it one of the most durable natural hair in the world. If Indian hair only offers you slightly wavy textures or deep curls, you can find bone straight patterns from Vietnamese hair products. Vietnamese hair is also available in incredible lengths and you can even purchase Vietnamese hair bundles of 30 inches or more.

2. Color

The common shade of Vietnamese hair is black and very shiny. It can also be easily bleached and dyed to a different color. Between Indian hair and Vietnamese hair, it is hard to say which is better. Depending on your own preference, you can have a good choice between the two. You can contact your hair stylist to choose the right type of hair for you.

Who can use True Indian Hair?

Who can use True Indian Hair?

Of course, all women and even men can use Indian hair. It offers basic textures and colors that can blend well with many types of natural hair. However, those who like Indian hair the most are African American women, especially those who are looking for a natural look. This is because the natural state of Indian hair, including color and texture, is very flattering to black women. Even chemically treated Indian hair can still offer a wide range of styles and colors. In addition, its roughness helps to maintain curls over time, which is what African-American women are looking for.


Is True Indian Hair worth your investment? With all the suggestions presented above, we hope that this article has helped you to better understand Indian hair, as well as make a good choice for yourself. Whatever you choose, don't forget to find a reliable wig brand. Otherwise, the wig hair you get will definitely be different from what you imagined and will not meet your expectations. If you are looking for hair products made from real Indian human hair such as Indian weaves, hair extensions, or wigs, Donmily Hair can be a trustworthy place for you to choose from.

What is special about Indian hair?

Indian hair is lustrous and thick, making it more flexible and durable than other hair. Its beautiful texture and naturally dark color works well for hair weaving applications. Indian Hair can be styled to achieve any look you want while the hair maintains its natural beauty and lasts for a very long time

What hair type is Indian hair?

Indian curly hair usually falls in Type 2 and Type 3 categories. Read on to find out more about your correct curl pattern. This hair type has a tousled wavy texture. There are definite S patterns at the ends of the hair, and the strands are fine in diameter.

What does Indian hair feel like?

To ensure you have quality Raw Indian hair run a strand between your thumb and index finger. The hair strand should feel smooth going downwards towards the direction of hair growth, however you should feel some resistance as you move your fingers in the opposite direction.




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The shipping time of the hair depends on where it is dispatched. We have warehouses based in both China and the US. It takes 2 to 5 working days to arrive from US warehouse, and 4 to 7 working days from China warehouse.
Please contact us first and let us know your order id. Then we will provide you with instructions and a return address to ship the hair back. All returned items will be inspected to see if you are qualified for a refund.