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What Is Transparent Lace


If you have been looking to purchase a wig, you may have come across the term transparent lace wig. They are perhaps the most popular types of wigs in the market because they look very realistic while being very easy to wear.

But is a transparent lace better than a regular wig? And what makes transparent lace wigs so much better than normal wigs? In this article, we will take a look at what a transparent lace is and the distinction between a normal wig and a transparent wig.

What is Transparent Lace?

Transparent lace wigs come in two forms; transparent lace front wig and transparent full lace wig. They both have a transparent lace that makes then undetectable and invisible when the wig is properly worn, which is why they are so popular.

A transparent front lace wig is a wig that has the lace only in the front with 3 or 4 bundles of human hair sown into the wig. The lace material runs along the hairline and is designed to look and feel like natural hair, allowing you to style the hair anyway you want including being able to pull the hair back or away from the face without exposing the presence of the wig.

The transparent full lace wig on the other hand comes with a transparent lace that goes from temple to temple. The human hair is then knotted into the transparent holes in the lace, mimicking a natural hairline.

Transparent Lace vs. Regular Lace

As you can probably already guess, transparent lace wigs are more advantageous that regular wigs. The following are some of the most prominent differences;

1. Knots

The knots in a transparent lace wig are often very thin. They are so thin in fact, that they are completely undetectable, giving you the "real" look that every woman wants when they buy a wig. The lace color is also suitable for all skin tones, further adding to the complete blending of the lace and the hairline, further enhancing the fact that it is undetectable. You also don't have to bleach the knots if you don’t want to since they are so small, they are undetectable.

In sharp contrast, the knots in a regular wig are very big towards the middle of the wig and thinner around the hairline. But they are not thin enough to be undetectable. In fact, if you want the wig to blend in perfectly with your hairline, you have to bleach the knots.

2. Look

Because the transparent lace is much thinner as compared to the regular lace, it looks more natural and indistinguishable from the scalp. It can therefore blend in to your natural hairline much better than a regular lace, mimicking your natural hairline since it is completely invisible.

This makes is so much better for that natural look that a regular wig which doesn't blend in very well to your hairline and may be detected especially when it is not worn correctly.

3. Color

For a wig to look natural and blend in to your natural hairline, you have to choose a lace color that closely matches your skin tone. With a normal lace wig, not only do you have to choose the right color of wig, but also use concealer or makeup to adjust the color so it is undetectable.

This is not a problem that you have to worry about when you choose a transparent lace wig. The transparent lace already blends in perfectly with your skin tone with minimal adjustments needed. There is no need to use make up to camouflage the lace since it integrates with your skin tone perfectly.

Can You Bleach the Knots on a Transparent Lace?

Even though a lace front wig can blend in with your natural hairline so much that it looks and feels natural, you can make it look further natural by bleaching the knots. But most people find this process quite difficult. But it is a vital solution because bleached knots will make the wig look like it is actually growing from your scalp, something that you want if you want the wig to look and feel natural.

The knot is also often much darker than your scalp and bleaching (lightening) the wig will reduce the visibility of the knot. Darker colored wigs tend to need bleaching, while you can probably wear a blonde wig without needing to bleach the knots.

The Best Transparent Lace Wig You Should Try

If you have decided to purchase a transparent lace wig and you are uncertain of the wig that you want to buy, consider the following options;

1.  Jerry Curly 13x4 Transparent Lace Front Wig 180% Density

This is the best transparent lace front wig if you are looking for a curly wig that is as soft as it is voluminous. It goes without saying that the transparent lace makes the wig look and feel as natural as your own hairline. But this cool jerry curl wig has a lot going for it. It comes in a variety of dimensions from the conservative 10 inches to a very long 24 inches and all dimensions in-between.

Even though it comes in a natural black color, the wig is made of 100% human hair, which means that you can change the color anytime you want. In fact, should you grow tired of the jerry curl texture you can also very easily straighten the wig to change your style. It is also quite affordable although we recommend buying at least 3 or 4 bundles, particularly if you are going to be choosing the longer dimensions.

2.  Donmily Body Wave 13x4 Transparent Lace Front Wig 180% Density

If a jerry curl is too much texture for you, then you might consider this elegant body wave transparent lace wig. Again, the transparency of the wig will blend in perfectly with your natural hairline, making the wig look and feel real. It is one of the best wigs to choose if you want a wig that adds volume and texture to your style of choice. Known for their elegant curls, body wave wigs look great in longer dimensions although this one does come with in shorter dimensions as well.

It is also made of 100% human hair which means that you can change the style by straightening or curling the wig or even change the color from the natural black it comes in to any color of your choosing.

Choosing a wig when there are so many options in the market is a problem for most first time buyers. Since most women seem to struggle with whether they should buy a lace front wig or a normal wig, it is our hope that our analysis of both types of wigs above can help you make the distinction. If you have any questions about the various kinds of wigs in the market or even how to install a wig, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll do our best to help.

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