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How Do You Get A Blonde Money Piece?

Oct 09,2023 | Jessica

Blonde money piece is the current trend. You will find that blonde money piece is quite common in the field of colorful money piece hair, which also explains its popularity. So what are you waiting for, there is nothing better than making a money piece hair yourself.

blonde money piece

Ⅰ. What is blonde money piece?

What are blonde money piece? What is a money pieceMoney pieces are bright frames around the front hairline that are personalised after bleaching or lightening. This technique enhances your complexion and will grow back very softly with minimal care or maintenance.

And a blonde money piece involves hand-painting face-framing highlights into the two long bangs on the sides of your face. This is done using the balayage technique, in which the stylist hand-paints the color into the hair.

money piece

Ⅱ. Why I suggest you get a blonde money piece?

1. The blonde coloration is high, and the compatibility with money piece is high

The money piece requires the use of balayage technology, and the blond itself is suitable for various coloring techniques, including money piece.

If you want to bring a subtle update to your look, you can create a sun-kissed glow with money chips that focus the highlights around the hairline. Choose a color one or two shades lighter than your base color for a natural finish. The appeal of the money nugget is that it is great for grooming the face and will draw attention to your facial features. At the same time, the cost is low and the maintenance cost is low. This color technique works for everyone and is easier to wear because of the less contrast in blonde hair.

blonde money piece

2. Various styles, suitable for a variety of popular hair colors

Blonde money piece is widely used and can be matched with many hair colors to create a variety of different styles. Let's introduce two styles of blonde money piece.

A. Copper hair with blonde money piece

Copper is the perfect mix of bronze and red tones, making hair color rich and warm. This is a bold and bright faux shade that complements blond hair and can tone down the copper to make it easier to wear. Concentrating the blonde around the hairline and highlighting the face with a buck is a great way to combine the two shades. The result will be more contrast than adding blond money pieces all over the hair. This is a great option for drawing attention to the face. It's a technique that complements all hair textures and lengths and looks great on everyone; allowing you to update your hair with minimal effort but maximal style.copper blonde money piece


B. Red hair with blonde money piece

When it comes to red hair, special attention is usually paid to dyed streaks. In this case, you can opt for warm blonde hair, but you should also be careful not to make it too yellow. Red hair with blonde money piece is so cool.

blonde money piece

Ⅲ. How do you get a blonde money piece?

How to own a blonde money piece? It's not difficult, you can go to the barber shop or get blonde money piece at home. You just need to follow the steps.

Step 1: Roughly cut the ends of the hair

Because you're going to make the blonde money piece to have the effect of flattering your face, it's to differentiate your overall hair length. You need to modify the ends of the hair near the cheeks to facilitate the operation later.

blonde money piece

Step 2: Mix the blonde money piece dye

No matter how you color your hair, you need to mix your dyes first. Mix the colors in proportions to create the base color of the blonde money piece dye. You can prepare a special bowl for tinting dyes.

We recommend you use 10-20 volume to lighten your hair, higher volume is for darker hair color (black hair, dark brown hair), if you use it incorrectly it can cause irreversible damage to your hairs damage.

And make sure to mix your brightener and developer into a fairly runny cream so you can apply it to your hair without dripping from your hair onto the ground or clothes.

blonde money piece

Step 3: Create a bright piece of money around the hairline

Use triangular sections around the hairline. Don't be afraid to take back-to-back highlight sections. Remember to also apply your low light parts to create depth and dimension.

Your lowlights may be thicker than your highlights, but remember to keep most parts thin so you can make them nice and bright

Tip: The buck is the hairline, it's not just around the section.

blonde money piece

Step 4: Highlight hair with foils

Place foil under the part you are trying to bleach and apply the product from the middle to the ends. Apply bleach to your strands, and if you want a full color, you can go all the way to your roots. Or, if you want a balanced effect, you can just paint the parts you want to be different. When you reach the roots where natural hair starts to grow, you can blend the product diagonally for a more natural look.

Step 5: Check the color of the dyed blonde money piece

Wrap the bleached section in foil to keep the hair fully saturated for better results. Check your hair every 10-15 minutes until it's what you want. Shampoo and condition hair after treatment. According to experts, bleached hair looks yellow or buff instead of red or orange.

Step 6: Rinse and Style

After dyeing the blonde money piece you should rinse your hair with clean water. There may be some dye washed down, pay attention at this time and wear a garment that is less needed to prevent the dye from damaging your clothes.

After washing, blow dry with a hairdryer. Simply comb it with a comb.

Why do they call it the money piece?

The reason why it is called the money piece has nothing to do with the coloring technique, but it refers to the money-saving and minimal effort to achieve a maximum highlighted hair. If you scroll on the old posts back to the 2019 summer on Beyoncé's Instagram page, you can have a glance at this beauty trend.

What is money piece hair?

Money piece hair is named for the technique which will give you the expensive and glamorous look. It achieves this effect when you light the first few strands of your hair. Two strands of hair are taken at the front hairline and dyed light to create a bright face frame to achieve the uniqueness of the hairstyle.

What is the best color to make money piece hair?

You can stay subtle with an ultra-fine highlight that's reminiscent of filtered sunlight, go bold with neon colors, or stick with a classic streak of blonde, red, black, or brown to accent whatever shade you already have.




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