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How Terrible! My Lace Wig Is Shedding!

Oct 11,2023 | lya

Nowadays, most lace wigs are made from 100% human hair, which makes the hair even more fragile. When you buy your first lace wig, you may worry that it will fall off after a few uses. In fact, wigs fall off is a normal phenomenon. It's like when you walk in your house and clean your room, you find some hair on the floor. Or when you wake up in the morning, a few hairs are left on your pillow.Hair care is very important

Is there any way to stop a wig from falling out? Next, I'd like to introduce some practical techniques to avoid, or minimize the loss of lace wigs, which can help your wig last a long time and look softer and healthier. 

do not use products with high alcohol content

Tip 1: It's important to choose the right products, you must use the right product for your lace wig. Most hair products contain chemicals and alcohol that can cause hair drying, cracking and peeling. When maintaining wigs, do not use products with high alcohol content, because of these products can damage wigs. Low alcohol accuracy is the first thing we need to consider when looking for wig products, and if you really don't know what to choose, you can always consult a stylist at your local pharmacy. 
Secondly, moisturizing regularly is essential to ensure that your wig looks its best condition every day. 

wide-toothed comb
Tip 2: Use a wide-toothed comb or cushion brush to shape and comb your lace wig. When you begin to comb your wig, brush the bottom part of the hair first. At the same time, you need to hold the top part of the hair in place to avoid tangles. Make sure your wig is dry when you comb it. Try not to brush wet hair as it clumps together and is difficult to brush. 

prepare to wash a lace wig
Tip 3: Every time you prepare to wash a lace wig, the first step is to remove glue residue and other adhesives. This step can prevent and reduce unnecessary hair loss. Also, if residue accumulates over a long period of time, it can lead to baldness. 

after washing hair
Tip 4: If you want to sleep with your lace wig, you’d better sleep with a silk or satin scarf around your head that doesn't generate static from your wig. Silk pillowcases are softer and silky to the touch than cotton ones, without causing unnecessary tension and roughness to hair follicles. Both of these materials help keep your hair hydrated and prevent your hair from being pulled or damaged during sleep. This helps prevent friction, which is a major cause of peeling and tangling.
Tip 5: Don't scratch your scalp through a lace wig, because it can loosen knots and cause excessive shedding. Instead, you can pat your head. If that is non-effective, you can remove the wig and wash your natural hair with an anti-itchy shampoo. It's also important to make sure your natural hair is completely dry before putting on the wig.

Tip 6: To keep your lace wig clean when you're not using it, you can hang up the wig in a shelf or put in the wig box to keep it dry after each wash. You can also heat your wig with a hair dryer, which will separate the knots and prevent them from falling off. But make sure the hairdryer is in a cooler setting. High temperatures will damage the wig. We should pay more attention to hair care

Tip 7: Seal the knot on the lace wig with a binder. It comes in a spray bottle and is easy to apply. Just turn the wig upside down and spray the sealant on the mesh or lace. Dry completely before wearing. This sealant should be used after each wash. Make sure the wig is dry before sealing.

In the end, I hope these tips will help you avoid or minimize wig shedding and make your wig last longer and look fuller.

Is it normal for a wig to shed?

Nowadays, most lace wigs are made from 100% human hair, which makes the hair even more fragile. It is a normal condition.

How can i keep my lace from shedding?

There are many effective ways to deal with hair shedding. you can use a wide-toothed comb or cushion brush to shape and comb your lace wig.

Why does hair product is important for hair shedding?

Most hair products contain chemicals and alcohol that can cause hair drying, cracking and peeling. When maintaining wigs, do not use products with high alcohol content, because of these products can damage wigs.




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