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Everything You Need To Know Before Dyeing Your Human Hair Wig

Aug 09,2023 | Bella

Not satisfied with a single-color wig and want to dye a human hair wig by yourself at home? We really know what you think, and the truth is that if you really want to dye your human hair wig, you can do it because a human hair wig with superior quality is essentially the same as human hair, so you can dye your human hair wig without worrying about it, but only if you use the right method so that you can dye your human hair wig without harming it. Hair wig without harming the human hair wig. So, what do you need to do before you dye your human hair wig? This blog will tell you all the answers.

1. Careful brushing of human hair wig

Ⅰ. Can I dye my synthetic hair?

If you like to change the color of your hair and give it a new look,  we highly recommend buying a human hair wig instead of synthetic hair. But why? Many girls want to wear wigs but don't want to spend too much money, so they choose synthetic wigs. can synthetic wigs be dyed? The answer is yes. But according to the advice of many professional bloggers and expert guidance, try not to dye synthetic wigs. Because synthetic wigs are made of chemicals, dyeing will make your synthetic wig very frizzy and easy to knot, if you must dye your own synthetic wig, my advice to you is to buy a synthetic wig of another color, because synthetic wigs are cheap and dyeing synthetic wigs is not a cost-effective act.

Ⅱ. Should I bleach my human hair wig before dyeing it?

dye human hair wig
It depends on the coloring you want, if you want the human hair wig to be brown or black then you don't have to bleach your human hair wig because black and brown are easy to achieve. If the color you want is light ginger or blonde, then I suggest you must bleach your human hair wig first, because the dark color to light color needs to remove the original color first, and then dye your hair with the light color you want, so that your human hair wig can look more natural. Of course, if you buy a human hair wig of the type 613 wigs from Donmily, then you do not need to bleach it, because the property of this human hair wig is that the color is very light, so you can dye it as you like without bleaching it at all.

Ⅲ. how to dye a human hair wig without staining the lace?

We have a total of two ways you can dye your human hair wig without staining the lace: water dyeing human hair wig and carefully brushing human hair wig.

1. Careful brushing of human hair wig

you should prepare some tools: a mannequin, a beveled brush, gloves, a bowl, and hair dye. You can use a lot of hairspray to protect the lace before you dye the wig. Then brush the hair dye evenly on each section of hair and avoid the front of the lace.

dye human hair wig

2. Watercolor method

Watercolor method: For this method, you need to use a bottle of gel, apply the gel all around the lace before you dye a human hair wig, then use a hair dryer to dry the gel, at least for half an hour to make sure that the gel is completely dry so that your lace can be sealed, and the dye will not color your lace. You need to apply the gel around the hairline of the lace and blow dry it for at least 30 minutes before putting the wig into the water. After you have dyed the human hair wig, you just need to rinse the human hair wig with shampoo and conditioner, rinsing the gel off with it. This method is very simple and will not fail to work.

Ⅳ. The whole process of dying human hair wig

During the whole process of dying a human hair wig, you are advised to be very careful not only when you are combing the human hair wig but also when you are applying the dye. You want to make sure that every piece of your human hair wig is evenly colored, double-check that you have achieved the effect you want, and only then finally you wash the human hair wig clean with conditioner and shampoo.

dye human hair wig

Ⅴ. How do I remove the glue from the lace after dyeing a human hair wig?

If you use more glue, and you can't remove it by washing with shampoo, try rubbing alcohol, which can easily and quickly remove the glue from a human hair wig. You need to prepare a bottle of alcohol, some cotton balls, and a spray bottle. If you are lazy, you can put the alcohol in the spray bottle, spray evenly on the edge of the human hair wig coated with glue, and ten minutes later, wash off the glue with water on it. Another method is to dip a cotton ball in alcohol and wipe it on the lace, the glue can also be easily removed.

Ⅵ. Conclusion

Today we have discussed how to dye a human hair wigs without dirtying the lace, hope this blog will help you in the process of dying a human hair wig.




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