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Pixie Haircut,Bixie Haircut and Bob Haircut: What Are The Differences?

Aug 09,2023 | Bella

bob, pixie, bixie haircut do you still think they are the same kind of haircut? I will tell you the differences in the next article so that you can have a better understanding of these hairstyles when you decide to cut your hair short and find a short haircut that really suits you and exudes your charm!
Are you ready to cut off your long hair and replace it with short hair? After decades or even two decades of silence, the bixie haircut has gradually come back into the limelight, a unique hairstyle that incorporates the basic features of both the bob haircut and the pixie haircut. The bob haircut has been a favorite and classic hairstyle since it was introduced in the last century, but in today's hairstyles, people incorporate some different elements into it to make it more modern and stylish. The pixie haircut is a short hairstyle with a touch of unisex in it, it is very handsome and very personal, let's learn the difference between the three different short haircuts and what these hairstyles are.

bob haircut

Ⅰ. What is pixie haircut?

The pixie haircut is the shortest of the three, mainly in the back of the head, and the ears on both sides of the hair is relatively short, the other parts of the hair will use a longer bit of hair to modify and complete the overall look, especially the top part of the head of the hair is the longest. In the bangs section, pixie haircuts can be switched to either three or seven-part bangs or free-part bangs according to your personal preference. pixie haircut is perfect for cool girls who can casually show off their arm or back tattoos with personality, pixie haircut will only make them look cool. At the same time, it is also perfect for those who are in and out of the workplace and need to shape their image into a competent, experienced working woman, then also suitable pixie haircut, with a suit or a tank top and shorts, pixie haircut take you to have a different style and charm.

pixie haircut

Ⅱ. What is bixie haircut?

The bixie haircut is not as sharp as the angles, but a more soft bob shape. The front and back of the hair form a stark contrast, the front half of your hair is long but very layered, just like a pixie haircut. bixie haircut is usually around the neck, but not more than the part below the neck, this hairstyle allows you to retain the shape of short hair but without losing gentleness and femininity.

bixie haircut

Ⅲ. What is bob haircut?

bob haircut is the most recognizable kind of wig, it is popular in the hair and wig world for a long time, especially in the summertime people especially like bob haircut, because it can not only keep cool in the hot weather, but also make women feel more young and cute under the bob haircut dress and set off. The bob haircut is really one of the most youthful and energetic hairstyles out there, as the modern trend of bob haircuts has become more diverse, with people wearing hair bands or curling it into their desired texture.

bob haircut

Ⅳ. What are the differences between bob haircut and bixie haircut and pixie haircut?

1. Length

The biggest difference between the three preferred hairstyles is the length. bob haircut has the longest length, usually we can see it is above the neck, below the neck. The pixie haircut is the shortest one, especially the hair near the ears on both sides will be very short, the hair at the back of the head will also be shorter, and the hair at the top of the head will be selected with layers of slightly longer hair. pixie haircut is a combination of bob + pixie, she is between the two, not as long as bob but also bob The bixie haircut is a combination of bob + pixie, not as long as a bob but with the perfect silhouette of a bob, not as short as a pixie haircut, but with layers of hair at the top of the head like a pixie haircut.

bixie haircut

2. Suitable for different people

All three are suitable for people of different age stages and styles. If your personality is cool, your dressing is also very personality, or is very successful, personality dry workplace women, the most suitable haircut for you is pixie haircut, it can make the workplace women look more aura let the trendy hot girl look more personality. If your personality is cute and playful, and your dress is very retro, bixie haircut is the most suitable hairstyle for you, it can make you look more well-behaved and smart, like a college student in school full of vitality. bob haircut is suitable for almost any people, also suitable for any age, you just like short hair can try it. You can try it if you like short hair.




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