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Find Inspiration From Celebrities To Decorate Your Crimp Hair

Oct 07,2023 | Bella

More and more retro hairstyles are taking over the fashion market, and the 80s crimped hair is the biggest winner among all the retro looks that celebrities and famous people are trying out. Read on to learn everything you need to know about crimped hair, and you're sure to reap the rewards.

I. What Is Crimping Hair?

Crimping HairCrimp hair refers to the use of hair curlers on top of long straight hair to shape the original straight hair into jagged or z-shaped curls, it looks like the wind blowing across the surface of the water wrinkled a lake, but also like the shimmering waves of the sea. crimp hair styling is the key to the choice and use of curling irons, the use of heated curling plates with a jagged shape. The design of the parallel heating plate has a wavy groove, using the principle of thermal modeling hair can achieve a wavy crimped hair look.

II. What Does Crimp Hair Look Like?

Crimp Hai

Unlike natural curls and wavy curls, crimp hair is easily distinguished from other curls by its appearance. crimp hair has a jagged look and the overall volume looks somewhat similar to kinky hair, they are both equally voluminous, but crimp hair has a bit more personality. Curlers with thin grooves are designed to produce a more voluminous and fuller crimp hair, while curlers with larger grooves will have a very consistent and neat big curly look. Often people try crimp hair with some new and bold colors or braids on top of the curls.

III. How Long Does Hair Crimping Last?

How Long Does Hair Crimping Last

It is not a permanent style, all styles created by heat styling devices are designed to last only for a short period, but there are several factors that affect how long it lasts, such as the temperature of the curler setting, the length of time the curler stays on the hair, the texture of the hair itself and the use of styling products. For the protection of the hair, it is not recommended to set the temperature too high and spray the hair with heat protection spray before curling, and choose the regular temperature. Try to limit the length of time the curler is left in your hair to ten seconds, or longer if your hair is naturally curly rather than straight. Don't forget to spray a styling product on your hair after you've finished heat styling to make it last longer.

IV. Crimp Hair Ideas On Celebrities

Some fashion trends are always driven by celebrities and stars, and so is the crimping hairstyle, so come and find new hair inspiration from celebrity crimp hair!

1. Beyonce's Sexy Voluminous Golden Brown Highlighted Crimp Hair

Beyonce's Sexy Voluminous Golden Brown Highlighted Crimp Hair
The loose curls change the stereotype of crimp hair, lazy loose curls make the overall image looks very sexy, perfect for the sun and the sea, the overall retention of the natural black hair tone but on top of this blend into the light brown and light gold highlights, so that the overall hair color looks more innovative and unique. In the hair on both sides of the cheeks, Beyonce chose face framing highlight, which not only echoes the light brown highlights but can also reflect the skin tone shinier.

2. Long Wavy Blonde And Brown Crimp Low Ponytail

Long Wavy Blonde And Brown Crimp Low Ponytail

It's not easy to create a perfect curl on top of long hair, but it's worth it from Beyonce's set of pictures, especially for taller people. The simplest look instead of the most advanced, do a good job of preparation before curling your hair, some small clips are essential, but to create the same look you do not need to make the hair too curly, appropriate to retain some of the original hair texture, bangs where more curly. But don't forget to spray on the insulation spray.

3. Kardashian Deep Wave Crimping Hairstyle

Kardashian Deep Wave Crimping Hairstyle

A deep wave is a very orderly display on the head, just like the waves on the sea at night, cascading and shining. Kardashian chose to design the top half of the hair on top of the head to be smooth and straight, and the haircut close to the scalp can highlight the perfect texture of crimp hair. If you want to try the same hairstyle, baby hair may be the finishing touch to your look, which looks more suitable for women with long faces or slim faces.

4. Katy Perry's Short Bob Blue Crimp Hair

As always, katy perry likes to try some bold colors and apply these colors well in the looks she attends. The look of this group, the lake blue hair color interspersed with subtle green, a glance will her blue crimp hair to catch the eye. Of course, the color of the hair echoes the color of the nails, and the overall look looks very jumpy, but there are traces of the color.

Katy Perry's Short Bob Blue Crimp Hair

5. Ariana Long Crimp Hair With a High Ponytail

Ariana Long Crimp Hair With a High Ponytail

The high ponytail is Ariana's signature hairstyle, which makes her look cute, and by changing the texture of her hair her look looks brand new again. But the high ponytail must look smooth enough to look good, so when you want to try this hairstyle remember to comb your hair first clear, and if your hair is not voluminous enough, try bundles or ponytail wigs to create a voluminous look.

V. Conclusion

How about it, did you find inspiration for your new hairstyle from the celebrity's crimp hair? Stay tuned with us to take you through how to make the perfect crimp hairstyle and more ideas about crimp hair.




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