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Peekaboo Underdye Highlights For Fun

Aug 26,2023 | Meru

On the surface it looks black, put it in a ponytail or swing it around and you can see green, red, blonde or any other colorful hair color you can think of. This feeling can be quite mysterious, as if you never know what is hidden underneath the surface of things that are not known to be attractive. This is it, the underdye hairstyle.

About Underdye/Peekaboo Hairstyle

Peekaboo highlights are colored locks hidden under the leading layer of hair. While using the hair down, these hair highlights generally can not be seen, specifically when the hair has no movement. With peekaboo hair, this highlighting technique is perfect for females who are expert, yet want to be bold.

The guidelines of standard hair coloring have actually been breaking down over the last few years. We're seeing a lot more innovative interpretations, from bright and vibrant tones to soft pastel colors all over, and from dip-dyed ends to the most recent color pattern.

Prior to your next hair appointment, check out these photo concepts of peekaboo highlights this year!

# 1: Pink peekaboo highlights on blonde hair

Pink Peekaboo Highlights on Blonde Hair

Attempt pink peekaboo highlights on your blonde hair to include a fun twist to your locks. If your hair is already light, including pink, or another fun color will be a breeze. In my professional experience, the lighter the hair, the truer the color deposit will look. If your hair is yellow and you put blue on top, it might turn green. To combat this, do a pre-tone that counteracts the yellow in your hair. You'll have a good even canvas.

# 2: Layered Hair with Blonde Highlights and Blue Peekaboo Highlights

Layered Hair with Blonde Highlights and Blue Peekaboo Highlights

Attempt a mid-length haircut with layers of blonde highlights and a couple of strands of pop-in blue peekaboo highlights for a remarkable look! The tips of blue work much better if you have natural light hair.

# 3: Gorgeous Burgundy Peekaboo Highlights

Gorgeous Burgundy peekaboo highlights

Try burgundy peekaboo highlights if you're aiming to alter your current brunette hair. The burgundy color will include immediate shine and dimension to your hairs! Add some shine spray to leave a luxe effect.

# 4: Edgy Yellow Peekaboo Highlights

Edgy yellow peekaboo highlights

Yellow peekaboo highlights are easy to show off in the front or tuck away. Perfect if you like a little flare however can't fully devote to it. You can reveal it off with curls or a braid. For this highlight, you'll require to bleach out your hair if it is naturally dark or be a level 8+ to make the yellow pop even more.

# 5: Subtle Blonde Peekaboo Highlights on Brown Hair

Subtle blonde peekaboo highlights on brown hair

Opt for blonde peekaboo highlights on brown hair. This brown-blonde mix simulates the dimensional color of the ever-so-popular balayage without the high cost point. blonde peekaboo hair is for you if you're aiming to include some subtle measurement and playfulness to your appearance. Due to the concealed root (thus the name peek-a-boo), it's a very low-maintenance service if you do not check out the salon frequently.

# 6: Chunky Copper Peekaboo Highlights

Chunky Copper Peekaboo Highlights

Attempt a violet red with a mix of copper peekaboos, in a chunky emphasize. The oldness that the copper peekaboos have against the deep caramel red hair coloris sensational. You need to be all set to maintain such red peekaboo hair as reds and coppers fade fast. You will require to use professional color-safe shampoo and conditioner that will assist prolong the tone's vibrancy, such as a copper hair shampoo.

# 7: Modern Orchid Peekaboo Highlights

Modern Orchid Peekaboo Highlights

Try dark rich chocolate brown with a vibrant pop of color orchid violet peekaboo highlights beneath. These colors are best for fading, along with starting darker and permitting time to fade to pastel and provide you a whole makeover. The underlying layer of vivids permits your color to only be visible when your want it to be noticeable.

# 8: Hidden Teal Peekaboo Highlights on Short Hair

Hidden Teal Peekaboo Highlights on Short Hair

Opt for teal peekaboo highlights on blonde, brief hair, for a contemporary classic. The color and its placement are the last step to cohesively making this peekaboo highlights + brief hair appropriate. Color choice should be fit to your lifestyle. Placement of the color must likewise be complementary to your face shape and assistance highlight an area of the hair."

# 9: Dark red peekaboo highlights on Dark Hair

Dark Red Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Hair

Peekaboo highlights on dark hair are a subtle yet fun method to have that extra pop of color on your natural color. Try this dark red hair color to add dimension if you're a brunette, or you can include pastel pink highlights in a brilliant blonde color for a fun, fresh appearance. This color is an extremely manageable, low-maintenance design since the peekaboo pieces are hidden throughout the hair. Peekaboo highlights can be done on any hair color, length, or face shape.

# 10: Dark Purple Peekaboo Highlights on Medium Brown Hair

dark purple peekaboo highlights on medium brown hair

Peekaboo highlights on medium brown hair with tips of blue are universal, and a terrific way to evaluate out fashion shades. You can also have the fun color you've always desired without feeling over the top. The placement of these highlights can vary with each woman, however usually, a few pieces in the front interior of the hair will produce the best look!

# 11: Bright Pink Hair Highlights Underneath Light Brown Hair

Bright Pink Hair Highlights Underneath Light Brown Hair

Opt for brilliant pink highlights under brown hair if you desire an enjoyable color, but also require to be able to conceal it when you're at work, this hair color is a terrific option. Style colors are ending up being more and more popular and peek-a-boo panels are a terrific method for women to check the waters. Keep in mind that fashion colors don't last very long and they need to be done every 4 to eight weeks to keep them looking vibrant.

# 12: Light Red Peekaboo Highlights on Light Blonde Hair

Light Red Peekaboo Highlights on Light Blonde Hair

Go for light red peekaboo highlights on long hair for a simple way to boost a daily appearance. You can quickly include a pop of color throughout the bottom to create dimension and include a little enjoyable to a typical color! Utilize a semi-permanent color so that it does fade out faster than a long-term color (about one to 2 months longevity) if you do not want a long-lasting dedication. You should use a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner to make the color last and remain fresh. This color is simple to conceal in times you're feeling tamer, and easy to display when you want to rock the enjoyable color!"

# 13: Sleek Black Hair with Grey Peekaboo Highlights

Sleek Black Hair with Grey Peekaboo Highlights

Try grey peekaboo highlights on naturally dark hair for a low-maintenance look. You won't have to touch them up whenever you get your hair done since the roots are hidden. Nevertheless, grey tends to fade extremely rapidly. A custom-made Fabuloso conditioner is among the very best paths to keep the color. This look is best for our medium browns to blonde-haired ladies, depending upon how dark your hair is will depend on the number of actions and appointments it will take to get you to platinum blonde.

# 14: Natural Blonde Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Natural Blonde Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Take advantage of your natural dark hairs as you conceal some pops of blonde peekaboo accents in them. These blonde peekaboo highlights on dark brown hair fit your collarbone-length cut. A wispy fringe will be such a terrific addition to flatter your round face shape.




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