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Skunk Stripe Highlights Hairstyles You Need to Know and Recommendations

Aug 25,2023 | Meru

Tired of being torn between 2 of your favorite colors when it comes to your tresses? Easily one of the trendiest solutions to date, skunk stripe highlights are refreshingly bold! First seen in the late 90s and early 2000s, these spunky stripes offer a contemporary twist on a throwback treasure.

With a dark head of locks accentuated by surrounding lighter color blocks or vice versa, you'll stay the subject of conversation for weeks to come! Keep checking out to discover more about this rockstar influenced hair trend and find how to attain the search for yourself:

I. What Is Skunk Stripe Hair?

Opportunities are, when you think about a skunk, you see its signature fluffy black mane kissed by contrasting white stripes. The Skunk Stripe does the same, color blocking 2 shades and bringing their contrast to life.

All You Need to Know About Skunk Stripe Hair

While the original Skunk Stripe includes a combination of a pearly platinum blonde and raven black, any shades that rest on opposite ends of the color wheel will work well together. From chestnut brown and pumpkin orange for an ode to Autumn, to dark violet kissed by robin's egg blue for significant pixie vibes, the possibilities are endless.

Whether appealing stripes on the sides of your tresses, a brave and jaw-dropping compromise look, or boldly blended, contrasting leading and bottom layers, you just can't go wrong no matter what you decide.

II. Skunk Stripe Hair vs Money Piece Hair - What's the Difference?

So just what makes the skunk stripe hallmark different from the oh-so-popular money piece emphasize? After all, they both require 2 or more contrasting colors for the end outcome. Here are a couple of distinctions that will assist you inform these statement styles apart:

While the money piece in some cases pairs tones that are a couple shades apart, the skunk stripe is everything about heavy contrast.

Skunk Stripe hair and money piece hair

The money piece emphasize is understood for framing the face, normally at the front of the hair. The skunk stripe can be anywhere - front, back, sides, and even compromise.

Lastly, money piece highlights generally consist of a featured highlighted location. Skunk stripes can be thick or thin and used throughout the whole hairstyle.

Put simply, the skunk stripe is two-tone hair, not necessarily in just one location. With this color blocking trend, delight in a chunky colored front or a peekaboo hue below the primary color - explore your alternatives and have a good time with it!

III. Skunk Stripe Hair Inspirations

1. Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Banged Black Soft Wavy Bob

If you desire the more subtle method to your skunk stripe, this traditional mix of a warm, brilliant platinum and a cool jet black delivers a notable, yet classy contrast. As the name suggests, this color duo perfectly mirrors that of a skunk, making it one of the most popular color combinations.

Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Black Banged Soft Wave Bob

With sassy bangs framing the face, the pairing with a large, shoulder-length gently waved bob is merely genius. Believe '90s lady next door as you become influenced by this spunky swirl.

2. Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Black Loose Waved Hair

A piercing platinum and a cool onyx work perfectly in tandem on brief hairs and long locks, which is constantly a plus.

With a blonde skunk stripe framing the faces, starting at the roots for a thicker, more popular highlighted area, you'll love directing your inner Y2K prissy princess! Lindsey Lohan would be proud as you pay homage to her trendy style of the other day showcasing a duo of colors.


3. 613 Blonde Peek-A-Boo/Underdye Skunk Stripe

What better way to display your split choice than by showcasing your skunk stripe in a fun peek-a-boo style? Show off your whimsical platinum highlight with a little face framing in the front. Include a tip of surprise with a color block of the brilliant tone looking beneath the main midnight hair. Use your own copycat variation of Christina Aguilera's unforgettable two-toned tresses of the early 2000's by pairing this cookies 'n' cream look with luxurious, lengthy straight locks.

 613 Blonde Peekaboo Skunk Strip

4. Gray Skunk Stripe with Black Soft Waves

When Storm from X-Men fulfills Lily Munster, the after-effects is anything but frightening contrary to common belief. (That is, at least when it concerns hair!) Live life on the edge by pairing an unique, spunky silver skunk stripe with a head of ebony locks. With an icy crown resting at the front of your tresses, you'll deliver more style to your elegantly wavy finish.

