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How To Make Wig Hairline Look Natural

Aug 09,2023 | Donmily Hair

Wigs, particularly human hair wigs are designed to make you feel good and confident. But how well you look and feel depends on how well you wear the wig. If you have ever seen a celebrity wearing a wig, you have no doubt wondered how to make a wig part look natural. The truth it, there are some tips and tricks that you can employ to make your wig look as natural as possible.

Here, we look at how to make a wig hairline look natural. The process is relatively simple and with practice, you can easily fool everyone into thinking your wig is the real thing.

1. How to make your wig look real?

The following are the ten steps to follow when you want to make a lace front look real:

Step 1: Choose your Style that can create a natural hairline look

This is a crucial step that most people skip. But it is vital if you are going to make your wig look natural. A good wig is a significant investment and before you make the purchase, it is important to consider a few things. Are you going to wear the wig in different styles? Will you take it off at night before you go to sleep? Do you want to leave some of your natural hair?

These questions will help you determine the type of wig you want. For example, if you want to leave some of your hair in the front, it may be a good idea to purchase a wig with bangs on the hairline to make it easy to slip on and off, this will help you make your hairline look natural. If you don't want to heat treat the hair that you leave out of the wig, buying a wig that matches your hair texture may be a good idea. If on the other hand, you want a wig that will completely hide your hair, the best solution is a full lace wig.

full lace wig

Step 2: Take your Measurements to make natural hairline wig

The next step is to take measurements of your head. While most wigs are adjustable with elastic caps, there are still some that come in different sizes. It is, therefore, a good idea to take the measurements of your head to ensure that you are getting a cap that will fit perfectly.

To measure your head for a wig cap, use a cloth measuring tape and make sure that your hair is flat-styled for accuracy. Using the tap measure, get the circumference of your head. This is the distance from your hairline to your nape, from one ear to the other, temple to temple and nape to nape.

Step 3: Bleach the Knots

If you are choosing to buy a lace wig with human hair, it is important to flip the wig inside out and then bleach the knots on the hairpiece. This is because the hair sown into the lace in tiny knots can look unnatural when you put the wig on.

Most people find the process of bleaching their own hair or a wig intimidating. But all you have to remember is, when bleaching the knots, make the bleach thicker than you would if you were bleaching your own hair. This will prevent the bleach from seeping through the lace and lightening your hair and make your wig hairline look natural.

Step 4: Pluck the Hairs

The next step in making your wig look natural is plucking some of the hairs on the wig’s hairline. You need to do this because some wigs have thick hairlines that don’t look at all natural. Tweezing is the best way to remove some of the hairs and get the density of the hairline to appear more natural. Put the wig on your head and use a mirror to pluck the hair. This will make it easier for you to judge the thickness of the hairline as you pluck.

Step 5: Choose your Braid Pattern

Once you have customized the hairline of the wig, it is time to choose the best braid pattern for your hair. Most stylists consider this the most important step since if your braids are flat, then the wig will lay flat on your head. It is also important to make sure that the parting of the braids is in the right direction. It is recommended that you twist the hair in the direction of the wig part. This way, when you put on the wig, you see skin and not braids,you will get your wig hairline look natural.

Step 6: Cut the Lace, but only after you wear the Wig

lace front wigs often come with a large piece of lace at the hairline. This lace can be secured at the forehead to make it look like the scalp, but it is necessary to cut the lace to fit the frame of your face. Before you cut the lace, though, it is necessary to out the wig on your head first. This will allow you to see exactly where you want the lace to stop. Once you’ve decided, you can then put it on a mannequin head to cut the lace just as you want it to be.

lace wig

Step 7: Get a Custom Cut

Since cutting the wig is the most important aspect of the process, you may want to get some help. Many stylists recommend that you take the wig to a salon to get a stylist to cut and style the wig to suit your natural hair.

Step 8: Apply the Wig

Once you have the perfect cut, it is now time to apply the wig. This process will determine how natural the wig looks. If you want the wig to stay on for a few days, stylists recommend using a light adhesive to hold the wig in place. But you must be sure to use the glue correctly as some types of glue can damage the edges.

If you don't want to use adhesive, you can use bobby pins to keep the wig secure. But it is important to place the pins at the left and right side of the crown.

Step 9: Use Dry Shampoo

As soon as your wig is securely on your head, it is time to style the hair. One of the coolest ways to keep the wig looking natural is to spray it with dry shampoo. This is because some wigs, especially synthetic ones tend to look unnaturally shiny and dry shampoo can remove some of the shine to make the strands look more real.

Step 10: Blend the Wig

The final step is to blend the wig's hairline with your own to making wig look natural. You do this using makeup. Lightly brush the hairline part with concealer to ensure that the lace is an exact match of your skin color.

And you're done! As you can see the process is not very complicated, something that you can easily do from the comfort of your home.




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