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Kpop Stars Trending Appearance 2022

Oct 15,2023 | Meru


K-Pop idols not just attract attention for their skill and design of dress. It is difficult not to be drawn in to the hairdo when we see a music video or a discussion of our favorite idols. After all, idols surprise us with brand-new hairstyles and hair colors with every comeback.

If you want to revitalize your hairdo this year, why not take inspiration from Korean idols? They are best, motivating, and setting patterns. Plus, they look so stunning in their designs that they hardly go unnoticed. Don't we also wish to attract attention thanks to our appearances? To take your design to another level this year, remain on Korean Fashion Trends to learn more about the most iconic K-Pop idol hairdos to motivate your look in 2022. Keep reading till the end!

Jang Wonyoung hairstyle

Which K-Pop idol has the best hairdo?

If you wish to alter your style this year, check out this list of the 7 most iconic K-Pop idol hairstyles to influence your look in 2022. All these idols are a motivation to try frequently radical changes. Here are the hairdos you can attempt in 2022.


And to begin this list of the most renowned K-Pop idol hairdos to inspire your look in 2022, we have Jisoo. However from now on, we alert you that you will see more than one design of Jisoo in this list.

Jisoo Looked Godly with See-Through Bangs and Light Makeup at BLACKPINK's  Recent Airport Appearance - Koreaboo

Why? Because she is one of the present idols that most inspires with her hairstyle modifications.

Whatever looks fantastic on her! And although Jisoo does not often use bangs, with this appearance, BLACKPINK fans constantly reveal love for her because of how charming she looks.

Jisoo's image constantly has an elegant and stylish touch. In this way, she takes the bangs to another level. Jisoo, with this look, will definitely motivate you to attempt this hairstyle.


Minnie, the Thai K-Pop Idol from (G) I-DLE, is the 2nd on this list of most iconic K-Pop idol hairdos to motivate your look in 2022. She stands apart thanks to her cherry-red hair. Did you know that cherry red hair has a stunning rosy red shade that complements lots of skin tones? So, that is how it is.

For that reason, it's a best choice for those who are experimenting with a vibrant shade for the first time. Nevertheless, you have to think about that such a strong shade will need the right makeup and clothing to match. Minnie wore orange eye makeup with a sheer red lip. That completely matches the color of her hair. Why? Because red and orange are a fiery and ideal combination.

Because of that, we recommend keeping away from bright red lipstick since the color will clash with hair. Much better to choose pure and soft red colors, as well as corals. Those will work fine.


The bob cut is a popular haircut in Korea. Numerous idols have actually utilized it. It's such a popular cut that, several years back, a girl group debuted under the name Bob Girls. They were not really popular idols, even when they revealed a great deal of talent.

However, they had that name because they all had the bob cut when they debuted. That can give you a concept of the degree of the cut's popularity.

Jihyo from Twice was one of the idols that everyone fell for her bob cut. She used to use it with waves. That developed a lovely and even sophisticated effect.

Because of that, this cut is a need to amongst the most renowned K-Pop idol hairstyles to influence your look in 2022.


As assured, Jisoo once again appears in this list of a lot of renowned K-Pop idol hairdos to motivate your look in 2022. This time she does it with her purple hair.

Among the most exotic colors that Jisoo has actually used is purple. The idol painted her hair with an intense tone and metal information.

Her fantasy colors fit her perfectly, although her more natural styles are her favorites (like her iconic black hair.).

If you want it, like Jisoo, you too can step out of your convenience zone to use bolder hair colors.


The boys of BTS constantly surprise us with gorgeous hairdos.

Not for absolutely nothing do they drive their fans insane with each resurgence.

Park jimin with silver hair oh my lawd | Park jimin, Jimin, Bts jimin

If you want to try a vibrant color, you can take inspiration from Jimin when he wore silver hair.

Although this option, amongst the most renowned K-Pop idol hairstyles to influence your look in 2022, is dangerous, it is worth it.

Just attempt to take excellent care of your hair after doing it.


Since AESPA's launching, the ladies have actually caught the attention of numerous. They have actually done so thanks to their uncommon and attractive idea and thanks to their talent.

 Kpopalypse Fashion Class – Karina | KPOPALYPSE

However, their hairdos have likewise been the focus of attention. That is why Karina, with her blue hair, becomes part of the most iconic K-Pop idol hairdos to inspire your look in 2022. Lots of Korean idols have actually just recently colored their hair blue.

Thanks to that, we can see that blue hair is gaining popularity. Karina used her blue hair really stylishly. The deep and metallic blue tone of Karina from AESPA is gorgeous and best.

Why? Since it's not super bright, but it sticks out. That's why it's a good choice for people who want to attempt an unusual hair color however feel they can't do it yet because of shyness. Also, colors like green and orange complement blue. If you are using this shade, you ought to consider purchasing green and orange clothes or accessories to match your hair for a better appearance.


We open and close this list of the most iconic K-Pop idol hairdos to inspire your look in 2022 with Jisoo. In this last chance, we have her wave design. It is among Jisoo's hairdos that the blinks liked one of the most. 

BLACKPINK fans have fallen in love with Jisoo's new hairstyle and vibe |  allkpop

It is a brown tone that combs making waves with a natural appearance. This change allowed us to see a new hairstyle of her.We always saw her with completely straight hair. Jisoo continues to show that changes are constantly flattering.


Know the most iconic K-Pop idol hairstyles to motivate your look in 2022 to break out of your comfort zone. Although numerous idols choose more natural designs, everyone constantly wears more dangerous hairstyles at some time. If you want to take your hairdo to the next level, then attempt among these 7 most renowned K-Pop idol hairstyles to motivate your look in 2022. That way, we assure you that you will have the ability to sport a hairstyle as fascinating as one of them. What is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!

What is Korean haircut called female?

Oval bob This one is done with long bangs at the end of the hair and shorter ones in the middle. This is a cute haircut that takes off years from your age and gives your face a fresher and younger look. It also involves forehead fringes, especially good for those with a wider forehead.

What is the most popular hairstyle in Korea?

Medium-Length Hair With Face-Flaming Layers This flattering cut is one of the most popular hairstyles in Korea. Layers from bottom to face line create a soft texture that when curled into loose waves look completely natural and effortless.




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