 Gray Skunk Stripe with Black Soft Waves

5. honey blonde skunk stripe on 2B Colored Wavy Hair

If you're thinking that your brand-new highlighted hairstyle needs to be loud and eccentric, think again. Some prefer a more refined method to their color obstructing, which is just as effective and fashionable. (Even Queen Bey herself has actually been identified rocking a comparable look, and if any person knows hair fashion, it's Beyonce!) If you want a more professional appearance, think about matching a warm honey blonde with deep black soft waves cascading down the shoulders.


Donmily Long Wolf Cut Curtain Bangs Brunette Chestnut With Blonde Highlights Lace Front Wave Wigs
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6. Honey Blonde Skunk Stripe on Black Coils

For all those naturalistas out there, you will be happy to know that this emphasize trend looks amazing on any hair texture! Thankfully, the just crucial aspect is having two contrasting colors in lively juxtaposition with each other. You might select a wild, distinctively dynamic color at the front of your mane, or keep things classy with a light or honey blonde on natural coils.

 Dark Blonde Skunk Stripe on Black Coils

7. Honey Blonde Skunk Stripe on Chestnut Brown Loose Waves

If you like the way a good toasted blonde rests on your mane, instead of matching it with black, how about going a little bit lighter? Offer your hairs a delicious mocha frappe appearance with a honey blonde skunk stripe swirled throughout chestnut brown waves. Show off the volume and measurement of your curls with a lovely side part.

 Honey Blonde Skunk Stripe on Chestnut Brown Loose Waves

8. Shamrock Green Skunk Stripe

Given That Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, and Rihanna are all no strangers to the extravagant life, there's a reason why they have actually all been seen with money-colored locks! Time to step out the box and turn heads with an emerald highlighted appearance dancing through dark black locks. You can even add more of a wow element by adding the skunk stripe to the roots of your hair for a bold surface.

 Shamrock Green Skunk Stripe

9. Lime Green Skunk Stripe on Long Black Loose Waves

On the other hand, you might be more of the "live out loud" type, which is why you'll enjoy leaving them green with envy with this strong skunk stripe combination. This performance bodies the alternative look, matching a vibrant and bright lime green with dark, raven black hairs. With these sweeping, shoulder-length soft waves, you'll send them rocking with an ode to the beginning of the new millennium. Take pleasure in the consequences of when goth woman satisfies bombshell! Farewell boring, hello Billie Eilish!

 Lime Green Skunk Stripe

10. Peony Pink Skunk Stripe on Black Deep Waves

There's something about the softness of pink that leaves us yearning more of its girlish appeal. With hints of peony dancing throughout this dark black hair of deep waves, notice the lighter hue boosts the definition of the appearance. When a skunk stripe catches the eye while accentuating the voluminous texture, all you have to do is show up - the fierceness deals with the rest!

 Peony Pink Skunk Stripe

11. Bubblegum Pink Skunk Stripe on Chocolate Bob

The bob hairstyle and pink tresses fit like peanut butter and jelly for some reason! From Kelly Osborne and Nicki Minaj, to obviously none besides Pink herself, we've seen plenty of examples throughout the years of just how bold a pink blunt cut is. Tone it down a notch with a chunky color block of bubblegum pink that will hug your face perfect. Notification how the pairing of pink eyeshadow even more highlights the playful shade as the cool chocolate brown tone mixes perfectly in the background. The blunt cut bob design functions as the icing on the cake. Unsure of which bob will look finest on you? Prior to you decide, make certain to take a look at a couple of bob hairstyle choices.

 Bubblegum Pink Skunk Stripe on Chocolate Bob

12. hot pink skunk stripe on Long Black Soft Waves

So we've got sugar and spice - now let's double down on the "whatever good" with more stylishly pink antics! Instead of going with a soft, subtle tone, how about switching things up with a jaw-dropping hot pink skunk stripe? Bella Thorne ended up being the topic of conversation as she put on a head loaded with intense pink tresses therefore will you! Turn heads with a couple of hints of magenta near your face, leaving the rest dripping from the ends of your attractive obsidian waves.

 Hot Pink Skunk Stripe on Long Black Soft Waves

13. Strawberry Pink Skunk Stripe on Charcoal Black Straight Locks

If you desire observers to focus more on your hair color than the texture, a chunky color block of strawberry pink is a guaranteed way to do it! Bring "The Pinkprint" to life with a thick, punch-hued stripe right at the front of your mane in an extremely Nicki Minaj-like style. Imitate the rap icon's design even more with pink highlights glancing beneath your dark contrasting locks.

 Strawberry Pink Skunk Stripe on Charcoal Black Straight Locks

14. Barbie Pink Bottom Peek-A-Boo Skunk Stripe on Black Banged Ponytail

Do you enjoy serving sass with a classic unpleasant bun? How about turning heads with a strong high ponytail? If you find yourself typically sweeping your hairs up, leaving the back of your hair exposed, consider a flattering half-and-half look. By placing a raspberry-hued skunk stripe at the back of your mane, you'll provide an extraordinary edge to your surrounding dark hairs.

 Barbie Pink Bottom Peekaboo Skunk Stripe

15. Flamingo & Magenta Pink Blended Skunk Stripe on Plum Soft Waves

Mentioning unforgettable, there are couple of edgy styles that can compete with a perfectly blended multi-color skunk stripe. Can't choose which shade of pink fits you best? Try them all, we state! Bring lively vibes with face-framing highlights that feature tips of both soft and hot pink. Notice how instead of surrounding jet black locks, this design showcases a warmer violet shade for a contrast that shouts "rockstar.".

 Flamingo & Magenta Pink Blended Skunk Stripe on Plum Soft Waves

16. Red Skunk Stripe Body Waves

Red has actually constantly functioned as a fantastic highlight hue, bouncing playfully off of cool, darker tresses with a spicy hot style all its own. This is precisely why crimson is the perfect hue for a flawless skunk stripe! Notification how the lively strawberry mixes perfectly throughout the featured black body waves for an eye-catching surface. The fiery-tipped ends seal the offer - this look is absolutely a scorcher and sure to bring the heat!

 Red Skunk Stripe Body Waves

17. Candy Red Skunk Stripe on Black Zig Zag Coils.

Songstress Rihanna is constantly seen turning heads with gorgeous tones of red in her hair, ranging from a deep plum to fire truck red tresses. As we've seen, highlights are timelessly gorgeous on natural locks also. With such an enthusiastic hue surrounding your face, your pals won't have the ability to assist however like your fiery red skunk stripe swimming versus a head of dark coils.

 Candy Red Skunk Stripe on Black Zig Zag Coils

18. Ash Blonde Skunk Stripe on Ginger Loose Waves

If you keep in mind anything about the 90's, you know just how iconic Geri Halliwell's face framing highlights were at the time. After all, with a name like "Ginger Spice," the hair certainly needed to match! Similar to Geri's famous appearance, this style showcases lovely ginger-hued loose waves kissed by a fine hint of intense blonde in the front. Notification a much heavier color block of ash resting below reddish-bronze tresses for a wowing peek-a-boo effect. Speak about "enlivening your life!".

 Ash Blonde Skunk Stripe on Ginger Loose Waves

19. Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Burgundy Loose Waves

Anytime you choose to sport a head of voluminous 99 J-toned tresses, everybody understands you mean business! Paired with prolonged loose waves and a middle part that is area on trend, this intense blonde skunk stripe is small and subtle, however reliable. Leave 2 little highlighted locations near your face to seemingly brighten and expand your eyes.

 Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Burgundy Loose Waves

IV. Customize Your Skunk Stripe Hair Your Way with Donmily.

Because the 90s, these highlights have actually been all about tons of contrast and standing out from the crowd. Now that you're all set to rock your own skunk stripe, will you opt for contrasting curtain bangs or colored layered strands? Will you keep it basic with one highlighted strand standing as the star of the show in an ocean of deep, dark waves?

No matter what you decide, the very best way to keep your natural hair safe and safeguarded from damage is to select a quality lace front wig. Here at Donmily Hair, each system is made using just 100% Virgin human hair. With expert quality HD or Clear Lace innovation for the best crisis, integrated with measurements that are true to length and density, you'll delight in a beauty parlor motivated appearance with every delivery. Take a look at our emphasize wigs and finish your appearance with the best skunk stripe today!




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